Net code discussion. Rollback confirmed!

so every time a new Capcom games comes out, Online is like the biggest thing I complain about. Routinely, newer players throw in there 2 cents about how great umvc3\sf4 is online when in reality they used an outdated system that will never get any better for the rest of the world.

I’ve tried this for mvc2\cvs2 back in the day, sfxt, sf4 vanilla, mvc3 vanilla. I ask EVERY time a new game comes out from Capcom to implement this technology as even regular connections within the USA are extremely playable. I understand in Japan with the shorter distance and better connections that method of netcode doesn’t matter but Capcom has to realize their are other markets outside of Japan. If they plan for the worst online and make it good, making it work in the USA, it will be AMAZING in places where the net is better then the US.

imo this is SHOULD be one of the most important things to implement. New game on a next gen system can mean really big first time numbers. If the netcode is amazing out the gate, Capcom will benefit more than they ever have with their recent games.

Everyone at Capcom cup needs to bug Ono and Co about GGPO in SFV. Tweet capcom devs constantly, cause a big uproar. So much so that Capcom feels that GGPO is essential for SFV financially succeeding.

for the record, sf4\mvc3 are crap online anywhere outside of Japan and you even argue that they’re not good their either. The way these games register inputs are dated\wrong and it doesn’t work very well even in a high technological infrastructure. Its SERIOUSLY flawed.

Daigo chiming in on out net code. Not referencing Daigo becaue he’s Daigo but because as a player, he’e played online in Japan\US. He has a better grasp of how good\bad it is because he has played on both while being a really a good player. This was during his visit the Capcom USA playing on a business type connection which I imagine is probably 2-3x better than regular US connection and he still had problems. Even if our connections 6x better, it would still suck. Since our infrastructure isn’t going to improve any time soon, the best we can do is use better netcode methods.

• He said he had a tough time with the online lag during the matches.

Have you ever seen a 3D or 2.5D fighting game with GGPO?

yea several. SC5 uses a variation, there was an arcade DBZ released in Japan that uses it and tekken tag 2 uses a variation of it as well. I can’t stand input delay based games, you can feel it right out of the gate its bad and these games never felt like that. Not to mention that the dbz game was their first test platform for GGPO then some months later, sc5 and ttt2 are also great online? that isn’t a coincidence.

Capcom claiming ggpo doesn’t work with 3d\2.5d is just pure nonsense. Other genres like FPS, RTS and league\dota style games also use it which are 3d environment type games.

at this point, it has nothing to do with graphics as CS1.6 in 1999 had roll back style net code. That was almost 20 years ago…They can do it if the community wants it bad enough

If only i would remember my twitter password, i’d tweet everyday Ono about GGPO.

Oh well, i guess i should make another account.

Whoever is going to the finals, please don’t let Ono out of the capcom cup tournament place before he promises to use GGPO.

Dragon Ball: Zenkai Battle Royale (2011)

we should just start a srk petition backed by top players comments.

or something similar needs to be done imo. We need to blow them up now before the game even drops to stand a shot at implementing it. I can’t do this all by myself, god knows I have tried. Something like this needs to be a community outcry


It’s probably too late. The game didn’t JUST start development. It’s most likely been in the works way before the PS4 Hadoken commercial/trailer.

We’ll just have to see what they give us… maybe it’ll be GGPO who knows.

the game would have to be designed around ggpo. remember the sound issues from SFxT? that’s because the audio engine was not compatible with rollback netcode. it’s not like sfii where the full effect plays regardless of whether or not a move hits or is stuffed. in modern games different parts of the audio are tied to different animation scripts.

and like I said in the sfxt net code thread, the sound being bad is less than 5% of the game. It has very little impact on the game overall.

being about to do inputs clean and responding to shit accurately is at least 95%.

I think anyone would take that if you’re a player. Now if you’re a fanboy who cares more about the sound than the game, then its bad. Its why capcom should listen to the people who play the game, not the people who buy it then return it in the same week.

none of that is directed towards you, I’m just stating things from the past

Whatever blazblu uses should suffice.

No thanks,

Glad im not the only one that feels this way.

It’s been great in all of the games I’ve used it in. No idea why people would call it trash. Its only really bad when the connections are beyond shitty; but at that point I imagine it just turned w/e I’m playing into the best DBZ fighting game ever.

I’d rather Capcom outsource the netcode to Bandai Namco and they reuse their netplay engine from Soul Calibur V/Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

they can use whatever netcode they want and it’ll still be horseshit

welcome to america folks

U haven’t played Skullgirls have you?

Let’s not forget that SFxT used a limited version of rollback netcode, so it’s not like they can’t do it.

+1 on rollback.
input delay is as outdated as copper wire dial up.