Neighbor parking at our house parking spot

How the fuck do you people deal with the neighbor who parks at your parking space in front of your house but does not park at their parking space?

Every fucking time I drive home, they always park their cars close to my mailbox while their parking space is empty. Their parking space can fit atleast 4 cars, while we have 5 cars, so we need all the parking space we can get, of course we stay on our side.

They only have 3 cars max, but every fucking da, they park atleast 1 or 2 car on my parking space, while there’s 3 car space on their parking space thats empty… WTF

My bro accidently parked on their parking space one time, and they already fucking complaint by typing out a letter saying we cannot park in their parking space. Ever since then, they park on ours whenever they fucking feel like it.

At first, my mom and sis got annoyed, because at night, we have to try our best to squeeze 5 cars in our parking space, so we don’t park over other neighbor’s space. It’s called “I stay on my property and you stay on yours, being respectful of each other’s space”. But these fuckers seem to don’t give a fuck and are fucking rude as fuck. They’re in their 50’s and 3 kids. I assume they teach their kids to be assholes too, saying they should park on our parking space.

I’ve had it and about to write 10 fucking letters and throw it at the door. I don’t know what I should say that will make them feel like douchebags while stay professional. Any advice guys?

Just say something to them. What has the world come to when you can’t even talk to your neighbors?

I really don’t think talking to them will help.
PM me for some unconventional torture suggestions.

you can:
A) park on their side of the street. its a public street right? its not like their name is on the curb.
B) get rid of some of your cars. honestly, why yall need 5 cars for.
C) cry about it AKA this thread.

Let me get this straight
#1 You parked on their property once by mistake
#2 They instantly complained about it (even though they don’t need the space)
#3 They park on your property
#4 Apparently they’ve been doing this for quite some time
#5 You actually need the space
And you didn’t at the very least talk to them yet? Rofl.

grow balls, talk to them. profit?

Troll thread

Get 4 cinder blocks, remove the tires and leave the car resting on the cinder blocks before work hours. They will never do it again.

Stop being a bitch and talk to your neighbor?

Talk to them? What good does it bring talking to fucking assholes. I can tell a person by their action and how they present themselves, and apparently these are fucking rude and assholes in general and I aint gonna waste time walking over and knocking their door being all washy wishy n shit.

My family wanted to talk long time ago cuz they were pissed, I said just wait it out and lets not have any confrontation with the neighbors, it doesn’t look right. But now, I don’t give a fuck no more. I wanna write a letter but don’t know what I’m gonna say.

Yes, the space(garage parking) is there of course, but the space right outside my house where my mailbox is technically our parking space but not permenantly ours per se. It’s the public space right, atleast that’s what I heard, which mean i can’t really tell them to move their cars. Then why the fuck did they complain when my bro accdiently parked on their spot one time?

I dont plan on doing any devilish to their cars cuz wouldn’t that be obvious? I just want to know what I should type out. I want to make it nonchalant but get my point across that they’re douchebags.

Park inside their house. They will get the memo.

kill yourself

Get some airsoft pellets and put them in the stems you use to put air in your tires. Screw the cap on over the stem until it starts to release air. Watch your neighbors tires go flat. Won’t fix the problem but its a good legal way to fuck with someone if you’re pissed enough.

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Look, there’s three options.

  1. It’s actually your property, then you can call the cops on them if they park there. Talking to them first would still be the nicer thing to do.
  2. It’s a fuckin stretch of street, then it’s not very nice of them to park there, but you can just park on “their” part of the street as well (as it’s public). They can complain to you about it and you can ignore their complaints (or just tell them “Well, we wouldn’t be able to park there if you occupied the space with your own cars rather than parking them in front of our windows”).
  3. It’s a fuckin stretch of street but the space where you’d park else / your brother parked before is their property. Then you’re fucked.*

*You can always happen to have random occurrences of vandalism in front of your house. It’s probably a dangerous neighborhood.

Sidenote: Wtf do you have 5 cars for? Are you 7 people at your house or something?

E: Regarding the letter:
#1 Talking is always better than writing as long as you’re capable of talking.
#2 “Hey, you occupy our space, if you keep doing that we’ll have to use yours instead” is all you have to say.

You know how each house has their own garage parking spot that can fit atleast 4 cars? Well outside of that is 2 more parking spaces next to the mailbox. Each house has the same thing. I have been googling and you’re right, it is public street but it’s right next to our mailbox so i guess that could make it our parking space since each house has their own so why the fuck do you park next my mailbox? You know what i mean?

We need 5 cars cuz my family got an ego problem. Long story short, the neighbor across our house used to be friends with my bros. One day, there was a fight and they talk blah blah and the fucker said my family cannot compete with him. My bro went out n bought a $40-50K car the next day… he gave me his old car. each person has their own car, thats why we need all the space. Atleast that’s what my girlfriend and other bro told me. They said my family seems like they’re trying to show off their wealth. My friends said each person in the family has the newest brand of each car… Sometimes i think about it, I think they’re right, but w/e my family can do w/e the fuck they want. I don’t got time to worry about that shit.
I’ll take some of the advice and maybe put them in action. just afraid they might call the cops and more shit will happen. Right now, i just wanna know what to type to them.

With the way you’re talking about them online you can go and simply say “Your car is in our space, move it.” Although since you were so bitch-made enough to let it carry on for however long, they probs won’t even take you seriously.


I laugh at the people taking this thread seriously, you damn fanny bandits.

We let it carry on this long cuz we don’t like confrontations, my mom doesn’t give a shit though. she wanted to go over and curse at them asap. It’s not pussy this and that. when something so small, it doesn’t have to involve confrontation. I know going out and tell them that they’ll get offended, seeing how they already fucking complain from one incident. you don’t need to talk to them to know what kind of people they are. same goes for people in general, stamp on your forehead and take it with you. I don’t like confrontations, but if the other person does it too many times, thats when i’ll step up, and i feel it’s now. Going to type out the letter now thx for the advice guys.

With a letter?

It’s not overly confrontational to tell them to cut it out. Unless you want to be ofc.