Need help with FAQ for this game

Yes, I’ve already mentioned this in the Tier thread, but hell, might as well make a topic about it. Yes, I am making a full-blown faq for this game, trying to cover all the basics and advanced stuff for every single character in the game (yes, this also includes Evil Ryu, Orochi Iori, Shin Akuma, and Ultimate Rugal, though there will be a note mentioning that those characters are banned in tournament play, though I’m not sure on Evil Ryu…).

Anyways, if anyone wants to help with this faq, by either helping with giving information or critisims/comments, then let me know! I can even post what I have here (though the faq is currently at 595 kb…so…). Also, anyone who helps WILL be credited hardcore in the faq!

Do let me know if you want to help. Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Putting link for faq here so people can find it easier.

Ok, so I took a stab at what I would call the “Tier List +3”, it lists the characters in best groove followed by what I’m guessing are their order for C, A, K (from best to worst). Take a look, it will probably be easier to read than it is for me to verbally explain.

Top Tier:
A-Bison (A, C, K)
C-Sagat (C, K, A)
A-Blanka (A, C, K) ???
A-Sakura (A, C, K)
P-Cammy (P, K, C, A) ???
C/N-Chun (C/N, A, K)
C-Guile (C, A, K) ???
C-Honda (C, A, K)

High-Mid Tier:
A-Vega (A, C, K)
C-Ken (C, K, A) ???
A-Hibiki (A, K, C)
C-Rolento (C, A, K)
N-Iori (N, A, C, K) ???
K-Geese (K, C, A)
K-Rock (K, C, A)
P-Kyo (P, K, A, C) ???

Mid Tier:
A-Todo (A, C, K)
N-Maki (N, K, C, A) ???
N-Vice (N, C, A, K)
C-Rugal (C, K, A)
C-Kim (C, A, K) ???
C-Yamazaki (C, K, A)
C-Dhalsim (C, A, K)
C/A-Eagle (C/A, K)
N-Akuma (N, K, C, A) ???
N-Mai (N, K, C, A)
K-Nakoruru (K, A, C) ???
C-Yun (C, A, K)
A-Joe (A, C, K)
C/N-Ryu (C/N, K, A)
N-Morrigan (N, K, C, A) ???
K-Chang (K, C, A)
A-Athena (A, C, K)

Low-Mid Tier:
A-Yuri (A, C, K) ???
A-Terry (A, C, K) ???
A-Benimaru (A, C, K) ???
K-Zangief (K, C, A)
C-Balrog (C, K, A) ???
K-Raiden (K, C, A)
A-Dan (A, C, K)
K-Ryo (K, C, A) ???
C-Kyosuke (C, K, A) ???
A-Haohmaru (A, C, K)

Low Tier:
N-King (N, A, C, K)

note: ??? indicate I’m not 100% sure of the C, A, K ordering

Got it. I’m guessing those are the most commonly used Grooves too (C, A, and K).

Also, pryo_dragun, if you need to read my faq, I need your email address, as I cannot post it in a PM. Too big to send…I could post it here a section at a time and let you people pick away at it, if that’d help any.

C, A, K are the top 3 grooves. P and N are not used as much at high level as C/A/K, S is used very little at high level.

It is not to say that P, N, or S are good. Just to say that C, A, and K are where most of the play is at, and where most players *should * start.

N-Sagat is better than A-Sagat.
N-Sakura is better than K-Sakura.
N-Cammy is better than A-Cammy.
N-Honda is tied with A-Honda for his second best groove.
I’d put N-Ken tied w/ C-Ken for his best groove and A-Ken slightly above K-Ken.
N-Hibiki is better than C-Hibiki (and even better than K-Hibiki if you ask me).
A-Mai is better than C-Mai.

N & P versions should be included as well at least for some characters.

I didn’t add in N or P grooves because I didn’t think that information was useful. By useful I mean, that if someone is going to use N or P they will play whatever characters they feel like.

I personally disagree with the N-Honda being as good as A-Honda & N-Ken being as good as C-Ken, but that is just my opinion.

Xenomic can feel free to structure his faq however he wants. I compiled a list of charcaters with C, A, K rankings rather than doing the whole 6 grooves to help out. Feel free to talk with him about character strengths and his faq, and use whatever material I’ve posted however you want.

Heh. FSGamer has been helping me with my faq in the past (that’s the only reason I didn’t stop doing it). But yeah, I think it might be wise to put in all 6 Grooves. That way, if someone WANTS to go at a high tournament level play, they can see who to use (and I will make a note that tells which Grooves are most often used in tournament play and whatnot). But hey, that list will come in quite handy tetsuye! Thanks a bunch! I’ll be posting my faq here in a bit, section by section, so that people can break it up and criticize it that way.

I recommend adding a 3rd character section which has the Bosses & Console only characters as they are not tourney legal. (Evil Ryu, Orochi Iori, Shin Akuma, Ultimate Rugal)

Right. I was thinking of doing that, though I couldn’t remember if Evil Ryu was tournament legal or not. Will do that (probably might just say that in their individual sections…dunno.)

Add in “Canterbury Blue (Eagle)”

Maybe you could just upload the whole faq on FileFront or Geocities or some site like that instead of posting separate chunks of the faq in this thread. In that way people could easily search around the faq using the codes you put in the table of contents.

Hm…true…but I have no idea how to make a website…though I have an account on Geocities…

Uploading it to FileFront now…lol.

Here’s the link to the faq guys!

EDIT: Yeah…go ahead and post here on the thing. Try and copy/paste the section for me too. That way, I know right where to go.

Add in “Canterbury Blue (Eagle)”

In case it was missed above.

Also, would it be easier to delete the big chunks of the faq that I have here already to save room?

EDIT: Already did tetsuye! lol

And nvm. Already deleted them. So if you still need them, then go ahead and DL the file. Makes it much easier on all of us.

Wait…how exactly is Canterbury Blue a Counter move btw Tetsuye? Or is it like a Counter move to Projectiles, IIRC?

You do qcf+P and hold P through the move, then release to punish.

Try a hurricane kick vs a mid (mp) Canterbury Blue and you’ll see.

Edit: the key is to hold the punch while the opponent’s move is hitting you, then release when it is over to punish them during their recovery. Does not counter supers, don’t know about super projectiles. Counters normal projectiles too.

Ahhhh…I remember now. Wouldn’t Yamazaki’s Serpent Slash be in the same category then??

I think getting hit while holding serpent slash just knocks you out of it, like getting hit while holding Rugal’s Kaiser Wave. You don’t take damage when you are “hit” during Eagle’s move.

Ah. Ok. Gotcha. Been awhile since I’ve used Eagle, so I didn’t remember the not getting hit during the move part. That does make a very good counter move indeed.