Need a secondary character-anti shoto

I am looking for a secondary character who does good against Ryu and Akuma since they are 2 of my worst matchups. Who are some good choices? i was thinking balrog,dhalisim,seth, or fei long as some potential characters.

Cammy does pretty well against both of em

cammy and yun would be my go to choices for secondaries [part of the reason im learning yun]

I’ve always heard Yun was THE counter to Akuma, but I was reading on here, just today, that people were saying Ryu does fairly well against Yun and that Infiltration will sometimes use Ryu against him.

Isn’t Blanka suppose to be an anti shoto character?

i was considering yun as well honestly, always thought he was a sick character but i never really tried him, i might give it a shot. But ya more opinions and suggestions always welcome :slight_smile: i dont know if i like cammy or not


Yun would be my choice.

I’d just learn the match up.

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How can you not know the shoto matchup? Online you play against them 80% of the time. My suggestion is Dhalsim, he does good against all shotos except Akuma. And perhaps Blanka, shotos hate Blanka.

ya im decent with it, but i still find them really annoying. Ill try out blanka yun and dhalsim, they are all really cool characters.

I like the idea of Yun, but his hat annoys me enough that I’ve never really played him…

truth. Counter-picking is so retro :stuck_out_tongue:

This game is going to have a TON of characters come ultra. Everyone is bound to have 4-5 bad matchups at least. This game is a super heavy counterpick game. Learn the matchup is just more work than it’s worth in this game, considering that you will still statistically lose that matchup a larger amount of the time than win it, even played well.

Haven’t you seen Xian vs Tokido matches? Obviously, the best pick is Gen. :rolleyes:

Literally 99% of the time when I see someone counterpicking in SF4 tournaments, the guy plays noticeably worse with his counterpick and loses the game.
Honestly the only counterpicks I can remember in recent tournaments that actually worked out were Infiltration vs PR.Rog at EVO and Chris vs SnakeEyez at WNF.
Rest of the times I see counterpickers getting shit on.

I feel like it’s a waste of time and most matchups in AE are 5-5 or 6-4 anyways, so why bother unless it’s something completely retarded like T.Hawk vs. Blanka?
As long as you character has the tools to beat the other, why waste your time on a matchup specific pick?

ya but i dont think its bad to have a secondary character in general, having 2 characters that you are good with is fine, and can help you win matches you otherwise couldnt.

Cammy does better against both then Yun, but she will get nerfed to hell as will Yun.
Learn the matchup seriously, my Gouken has tons of bad MUs, but in Ultra it will all be changed, though it probably means there will be new bad matches.

edit: IF I would counterpick I would pick Blanka. He doesn’t have a win against Ryu (Should be 5-5 though) but he wins against Akuma.

Ibuki’s a very good choice.

Any of the top tiers are good against shotos: Akuma, Cammy, Sakura, Fei long, Ibuki. But the easiest anti-shoto to learn would be Bison, but he’s not as good as the top tiers in the end and he’s not that good against Akuma.