Need SRK's Help To Get To Evo!

I’m well aware I’ll probably get flamed and trolled on, but I asked Mr. Wizard’s permission to post this topic, and he said that it was perfectly fine, so I’m going to give it a shot.

I’m looking to be a photographer for my career, and I just recently got a brand new DSLR camera for my Graduation from my parents, which I’m super thankful for. I’d like to go to Evo with it, and try to photojournalize the event. The problem? I don’t have the money for me and my Mom to go. Being that I just turned 18 on the 14th of last month, my parents are pretty hesitant to just let me go alone, which I completely respect. In a way. Long story there, trust me

My dad has congestive heart failure, and has 15% of his heart working. My mom has peripheral neuropothy in her hands and feet, which means that she can’t feel anything, but she’d still be willing to go with me, just so I could go and so it would ease my dad’s mind. Me and my mom are insulin dependent diabetics, as well. I’m looking to go, again, to journalize the event, and to be able to play, because I know it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.

So I’m asking for the SRK community’s help. I’m asking to see if anybody can help me and my mom go to Evo this year. I have absolutely no money, so I’m asking if anybody can find it in their heart to help and donate for us to go. If you really want to know why I want to go and play, I have one blog entry. Go read it if you’d like. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure how much it would cost for the 2 of us, but I heard that it would be around $400-$500 a head, but that’s just a number from some friends of mine. You all can be the judges on how much it would cost for both of us.

Donations can be sent to my paypal at: Any and all donations are appreciated, and I’m asking for the fighting game community’s help. Feel free to tell your family and friends, and let them know the situation at hand, if you’d be so kind. Living in Michigan the economy sucks, and jobs are a rarity here, else I wouldn’t be doing this. I hope you all know that.

Thanks for your time, and thanks for reading if you made it this far. :slight_smile:

I believe that’s a tough call. But I have read in this forum that at least two individuals book a room all to themselves and are looking for roommate to hang out with (for free).

So you might get a room to stay that way. Scan this forum and PM those guys.

But you still need to figure out how to get your free transportation (and you didn’t mention food, just saying…)

There’s food, as well. Thought I mentioned that. lol. And as for free transportation, we’ll see what’s up. I doubt anybody is gonna wanna pick us up, so we might have to go for a shuttle or a cab. IDK yet. That’s if we even go. I know eating in Vegas isn’t cheap…

Invest in a cooler and pack it full of sandwiches and bottled water. May not be near as good as the grub in town, but you’ll save major cash.

Sometimes you have to cut corners and make sacrifices, though. That’s life. is one of the BEST sites for finding cheap plane tickets. Be flexible with flight times and you can get to Vegas for under $400 easy. Stay at Caesar’s or a VERY close hotel. Cabs can rack up the bill very easily and will often wind up offsetting the cost of the cheap hotel room you think you scored. I believe there is a free shuttle train that goes to all major hotels, but don’t quote me on that. Get a PayPal fund going!!

I have it being sent to my normal paypal, since I have $7 in it, i’m pretty much broke. lol. Don’t wanna jump through the hoops of making another one. Hope you all understand.

And if anybody has more information on a free shuttle that goes to the major hotels, that’d be great.

Before I make any sort of donation, do you have any previous work you can use to showcase your current skills?

Best of luck Cobra, been wanting to get into photography myself actually, but none the less I hope to see you at Evo!

I just got my first DSLR for graduation, so it’s going to be a learning experience. I just uploaded a few photos of some flowers that I took earlier today, but I’ve been studying the manual and reading everything I can like crazy on the new camera. I know i’m not the greatest, but I think this could be a potentially great way to help me learn my DSLR, and to really give me a good start to getting into photography as a career as big as an event this is. Knowledge is important, and again, I think going to Evo could really help me out.

Thanks either way. :slight_smile:

Yeah, It’s a lot of fun, IMO.

And same here. Hope to catch you there.

Hey listen… I’m in a tight bind too, but here are some suggestions to get to Evo on a budget. First, look at your travel options… cheapest route would be to bus it and purchase the ticket in advance. I’ve done this for Evo 2k5 I think and only cost me like $68. Booking a flight in advance helps too. Last year I was undecided on what form of transportation I was going to take… car pool or flying, but no one was driving last year so I flew (got ticket last minute and cost me $240something)

…before I go on, there is a great post on getting to Evo on a budget by the way, so please take the time to check it out.

Rooming… easy… many people are willing to let you crash if you just ask kind enough and offer to pitch in for the cost of the room. The most I’ve paid for my hotel room stay was probably $75, and probably $500+ w/o roommates. Cheapest I’ve paid was like $54 (and these were at the Evo hotels too, no Circus Circus or Motel 8 here :tup: )

Food… If you like rice, then you shouldn’t have a problem. Panda Express is your friend and so if McDonald’s $1 menu (24rhs) Bring your own food and snacks to help!

All in all, the least amount I spent at Evo was close to $230 on a planned budget. PLANNED, which means I could have spent more.

Good luck Cobra. I say, if you own some games you no longer play and have some shit to sell on Craigslist (that is how you do it my friend) then do it to get some extra cash. If you can tolerate riding on a bus for 2 days (maybe 3 from where you live) then go for it, because it’ll be your cheapest form of travel for two. Oh… driving your own is an option, but will depend on your car (condition, gas economy, etc…) It’s one of my options this year for me, but I got work on Monday so… I’ll have to fly.

Yeah, I don’t have a license or car, and I"d consider a bus, but i’m not sure if my mom could take sitting that long on a bus. :frowning:

I’ll be sure to check out that post to get there on a Budget. Thanks. :slight_smile:

:coffee: cool story.

so how is this going for you? i really need to make a donation thread.

Can’t tell if this is sarcastic or not. Either way, look below:

That should tell you. I haven’t gotten a Cent. Wasn’t really expecting much, since I know people are broke, but it’s my last and final effort, so w/e. If it works, it works, if it doesn’t, it doesn’t, that’s all.

There should be shuttles that take you from the airport to the major hotels. As far as where you might want to go once you’re there, Caesar’s is more or less in the middle of the major strip area - walking to the major spots shouldn’t be a big issue. Just keep in mind that it’s summertime in Vegas and the weather is typically unforgiving. Expect the temperature to be in the 100s.

Good luck on getting here. I can confirm that Sidestep is a decent option for airfare if that is transportation choice.

Sadly I’m only a student, so I can give you only about 10?, which I’m afraid would be pretty useless to you. :frowning:

Thanks man. Hope to make it out there. Although it’s lookin’ pretty unlikely right now. :frowning:

It should be noted that Caesar’s Palace is part of the Harrah’s hotel group and runs free shuttles between most of the hotels in it’s group in Vegas (this includes, but is not limited to Caesars, Rio, Paris). If one of these hotels have a better deal, you will know you have transportation to and from the event covered.

Be aware that shuttles usually shut down an hour or two after midnight (depending on the hotels).

Didn’t know that. I’ll have to keep that in mind if I make it.

Only a month to go. Hope SRK and the FG community can help me out.