Necro strategies and questions

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I am the necro master. Fear my brilliant necro strategies :smiley:

how do link his electric snake super 2 times?

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Spill it all… Whats the general strat? What different games can he play(if any) what are some B&B? Who’s better? necro/sim?

In corner, uh, B+MK xx Strong Hook Punch xx SAIII, DP+LP xx SAIII works.

The second super only does 1 hit tho, only use it if you’re gonna kill/stun em for sure. Otherwise, save it for the next time you hit em. Necro has a killer corner game.

In the corner:

back+mk, strong spin-punch xx SA3, jab Electricity xx SA3, jab electricity, down-back Fierce

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Which super is better??

I’m just wondering which super you guys think is better, Magnetic Storm (SA1) or Electric Snake (SA3). Since all the north american necro’s that i’ve seen almost always use SA1 but all the asian necro’s almost always use SA3. I’ll list out what i think the pros and cons are for each super.

Magnetic Storm

  • deals very good damage with moderate length bar
  • excellent anti-air move
  • makes people hesistant about rushing necro down when a bar is fully charged.
  • only 1 bar. makes you too hesistant to use EX moves.
  • damage is extremely toned down when used in a combo, even if the combo is standing strong -> SA1

Electric Snake

  • 2 short bars, need to blocked low
  • deals quite a bit of damage for length of bar and also deals out quite a bit of stun damage.
  • totally comboable and super cancelling doesn’t really reduce the damage that much.
  • ability to use EX moves and have super standing by is very nice
  • not very good anti-air move
  • doesn’t have a lot of invincible frames, i have the super trade with jabs and shorts before and i only get one hit on the super when that happens.

Now, personally, i always use electric snake. i think that it matches my style of play perfectly since i like to rush down a lot and in order to do that, i need have some damaging combos. I find that when i use magnetic storm, people stop attacking and thus stop making mistakes that i could have easily capitalized upon if i used electric snake. also, i find it hard to stop people from mindlessly rushing me down with various attack patterns when i use SA1. with SA3, i’m able to stop a lot of rushing attacks with back + strong -> SA3 which deals more damage than you’d think and is a very effect deterrant. even if they block the back+strong and i use the super up, they can’t really do anything to me after block stun is over and they’re pushed back to a certain distance where necro is comfortable at attacking. So can anybody try to convince me that SA1 is superior to SA3?? or that SA1 is even mildly useable?? the only time i will use SA1 is when i’m playing against hugo and that’s only because i’m reduced to playing a really boring poking game against that character.

Which super is better??

You make some good points here.

I use Magnetic storm. its true that its dosn;t do very good damage when comboed. but i tend to use it more on resets. like back + fierce, forward+strong/crouching jabxx, magnetic storm. or (in corner) back + fierce, BD + fierce, back + storng/jab, magnetic storm. which than lets the super art do more damage than if it was comboed .

i iether use that combo or back + roundhouse, crouching jab xx magnetic storm or you can use electric snake. with that combo its alot easier to land the super because after the roundhouse you can tell if yer enamy is blocking. also it hits for great damage. i find with the way i fight i can manage to get my super art back at least twice a round, as the bar is very small.

Also i find that if i use standing fierce, standing roundhouse, crouching forward, and standing stong, after i back away after a rushdown people try to jump in over them and than i hit them magnetic storm. the only problem i find with the reset combos is that theres the opening for a parry. but most of the time people aren’t expecting that and than never parry. thats my two cents!:slight_smile:

Re: Which super is better??

i just think that using magnetic storm as a reset is pretty wasteful unless you’re really close a killing a guy and you need the chip damage pretty badly. the bar for magnetic storm is pretty long and then you have to play runaway without bar which i think is a pretty bad disadvantage…

Re: Re: Which super is better??

i dunno, the magnetic storm bar is pretty short compared to toher bars, and it fills up fast.
also i don;t understand what you mean by chip damage on resets. i do resets into special before the other guy lands which does good damage. could you explain what you mean?

One of the resets i do is like this. back + fierce, than crouching jab xx Magnetic Storm, (the jab resets their possition in air, finishing the combo, but it also brings them in very close to necro so parrying the special is next to impossible)

Re: Re: Re: Which super is better??

i just find that when magnetic storm as an anti-air, it doesn’t deal that much damage and you lose a lot of hits… so when you do it for a reset, it just seems that even though it retains the number of hits, there’s severe damage reduction on the super that it makes me seem like i’m only doing like 1/3 of the possible damage… perhaps i’m just too greedy… hahaha

People use SA3 because it’s the cat’s pajamas.

A single back+mk, strong hook xx SA3 nets you over half of most characters’ stun bar, from a clean bar. On lighter characters, it’s a hell of a lot more. The ability to pressure your opponent on wakeup with either [low short, jab hook] which will knock them on their ass again, or [back+mk, strong hook xx SA3] is actually sufficient for a hella-nervous mixup on your opponent. If they’re parry happy especially, as they can’t parry both the same way, though they really want to think they know what you’re going to do. Stick in a random throw in that series, and you can win matches without really trying sometimes.

When your opponent sees how scary-close they are to being stunned, they start to get VERY serious about not getting hit anymore. Hello mindgames! Causing that fear in your opponent is a big weapon for Necro.

Compare the damage on a standard SA1, reset or no (SlimX sez “Resets are Poo Poo”, so I’ll just leave that at that) to that of a [back+mk, strong hook xx SA3 (stunned), fierce hook, back+mk, EX hook OR strong hook xx SA3]. If you land the SA1, it’s like “Yay. I landed damage”. It serves to upset your opponent a lil’ bit, and make them want to hurt you. It also puts you into heavy recovery, killing your pressure. When you land any of the above SA3 combos, your opponent is either stunned or damn close, and with all those hook punches you should have him in the corner already. You’ve got a heavy strategic and mental advantage, and your pressure never lets up for a second. That, in a nutshell (How did I get in this big bloody nutshell?!) is why Electric Snake pwnz for free.

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if u wanna get high-level, i think the best super is SAII, Slam Dance. It’s the ultimate anti-rush, it can be used as anti-air, and out of all the supers, it has BY FAR the most setups to use and HIT with it. NOTHING, i repeat NOTHING is scarier than a character with a fireball motion super grab waiting for you to get up. If you CAN’T land this super, then there is seriously soemthing wrong with u. Same thing can be said about Alex’s Hyper Bomb because it can be done easily from standing position.

I dunno about SA2 being necro’s best super ( i think necro is one of the few characters that could use all 3 supers depending on who ur facing ), but i hafta agree wif u that any super grab that can be done easily on the ground is scary. Hugo’s super grab would be a lot scarier if it only requires a 360 motion.

actually, i think slam dance (SA2) is pretty damn weak. there’s no range to that super at all and once you have a bar full, i find that my opponents just keep jumping or running away in the air. only good point about that super is that there’s no start up time to it like alex’s SA1 and there’s virtually no recovery at all. so a good thing to do when you whiff SA2 and your opponent dodged it by jumping straight up, you can do back+fierce -> down+back+fierce immediately after whiffing to tack on some more damage. that’s about it though.

what i really want to know is how the hell does necro beat remy? his low fierce beats out all my jump in attacks including the drills and standing fierce doesn’t trade with the high booms. so basically i’ve got this remy that’s just sitting there throwing booms out all day and i need to approach him but even if i parry the boom, he recovers faster than i do so i can’t counter attack and i can’t do jump in attacks since low fierce beats everything i got. that’s really frustrating. anything anybody?

Well, generally one and a quarter Electric Snake combos should kill him outright, so I should think this your main goal. If you absolutely HAVE to jump, just jump in empty and parry the fierce. Thing has recovery like a Super. After that, [back+mk, strong spin xx SA3) should be assured. And that’s the round, ne?

If he’s throwing high LoVs, grab his foot under it. Necro’s short enough, if you make contact before he does you can beat the projectile.

Personally, I’d just sit at halfscreen range and walk toward him, parrying LoVs and building meter. Not like he’s doing anything by throwing LoVs all day except giving you free Snakes to punish him with.


just a question…

necro has a back throw that works only when his oppoent’s back is facing him…he’d do a german suplex(i think)…just like how alex’s choke grab has a set up and how akuma’s demon has a combo setup, is there anyway to land that back throw? for alex, you do fierce chop, t+fierce, then choke grab…is there anyway for necro to set that up??

right now, i jsut duck under shoto’s hurricane and then grab them as they land…or dizzy them frist…it’d be nice to have a way to use that throw more effectively…cuz it hurts…

first of all, i never heard or seem his backthrow. second, his back throw (b+jab+short) is a german suplex (although im not a wrestling fan, i think it is). third, a fierce Tornado Hook ends them up with their back turned. fourth, you will never land that move against a semi-competent player.

Awfully opinionated for a guy who hasn’t heard or “seem” (sp) jack diddily squat.

Secondly, that’s nowhere near the same throw. He does an ACTUAL german suplex when you get the “behind the back” throw. The one he does from the front while pressing backward is a Frankensteiner.

Thirdly, fierce hook knocks the opponent too far back to walk up and throw afterward, unless you use the command throw.

And fourthly, any time you dodge Ken’s crossup mk (of which only a half billion are attempted per day) you get one for free.

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actually, i didn’t try to sound opinionated. i just never heard of it. i’ve never seen it. i doubt many ppl knew about this either, since it hasn’t been mentioned once before in the Necro threads i’ve read. and i’m sorry i didn’t know what throw he does, i’m not a wrestling fan like u are. also, u also talk like u think u know the game when ur a nobody even though u like to claim in a 3S “hotspot”.

really…you never seen it…i guess you don’t know anything about necro…and half ass necro would know to duck under noob ken’s hurricane, and throw them when they land. and just so you know…necro has three throws.

  1. headbanger
  2. frankenstein
  3. german suplex

1 and 2 are done normally. b, f or neutral and lp+lk

3 only happens when the oppoent’s facing the other way. and it hurts a lot more. i believe something around 30 pts damage? on ryu in DC training mode.

but then again, if you never seen it or heard of it, how do u know it’s not useful? that’s like saying, hey, i don’t know how to use internet, but i sure as hell it is useless.

really…try it out and then say something. it’ll make you sound a lot smarter next time. live and learn.