Need help improving my game. Vids included in this thread

Ive been around a while. Im not a scrub but I aint great either. I can beat down mall scrubs without issue. And I do ok in pools then its straight to losers bracket where I fight for a while just to go down swinging. Im trying to improve my game and get better but Im not sure exactly what to refine so I am turning to SRK for help.

Here are some links to matches I have been in.

P1 Saltirillo - Athena VS P2 DragonSama - Ken (P2 Loses never stood a chance)

P1 SandersonJR - Terry VS P2 DragonSama Ken (P2 Loses I think I did a little better here)

P1 UnrealYun - Akuma Vs P2 DragonSama -Mai (P2 won match Via time over)

P1 DragonSama - Mai Vs P2 Moronik Goenitz (P1 won match)

P1 RagingstormTCL - Geese Vs P2 DragonSama Mai (P2 won match via time over)

Live matches (sorry no record of who the opponents were)

P1 C Athena R2, Ken ,E-Ryu Vs P2 DragonSama C Terry , Ken , Mai R-2 (P2 won match)

P1 C Nakoruru , Ken, Kyo R2 Vs P2 DragonSama Blanka, Sagat, Ken R-2 (P2 won match)

P1 DragonSama C Blanka Sagat, Ken R-2 Vs P2 Rock R-2, Ryu R-2 (P2 won match)

P1 DragonSama C Blanka Sagat,Ken R2 Vs P2 P Cammy, Akuma, Geese R-2 (P1 loss)

Match at Texas Showdown
P1 DragonSama C Ken, Sagat, Blanka R2 Vs P-2 (dont remember who) N - Rock,Cammy R-2, Sagat (P1 loss)

Ya I know SVC is terrible. I only included it so that you guys can find a pattern in what I am doing wrong and what I need to learn/do better and I can apply it to CVS2 and other games since I think showing it all shows my over all play style.

In any case enjoy the vids and thanks for the help!

  1. It’s kinda hard to judge how you play through live becuase lag is an issue, and the vast majority of players left playing on live are random/don’t know how to play, as shown in the vids.

  2. Xcopy from match vids, use the character specific forums, play people better than you.

  3. This really should’ve been posted in the cvs2 section.

im sorry but in cvs2 you suck. Your moves are too predictable.

^^ That’s part of the reason I posted this thread. I know I’m not exactly good at CVS2 (yet) so I want to see what I am doing wrong and go from there.

If my moves are predictible then what should I do? How do I mix up my game to avoid that? What pattern am I falling into to?

@ caliagent#3

Thanks for the suggestion. I’m gonna have to re-read some of the basics then.

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WIll no one will help you on SVC. Everybody hates it except me. They help u by tellin u not to play it ok lol but I can give ya some tips

To me your Mai seems better than ur Ken. But overall, u suck! No offense, but u were insanely random n shit, kept whoring certain moves and got lucky with the weirdest. Anti-Air crouching C from Mai for example :rofl: Yet at the same time just about all of the other players sucked. Terry was decent. But a Goenitz who whores crouching…:confused: uuuummmm oooookaaaaay

GCS = Guard Cancel Front Step

back to the scrubby shot basics
dash up crouching Bx2 (blocked)
>dash up throw
>dash up crouching Bx2
>Hurricane Kick (B) if suspect a GCS attempt
>db + D (blocked), Hadouken (vulnerable to a GCS attempt, so use this sparingly but none the less a good poke string)
>f + B (over-head), cancel to SRK © (2 hits), super cancel, qcbx2 + K (ONLY DURING MAX MODE)

if crouching Bx2 hits
>crouching Bx2, Hadoken © or Hurricane Kick (D) Yes no knockdown but good damage and puts a good distance between u and the opponent and decent damage. Otherwise do SRK (LP), however this is kinda hard to buffer from crouching Bx2 heh
>Shoryu-Reppa or qcbx2 + K

Still has the jumping D (cross-up). Use this to get into point blank range and start any of the aobe mix-ups. Otherwise, wait for an opening or an attack to GCS through. Also it seems u always tried going for real late jump-ins so that ur attack wouldn’t fully come out. I would suggest jumping B - for tick throws or any other mix-ups or jumping D for combo starter or cross-up of course

NO I mean NO RANDOM SRK’s. U whored the life outta that move in the videos. Espcially the C version. Remeber, to only commit to the C version in combos or when u know it will conncect and all 3 hits will connect. However, SNK is known for uppercuts that whiff a hit and result in no knockdown so stick to the A version ok. Don use too many fireballs. Only from max range as poke. Overall, fireballs dont help much in this game really. Keep your fireball happiness to a minimum unless ur game revolves around like Demitri, Mars People, Athena, Shin Akuma, Serious Karate etc. Hurricane Kick is also not all that helpful. Only as a GCS counter. Use your normals mainly. Use the above pokes and mix-ups. Play him more like 3S Ken. Play defensively, try nothing fancy until u get bar, then look for an opening to land a super.

After connecting with a Shoryu Reppa, super jump forward D. This set-ups a perfect cross-up when u hit with a Shoryu-Reppa.

As far as Athena is concerned she SUX! When the game 1st came out it was thought she suffered from SNK boss syndrome which she does but ppl overlooked her big time. The point behind Athena is frighten u with her high priority, invincible moves. But once u find her weaknesses, she is very frightening. This maybe a bad example, but liek Freddy Krueger, as long as u fear them and dont coem truth admitting they suck u will lose. Regardless of who u play, wait for her to attack than punish her for her bad recovery. The Bird Peck can be easily avoided by holding up. U can avoid the peck and Athena’s hammer this way and hit her with a jump attack and she recovers from her hammer attack. Mermaid tale requires no GCS for punishment. And you can duck under her arrow

I’m not a great player, but from what I could see, I think you need to learn your normals. It was like you were sorta throwing random shit out when you were out of range, and kinda moving back and forth trying to connect with a special, then the opponent would block or dodge then punish. And notice how that Terry worked his supers into a combo or at least guaranteed they would connect (punishing a whiffed move or something). You threw out random supers from across the screen that got shut down.

I was the same way when I was playing sf2 on snes- I’d try to do as many hadoukens and srks as possible. Then I read on a FAQ or in a newsgroup or something a simple, obvious phrase that changed my game: special moves aren’t inherently better, they’re for special situations.

For example, Terry didn’t hit you with a single projectile, iirc, but he zoned you with them.

Also, watch good match vids! Donate and download the evo 2k5 dvds and surf youtube and stuff. You’ll notice that, aside from certain characters who rely on special moves/command grabs (makoto, for example), normals are the meat and potatoes.


OK, watched more matches. Don’t jump in so much! It’s very predictable and very dangerous.

EDIT again:

watched some CvS2- rolling isn’t a substitute for blocking. you rolled past projectiles right into the opponent’s follow-up attacks.

u got any match vids of SVC with me on there. Cause I played the shit outta that game lol

well im a scrub and i can tell you in CvS2 the texas showdown.

  1. You need to learn how to low low super with shotos. or into super.
  2. with sagat your not abusing his C.fp, infact i didnt even see 1 c.fp.
  3. with blanka when u land a that normally leads into his roll attack, i saw you connect the many times, the same with ken you connected low low but no supers.
  4. to many fireballs, the rock player was just waiting on your fireballs to super through them like he didn on a few ocasions.

First thing you need to work on is your executions, garantee your supers are gonna hit. Dont try to be random with them. Then work on your mind game. also learn what style fits you best turtle or rushdown.

oh and my grammar sucks so sorry about it.

I think you need to go back to the basic. You should also try to review your own match since you have it record and ask yourself why did you get hit here or how could you avoid this sitution. Was it because you were blocking wrong or were you doing a move that you shouldn’t have. Look for what you could have done better instead of what it is you did in that match.

Play in practice mode regularly. Make sure you know how to use all your normals, special moves, and combos. Get fimilar with all your moves range. Make sure you can do all specials, supers, and combos with ease.

your brave putting up videos of yourself since SRK wolfpac will no doubt jump you with a chair shot, atleast your playing youre own way and not trying to copy some combo vid.

You are doing alot of random stuff that leaves you open and would get you killed in a higer level match, yea you should take risks but only when needed, kinda like baiting a person in.

I mean that 1st cvs2 match, that guy was always jumping with Athena , its like he found a new button to play with, you could have just dragon punched all day, but you wont get good, the best way to learn is to play better people and you will soon see where your making mistakes.

I spent a lot of time in practice mode last night trying to perfect a lot of my moves based on what you all have posted so far.

Thanks for the suggestions

try to camouflage your moves. When you want to roll with blanka jump forward to attack and while jumping forward you can charge back so he cant see the charge. Or try another way to hide your intention

wait you live in houston(pretty big fightinggame city) and yet you play on live why?
1st off go to matchmaking and ask ppl in houston for some games and ask them to show you the ropes
2nd throw svc gayos in the trash,dont waste your time no1 plays that shit!
3rd only play halo2 on live pretty much everything is too dead, too laggy,or both
last but not least go to animezeroplanet cuz it looks cool!:cool:

for Mai in SVC

dont use her crouching A or B
They cannot be cancelled nor linked into anything. Sure u can do tick throws off of them but that will last only so long.

Use her qcb + A from sweep range on a waking up opponent. Good poke. If the block qcb + C at point blank range. Press A. this move is quick enough to stuff any counter attempts besides a GCS. You can also substitue a qcb + B, but I recomend qcb + A

Whore her jumping down + D. After a throw (A+B), dash forward three times, super jump to down + D. Afer a throw (C+D), dash forward two times, super jump forward, down + D. Both of these set-up a perfect cross-up. Mess with the timing and the positioning to throw your opponent off.,

Every now and then use a jumping, down + B outside of these sitautions. The slight pause will throw the opponent, but I only recomend it if it will cross-up. Remeber us it sparingly, the lesser u use it the better it is.

Never use hcf + K outside of combos unless u KNOW FO SHO it will hit!

Standing close C, df + B (1 hit), hcf + D is her main BnB combo.

Standing close C (blocked), df + B (1 hit) (blocked), qcb + A
ok poke string

qcx2 + P is good on waking up opponents since it will cross-up.

Mai lacks any real consistent anti-air. U can use standing close C, standing far B or qcb + K but none of them stand out as real great.

Damn…you were getting raped all over the place…well, I can’t really call it rape. You were giving that ass away.

lol yeah exactly. U took it like a lil’ BIOTCH!

As people have mentioned before, yeah you’re a bit random with your moves. You seem to jump a lot as well (if you’re using a stick then I understand, I have the same problem). Try to practice against as much offline competition (if possible), though.

I don’t care though. You have the best damn avatar in the entire Internets.:rofl:

…someone other then me from srk plays svc!!!

Since i am the best svc player on xbl i reckon i cud give u all the help u need just add mr to ur frends list n send me an invite sometime.

BTW g product: who do u use?

the only characters i’m good with are: vio ken/sagat/genjuro/goenitz/normal mr.karate/normal iori but with any of those i will rape ANYONE…unless ur a cheap noob who uses shin akuma’s infinite double mega fireball combo but even then with vio ken i can teleport throught it n own u.

Looks like just a bunch of random mashing to me. That’s the worst Goenitz ever. you guys play like mental hospital patients.

Seriously though, you’re doing random risky moves hoping they hit, instead of doing things on reaction to something the opponent is doing (or atleast something safe if they aren’t doing anything).

With Mai, never ever use her hcf+K, that move is garbage outside of combos. Her qcb+K is also pretty much garbage. I suggest keeping your distance and throwing fans. She recovers quick, so the opponent jumping in would be able to be hit with a qcb+A. Ah, there’s alot of things that need to be mentioned…it would be best if I just recorded myself fighting someone with Mai in SvC.

Edit: The video with Mai vs. Goenitz is the only one I downloaded. I also didn’t watch more than one and a half rounds.

Suicidal, you can get guard cancel front stepped so easily.

qcb+P works as a good anti-air if they arejumping from far away (mainly, jumping over projectiles). Other than that, yeah her anti-airs aren’t too good…would probably be better to block an air attack and immediately guard cancel front step.

Crap, didn’t mean to make two posts.

Edit: Damn it looks like Xbox live has worse players than kaillera…I thought that couldn’t be possible.

Edit2: Ok, after watching more…it looks like you aren’t even looking at your screen when playing. It seems like you (as well as all of your opponents) are just rotating the directions while hitting some random attack button.

Edit3: Whoever said that Terry was hit confirming into super…you should realize that there was never an instant where his close C was actually blocked by DragonSama, so you can’t say he was hit confirming. I’m sure (judging from his randomness), that the Terry user would have done the super anyway if the close C was blocked.

Oh gosh, worst Geese ever…mashing punches int he corner until his projectiles finally came out…full screen hcf+K, wtf.