Necro Vids

**Post here all of your Necro Matches, we… I need to have more footage! **

This Necro rocks, I know grades mean shit. But this is just sick! :slight_smile:
This one’s pretty old, but I JUST HAVE TO SHARE THIS WONDER OF THE WORLD :rofl:

Old vid, but good nonetheless. We had numerous vid threads but apparently the links died.


I’ll post what I got, but they all old I think

That’s oke tho, everything is more than welcome! ^^

please do. I wasn’t able to get the vids the last time it was posted up.

doesn’t work =(

Same here, megaupload reeks.

They work with me, make sure you shut down all sorts of download programs. Just use the build in download function of explorer.


thanx but what does that mean?
I’ll also post my Robert v.s. Billy Kane vids

Was that Pyrolee next to Sugiyama perfecting some Dudley player? Lol.

Yeah and that dudley player was 178!

more vids

I’m still fairly new to 3S and keep hearing about Sugiyama’s Necro, but can never seem to find any videos of him.

Wow, awesome videos. Thanks a bunch.

Sugiyama vs PinoAB7 was great. I don’t see a lot of Necro vs Necro, but I’ve never seen Necro move so fast.

isaay vs ab7 really good fight

if you need any vids of necro post this in this thead and i try help you
i want see robert vs billy kane [5 -11] please upload this matches

guys if you want a good video host that never goes down try

last guy is really good necro

i need billy kane vs robert vids please [5 -11]