Net Code Report for KOF 13

Report it here folks.

Let us know how playable it is. Also state what system you are playing it on.

X-Box 360.

Me - Houston, 20/5 Comcast, WiFi N

Spooty - Chapel Hill, NC, 15/1 Comcast, Straight Wired

1,777 mi apart, 3 bar connection (outta 4), SLIGHT delay w/ Weak Normals. Overall playable - could be better…but could be a lot fucking worse. This is on par with NGBC on XBL and the old XBox SNK games.

Annnnnnnnnnnd magicly the netcode became butter smooth…

I like the fuckin’ sound of that! :sunglasses:

Mycah and I are actually only 1,200 miles apart, but that’s still a good distance.

There were no lag spikes the entire session (about 8 games). There was some input-lag, but it was a constant…no visual lag and the input lag didn’t randomly change.

I was able to hit-confirm easy combos like Kim’s cr.LK, cr.LK, cr. LP, Super. I was also able to roll through fireballs on reaction and uppercut a normal jump on reaction. Though, with Kyo I was unable to land a fireball after an Air Orochinagi, but that could be due to only having a little time to practice before we started playing.

So my verdict is:

Definitely playable at 3 bars. But I wouldn’t try anything below that.

Yeah, I meant to type 1,177 - Not 1,777

is this on par with sfiv online? maybe even blazblue online?

I’m not on SRK much anymore, but this game really excites me.

I ordered this game, should get it in the mail tomorrow. I’ll report back when I get it.

I’m brand new to this game so my only worry now is that people will kick me out of lobbies when I’m trying to learn.

I’m ecstatic to hear how well the netcode is holding up! I may wait another week or so to grab. We will see!

wow, gloy and mycha are some names from bringing it back from the day. OG cvs2 players online :slight_smile:

thanks for the input guys, I will give it a shot.

Luckily, I received the game on Sunday. But unfortunately I’ve been super busy so I only tried one match online. Granted this was prior to official release, things seemed stable but the input lag was terrible. Although there was almost zero frame skips, the input lag really turned me off. I will update my report once I actually get a few more matches in and can properly judge the netcode.

A couple more, both X-Box 360:

Game 1

Deadly Rave Neo - Atlanta, WiFi

Xxenace - New Bern, WiFi

500 mi. apart. 2 Bar Connection. Apparently the input lag was about 1/2 a second. There were synchronization errors, and it ended in a dropped game.

Game 2

Spooty Whiteboy - Chapel Hill, Wired

Xxenace - New Bern, WiFi

150 mi. apart. 3 Bar Connection. Slight input delay. Better than my matches with Mycah.

Thanks for all the reports so far. I plan on doing a bunch of test myself since I will have boht console versions soon.

Kinda dissapointing read so far. I hope it gets better, I’ll take frameskips any day over input delay honestly.

Keep in mind Deadly Rave Neo is on Clearwire 4G internet right now for some reason lol

3 bars is playable, 2 or below forget about it…4 is mythical.

I was thinking about buying this game but after the negative reviews, from multiple web-sites and forums on the games Netcode. I think i’ll pass = ( I now understand why the developers didn’t include spectator mode…

I like the game a lot. The netcode is reminiscent of cvs2 on xbox. That’s pretty much the only way I can describe it so far. There’s slight input delay, but no frame skips. Reminds me sort of the sf4 netcode too, although I wouldn’t call it better.

Realistically, there’s probably a 2~3 frame delay with my friend that I play online with a lot, and we have a pretty solid connection together.

honestly, i have no problems with this game if i’m playing someone with 4 bars/local. the netplay surprised me; i think it’s actually pretty good. either way, the game is still playable online.

Shit, after MK…that sounds magical.

If I can play Mycah (who is 1,200 mi. away) with minimal input lag, then the netcode can’t be too bad.