Neo Geo Cab: A Question of Style

Maybe this is not so much a tech question so much as a question about style.

I have a Neo Geo cab (4 slot US cab) and was wondering what you think about replacing the standard US buttons/joysticks (happ) with japanese style (sanwa or seimitsu) hardware?

Do you think it would be too weird having japanese parts in an american cab? The control panel on a neo geo cab is metal, so putting in either snap in or screw in parts wouldn’t be an issue at all. I’m more or less concerned about the reaction of not having stock parts or colour scheme on the buttons.

The sticks and buttons all need replacing, as they feel VERY worn out, especially player one. So do you think I should stick with Happ parts, or go with Japanese?

I don’t have a solid preference for either style play-wise. I use a MAS arcade stick on my dreamcast and I have an all Sanwa stick that i use for PC/PS2. So I’m pretty comfortable with both styles.

Thoughts/opinions would be appreciated.

Aesthetically, I think it’d be much more pleasing with japanese ball tops; it would actually match the ‘How to Play’ screens.

Here is my cab. For years I had played happ on my cab and sanwa/seimitsu on console. Now I lean more towards Japanese parts, so I had to change to sanwa. It doesn’t feel weird having Japaneses parts in at all. I never get any negative reaction to having Japanese parts in the cab, as most people prefer them anyway especially for SamSho II. I say choose the stick you side with more with and go from there. And as far as color scheme, florescent is much better IMO.

Sanwa JLF-TP-8Y’s w/ OSBN-30’s

That looks really good, thanks for sharing the pics! I’m not sure what you mean by florescent is better though. Can you elaborate?

Also, you make a very good point (about the sticks matching the demo screen) Toodles.

I’m def going to switch over, thanks for the input!

Your welcome, always here to help ^. ~ I’m just a bigger fan of florescent buttons is all.

I just got a gold cab today. I was checking out all of the buttons and saw that the red button on the player 2 side had been attached with solder instead of one of those little clips/sleaves. If I steal one of those from my buddy’s empty cab, is it a simple matter of feeding the wire into it and allowing the end of the wire to make contact to the cherry?

Seimitsu sticks are perfect for Neo Geo machines. I’ve been playing 2-D fighters with a sanwa and special moves used to be hit n miss. I thought I’d lost touch over the years of not playing. I switched out the sanwa for a seimitsu stick and its made an amazing difference.

Yes. If you have a soldering iron, you could melt the solder off for cleaner contact. The best way to do it is to melt the solder off, then later put a quick disconnect on the wire and plug it onto the switch.

Anyone know the best way to mount a Sanwa or Seimitsu stick onto the pre-existing screws in an american Neo Geo cab?

The the holes on the mounting plates for the sticks don’t match up with the screws that are in place on the cab.

Any help?

I’ve got a cad dwg file of hole positions which will give you common positons for both sanwa and seimitsu. You will need to drill holes in the metal panel, put in a bolt with a nice rounded head and a nut which will screw the joystick plate from underneath. Availabel from any good fastner shop.

I’ll send you pics in a few days.

I’d suggest you keep the original cp and get another one laser cut just for jap parts. That way you keep the original as a spare and use the new one.

Gotta love Seimitsu!

For me I’ve been using all Happ. P360 bat tops with comp buttons.
Been pretty happy with them. I always have entertained the thought of going to all Japanese parts though. Call me crazy but from a pure style sense, the cab looks wonderfully nostalgic stock.

There, fixed for you ^^

My friend fixed the button for me…Then I fixed it (“for real”) after he left. Thanks for the tip- installing the quick disconnect was a snap. I exposed more wire than my friend did, but can’t argue with the results. The “B” button on player 2 side isn’t working, but we connected the wires to buttons I already have working, and it worked. So, I ordered a new button/ micro and it should be here in a few days.

I know this is off-topic, and in the wrong forum, but are there any sites I may not have fumbled on that sell MVS carts for good prices? I’m mostly interested in Garou and Rage of the Dragons. I found KOF2003 for $35 plus shipping, so that will likely be my next purchase.

Best place to pick up carts is on the Neo Geo Buy-Sell-Trade forums. eBay is hit or miss cause of all the bootlegs, and lack of quality. Sites will over-charge. On the Neo Geo BST forums you can haggle prices and get specific details.

Thanks for the tip :). I had to order another button today because I forgot about the P1 C button not working. Oh well. Once my games come in, I’ll do some swapping to make sure my side works, for the time being.

Is Rage of the Dragons especially difficult to find, or is it just me? From what I gather, the game wasn’t even all that well received.

I actually just bought Rage of the Dragons off a guy on the Neo Geo forums the other day. Still waiting for it. Also grabbed KOF02 off him as well as Aero Fighters 2.

Rage of the Dragons is a like most other Neo Geo fighters, if your down with that - its a great game.

I don’t think it’s too hard to find, but it’s not especially common either.

Here is a laser cut panel lawslaser did for me when I took them my cad drawing.

I drew mine in autocad and sent it to the laser cutters. It cost $90AU and the cost goes down as you cut more of the same. I could have cut 10 of these $199AU. This is mild steel. Aluminium or Stainless would have cost a bit more.

It’d be much cheaper in the states to do this kinda thing.

That looks great!

I just got KOF 98 and RBFF2- woot! However, I’m finding that I can’t do Iori’s qcb (x3) set, or his qfc, hcb super consistantly. Same deal for Kyo’s similar set…So, I believe it’s time for some new joysticks. What are the default Happ sticks? Ultimate or Super?

It’s possible that I’m just not used to the arcade controls, but I can perform the moves on MAME and any given console release without fail, on a pad or stick. So, I think it’s more likely the sticks are rusty, so to speak.