Nec7 Full results

First thing I would like to give out THANKS to all the players that came.

It was great seeing all the old faces and so so many new face.

I hope to see you all back again next year.

Oh and again sorry about the late start i had alot of people bail out on me at the last min.

Second i would like to give out SPECIAL thanks to Ron, Khang, VDO, Jeron, Jinmaster, Triforce, Alex A, Lil Eric, Dark Geese, Gavin, Peter, Jason, Shock, AlexStrife, Matt(N-Strad9), Master Chibi, and to all the players who let me use some equi. I know i forgot some names so if you don’t see you name THANKS for the help.

Ok Results i will post just the top 5 for now i will add all names by wed.


  1. Eric A.–nyc
  2. Michael(Infinite)–nyc
  3. Rick M.–philly
  4. Blue J.–nyc
  5. Bryheem K.–philly
  6. Liston–nyc


  1. Justin W.–nyc
  2. J.P.–md
  3. Steve–md
  4. Rugal B.–md
  5. Tony B.–ct (to much to drink lol)
  6. Flash–fl


  1. Justin W.–nyc
  2. Exodus–md
  3. Shinshay–md
  4. Kofiend–nj
  5. Caju-strike
  6. CB–ct


  1. Sanford K.–nyc
  2. Jinmaster–va
  3. Justin W.–nyc
  4. Blood Red–nyc
  5. The Game–nyc
  6. 133Mhz–nj

GGXX Slash (Someone took the brackets but i have top 2 for now.

  1. Juicy G.
  2. Peter–fl

MVC2 Low Tier

  1. Justin W.–nyc
  2. Brandon D.–philly
  3. Josh W.–philly
  4. Julian R.–philly
  5. Gabriel–
  6. Damian E.–philly


  1. Jeron G.–nyc
  2. David Spencer–to/philly
  3. Julian R.–philly
  4. Black V–
  5. Cent 208–
  6. Walter–


  1. Shock–nj
  2. Julain R.–philly
  3. Ralph–ri


  1. J.P–md
  2. CB–ct
  3. Jeron G–nyc


  1. Escaping Jail–de
  2. High Guy–pa
  3. Jinmaster–va


  1. Zar
  2. Spooky
  3. Kenmaster
  4. Chibi
  5. Chaz–nyc
  6. Zaelar-nj


  1. The Answer–ca
  2. Steve–md
  3. Alex R.–nc


  1. Brian H.–nj
  2. Blood Red–nyc
  3. Josh W.–phillynyc
  4. Sanford K.–nyc
  5. Julian R.–philly

Vampire Savior (17 players)
1st. Jeron: Tailban/Rikiou/ Jedah
2nd. Sean (GBursine) Q-Bee/ Rikiou/ Hsien-Ko
3rd. Master Chibi: Felicia/Victor
4th.Saiyd: L.Raptor
5th. Ralph: Victor
5th. Stone: Demitri
7th. Serena: Tailban
7th. Mario: ???

Players i will post the rest in a few hours. kids need to eat.

yo got some ill low tier action on footage thats all im gonna post up fok the other shit

Damn, you’re beasting right now jose. You post the second you get out of the car. Haha, good shi’t. And good shi’t to everyone that went. It was a tough weekend for everyone, expecially Eric. Mad props Eric for holding down NEC the way you did this year.

:rofl: :rofl: yeah i thought he was some sleep…but yeah…it was a good one…wish i did better…i chocked since it was my first one:sad: …wish i played VDO, watching his fights with seth…omfg:lovin: …maybe at Mid West we play.:sweat:

I FUCKIN KNEW IT merdoc.:rofl::rofl::rofl:

See that’s what happens when you talk too much and punk out when shit goes down.:tup:

Give it some more practice though I’m sure by MWC you’ll be ready to take on VDO at least to have a decent match with him.:bgrin:

:sad: :lovin: :rofl: :wgrin: yeah man…well…next time…seriously by mwc i am going to take it.

why did everybody drop from MvC2?

Dunno…I really didn’t see Justin play Marvel much during the tourney any ways. He was probably playing 3S more than anything. Then again I wasn’t really watching Marvel either. I heard some serious shit went down in that game despite.

Well since this is a major event and I haven’t done this in a while…SHINOBI SHOUT OUTS!!!

Eric “HNIC” Small: Great job hosting the event and the venue was great. Too bad there wasn’t more tv’s for casuals but for tournament purposes the amount of tv’s was adequate. Registrations and sign ups were much organized. Having you yell at the top of your damn lungs to get people signed up for 3S teams shows dedication. Niggaz had no way to not know what was happening at whatever time. Which also cost you your voice on Sunday (but no one really came Sunday any ways). Great event and I wish I could have said I came out to the previous 6. Looking forward to 8. :tup:

Eric Lee: Good shit placing top 3 in the tourney. Played hella solid in our 50 dollar money match. Too bad you couldn’t take that extra 20 bucks. Well whenever I get more money we’ll have to do another one. I look to challenge Steve as well since he’s getting better and I need the Chun practice. Playing those matches taught me some good shit that I can take into next tourney.

Eric Kim: Good to get some more casuals against you. We don’t get to play much unfortunately and I’ll definitely need the practice against Makoto players. Way to hurt Justin in teams. Not too random…not too solid. :lol: Maybe I’ll catch you at SF mall sometime.

Eric V: Way to hold it down for MVC2 and Threes. Too bad you didn’t get set up with the shinobi this time but your Urien was serious despite. Red Urien should be banned. He’s too powerful. Especially in Elena’s stage…INVISIBLE URIEN!!!

Xenozip: Thanks a shit load for helping out in getting us to the tourney. Sucks we couldn’t have gotten casuals on Friday. Stupid TVs only had RF ports on the back. Had to wake up 7 in the morning to get to WalMart just to play casuals a couple hours before the tourney. Philly is some arm pit. We’ll see how much footage you came up with despite not having a battery charger.

B Chan: Good shit making it out to the event. Only gonna get better if you come out to the real shit. Just gotta learn to get better with your execution so you can actually punish people with some real damage when they make mistakes. Once you get that HRAP you’ll already be on your way. Way to run Melty Blood after a day of practice. :lol:

Justin Wong: Great to play you again at the event. Very chill guy as always. You’re the only Yun player I’ve fought against that’s actually smart enough to block when your Genei strings are getting blocked. Good to see that you play a lot of other characters yet your Chun is too beast. Too bad I had to fight you like 1 in the morning in the tourney. I only got 4 hours of sleep and didn’t take the match as seriously as I would have like 5 hours ago. See ya at next major.

Mamation: Good shit running with the winners to Philly. You’re mad cool and we had a lot of laughs on the way to and back from the tourney. We found Ken’s stage for SF4 on the way to NEC. We need to take a picture and send it to Capcom. Grungy football field or whatever the fuck it was with the grafitti n shit…LOL. Well played vs. Justin in teams. Just need to get that timing down for parrying the last hit of SA2. I fuck it up too but with a character like Oro…that can be the game vs. Chun. Maybe next time we’ll get to play more Slash. Nigga burgers! :lol:
Tatari Zar**: Good shit representing the shinobi in 3S and that new bitch in Loli Blood. Shinobi mirror match was fun. Green Ibuki ftw. Watching you play against Tinshi’s Oro was hella cool as well. Fucking KSK ranbat shit. Definitely will have to catch you at the next major event.
Spooky**: Way to hold shit down in Loli Blood. I didn’t know what was going on half the time but it looked fun. Thanks for the shout out and I look forward to catching you at the next major as well. Keep representing your game. :tup:

Tinshi: Good to finally play you after seeing you post on the forums. Didn’t even know you were coming to the event. Your Oro is solid and fun to play against. I have experience in the match up from playing against my friend 10 minutes down the road who also uses Oro competitively in tournaments (but now has also picked up Yang). You having experience vs. the shinobi is good to see as well. Next event we’ll definitely have to get more games in.

Bacardi: Finally got to prove myself after the 0-2 at Evo. I guess this means next Evo is looking not so bad. Just don’t make fun of me if it happens again. LOL. You definitely know your old school SF and mad chill IRL. Dhalsim was straight up magical. Makes me want to play ST more often. Good shit in casuals. Your Chun is solid. You block better than the majority of the people that played her in the tournament. A lot of the newer SF players forget to do basic shit like that. Good shit and c-ya at next event.

Gavin: Nice to finally meet you. I think it’s great that you support the Japanese fighting game scene in the US and I look forward to eventually coming up to play 3S. You definitely know what you’re doing as well in 3S. Definitely were hella patient with that Chun. Wish we had gotten our matches on video cuz they were hella fun.

Jjuice: Fun casuals in 3S as well. I can see you didn’t know the matchup too well but you played solid despite. Made it difficult for me to take to the air with those fireballs. Ibuki is a sneaky little bitch so it’s kinda difficult to set her up for Aegis. You have to have that thing right on top of her or she has like 3 different ways to get out. Hopefully if I ever come up to a TGA we can get more games.

KO Fiend: Good shit coming out when you said you weren’t. That literally made the event better than it already was. You + my bro in teams was too hype. Yun and Yang together can’t be beat. We had some fun casuals and it’s good to see that I’ve improved since Evo. Your Yang has always been beast and once you get your stick fixed I know you’ll be running people at the next console event. It’s good to play against someone who also has a very aggressive mindset. I’ve learned that blocking low is important and playing against you definitely helped me to learn a matchup that up until recently…have had very little experience
against. As of this point I’m still more afraid of Yang than Yun.

Shibuya: Didn’t get to catch up with you till the end of the tourney but now I know who you are so next major event I’ll definitely catch up with you. I’ve been seeing you post more often on SRK so I know we’ll meet up again. We’ll definitely have to set time for casuals at next event. Were you in the Slash or DOA4 tourneys? I only did Slash singles and scrubbed out like usual. Need to get better at that game.

Exo: Reppin 3S teams/singles as usual. Way to run the event. Teams were seeded well and the event turned out really nice even if it lasted a long fucking time. You yelling back and forth at HNIC Eric about running 3S teams was hilarious. Way too many people came out for teams. Which was a good thing. Actually had more participants than singles. I think people were ready to go home by the end of teams any ways. :lol: Look forward to seeing your matches vs. J.Wong on video (my bad…I fell asleep on the floor, I got no sleep the night before).

B.More Chun: Good to meet up with you again. Nice to have another CVS2 money match. Don’t get much play in that game anymore unfortunately. Everyone’s moved on to more random stuff like 3S. LOL. Maybe we’ll see you at another C3 if you ever find some time.

Angry Black: Good to see you at the event again. Struttin the Holy Ghost gear for the big event. Didn’t get to see much of your play in 3S but it seems like you did well in just about everything you played.

Cajun Strike: Didn’t get to play any 3S casuals but I see you were busy reppin the SNK games. NGBC = free wins. Whoever that random poster was with the stupid avatar from Oklahoma…tell his ass he needs to come out to NC talkin all that ish bout YOUR GAME! :lol: Maybe I should get into NGBC…maybe.

Jamie Austin: Wuz good. Only got to holla at you real quick but good to see you come out. Saw you holding it down with Pink Testament during the tournament. Sooo hot. :lol:

Philly guys (Dream/Flare) : Good to meet up with you guys again and good shit running with the winners in 3S Dream. Way to hold it down with Chun. Pad scrubs FTW. Flare…good to get casuals in against you and continue to rep the other shoto.

Mario: Good shit almost OCVing Shinshay’s team. You really gave him a run for his money and it sucks that I had to scrub out against his Chun after your great display. Having a good stick definitley does help your game. Continue to rep 3S even if no one plays it over in Illinois. Next tourney you will definitely be a force.

BB Hood: Last but not least. Good shit taking out more or less the best anchor in 3S teams. That shit was hype. Way to not scrub out in 3S for once. Too bad you didn’t perform better in singles but teams definitely made up for it. Your Yun shit + KO Fiend = guaranteed money at NEC.

Anybody that I forgot…hit me up with those shout outs. :cool:

I demand to know where DevilJin placed in 3S.

America’s best Q player DEMANDS to know where DevilJin placed in 3S. Also, good work Exo and Shinshay getting 2nd and 3rd in 3S.

LOL. I didn’t do as well as I hoped but I’m pretty sure it’s within top 10 (meaning I scrubbed it up hardcore). BTW…after NEC he said Ibuki is his new favorite character. He liked the magical display I put upon him in teams. You would have been proud. :tup:

FRX…Team Hobos and **Ninja Please ** unite!!!

Meh, top 10 is better than I would’ve gotten. Weren’t there 50+ people for 3S?

47 people for singles…50+ for teams.

Props to Eric for doing the damn thing!

DevilJin 01- I was the green Urien who played your red Ibuki. You got that bitch on lockdown, so goodshit. Hope to see you at one of the TGA Ranbatts.

Rockman - You know your urien shit. Thanks for some of the Urien vs Urien tips. next major we need to post up and play more.

Eric Kim - People say Mokoto Players are random so they never give them props, I say fuck that because I play a Nasty ass Mokoto player all the time and being random with her only gets you killed. your Mokoto is close to jpn lv. goodshit!

Kofiend - Best Yang in the U.S what more can I say.

Justin Wong - Thanks for the 3s tips you gave me. You need to comeback to a TGA tourney. I know our pots are small but if you come i can promise some MM and a bowl of NE clam chowder. lol

props to all the other players hold’n it down.

To all my niggaz brown bagging it at the tourney, I feel ya!


Yeah…good shit reppin Urien. Not many Urien players in the US unfortunately and he’s way too solid of a character IMO to not use. Definitely have to catch you at one of those TGA’s or another major.

thanks again to big eric for throwin another great tournament. im sure everyone is eagerly awaiting the next announcement. see everybody next year

You got home safe I see? Just wanted to check in on you.


My first NEC Experience

From what I saw I have to give a lot of respect to Eric on running an event when a good portion of your staff was not able to make it. Also I would like to acknowledge the those who helped Eric direct tournaments which gave him the chance to manage the over all event. It just goes to show that the community is still intact in terms of keeping events traditional.

Marvel Official Singles got a bit messed up because it started late which caused a change reaction of events. Justin had finals today so he had to leave early but was willing to stay for the tournament under one condition and that was if it started early so that it would finish in time for him to catch the last bus back to NYC so that he would get home so he could use the last several hours to study for his finals which was today. This put Sanford in a situation because he was given an option to take off work to attend the tournament. Sanford only was going to attend the tournament under one condition; and that was if the tournament would start early enough for Justin to stay so that he could compete and make it up to Justin to fight him in the Grand Finals. Yipes on the other hand wanted to show them both that he is on both of their levels if not better so he was good to go if they were. Also Yipes wanted to win one Marvel Major before the year closed and it was important that the best was invovled.

Well guess what everyone… I watch some guy from Chicago play with a low tier team of Son Son, Tron Bon and Achnakirus which entertain everyone. This goes to show that Marvel still has undiscovered characters and combinations. The problem with that was casuals lasted for 7 hours since the tournament room opened at 12 noon. So guess what guys…Justin had to leave because there was no way Marvel was going to finish on time for him to leave and get back to NYC being that "70"players was scheduled to play. Which upsetted Sanford because he took off work just to be denied the opportunity to play agaisnt the best. Then Sanford was insulted by people when he was told “Come on play man…thats free money, you can use it”. Which Prompt Sanford to say… “WTF, fuck you man, I don’t need games to make money. I’m different now I have a job, I pay my rent I got my shit together. I only play this for competiton.” Good Shit Sanford, I’m proud of you. Because you know the deal…had Sanford won…then people would say…“Oh he only won because Justin wasn’t in it.” or… if Yipes won and beat Sanford then you would here… “Yipes is the truth I told you Sanford wasn’t all that. He beat Duc because Justin Coached him, he sucks thats why Row beat him at Evo, yada yada yada.” Heh…this community is a fucking book. Just read this bitch.

Anyway Yipes felt that he came to the last Major or regional, whatever you all want to call it to get his last chance at trying to win a major in 2006 and really contemplated retiring the game if he did not win. So he said if he is going to really retire if he did not win he wants it to be confirmed by being in the tournament with 2 of the best. Funny when you look back at it…its just circumstance. That and that fact…you guys need to back off the crack and start your tournament on time and not play 7 hours of casuals. So blame yourselves not those 3. But it wasn’t so bad because I put up a Evo ticket for the winner to replace the “So called lack of Competition” in the tournament. All of a sudden…random upsets. You’ll see when you read the results. Smooth Viper took the tournament over Infinite. Hmm…Dead Cell: 1 - $yndicate: 0. Do I see a internal tournament brewing?

CVS 2 tournament was Tight…from what I was able to see, Maryland was putting up a lot of money on bets. $200 plus type bets. Steve came a long way in CVS 2. I’ve known him since Magfest 2 and thats when he was a bum, now this guy is parrying all types of attacks. Good job Steve your almost there man; welcome to the Empire.

Alpha 3 tournament was good as well. B Chun took it. Holding Maryland down good shit. Jeron was glad that you won when he lost the chance to go to the finals. He was talking to me on the Bus and he was like well at least B Chun won so he didn’t mind dropping the ball.

ST was nuts. Jeron came out of the losers bracket against David Spence and reset for the win. I really thought it was over because David Spence is “NICE”. I don’t really know much about the players in ST like that and this was perhaps my 2nd time meeting Spence. However all I have to say it was a worthy match to watch. For the east coast I think that you and Jeron was the best candidate to fight in the grand finals. No disrespect to any of the other ST players on the East coast. Good Job Spence.

Vampire Savior…JERON!

TMNT: SYIAD!!! Good shit, although I was rooting for Jeron to beat you. Nothing personal but I have to root for my guys. Good shit with Wignut though. Rushed Jeron down pretty good.

3S: ::Salute:: Excellent work commander. The same for CVS2.

Tekken: WHAT HAPPENED!!! Yo…Jinmaster nearly reset and came back to beat Sanford but Sanford was able to anticipate Jinmasters Low sweep and blocked it and launched him and once Jinmaster hit the wall Sanford just stayed on him and it was enough for the Win. Good games guys… Jinmaster has been having a terrible year agasint Justin in the game and even was sent to the losers bracket but he final snap his losing skid against J by beating him to make it to the Grand Finals. Red and the Game took 4th and 5th respectably. Noteably the Game who beat Brian H to get there. GOOD SHIT!. Opened a lot of eyes right there.

Tekken Tag: Brian H beats both Red and Bryheem who both claimed to be the greatest in the game. I guess Brian H is up there with you guys now. LOL. The grand finals was too funny to watch. Red is a clown when he get frustrated. Brian H must have been dying with laughter deep inside.

Magical Drop Side event…Justin vs. Bryheem. 10-2…and it was FREE!

Those are basically all the tournaments that I actually watched. The rest I was just talking to new gamers and what not, chilling with my Wife and playing DS with her. Hanging a couple of minutes with Big Eric. It was a nice experience. However your right Eric…you need to expand NEC. Look forward to NEC 8 next year.

Hail to everyone who was at NEC.


PS: Low Tier Marvel should be the new way the game is played…most interesting tournament of the event.

thanks TGFM

I also did stated that I was only going to stay on saturday, but since the games on sat had to carry on to sunday, there was nothing I can do about that :frowning:

Eric: Thanks for running the tourney, its always a blast and I’ll be there next year again.

Brian H: Its nice seeing you again. This must be the first 5.0 tourney I didnt have to play you in. lolz

Red: You got the best lei ever!!!

Fernando: Use that chinese cook!!!

Jinmaster: Bastard!!! lolz why you gotta beat me for? haha jk. fun timesss

BMORE: You are so LAMEEEE. You need to step your combo games up

Tony B: Lolz drinking > cvs2 anyday lolz

Rugal B: The Game of life > Gamessss

Mr. Fantastic: Where that HONDA char at?!?!?!

Master Chibi: Mann too bad we didnt get to “DS” it up. no homo

Steve: Good playing you. You got alot better!!!

Eric Kim: You and your cheap strats!!! trying to counter me!!! lolz

DJ: Nice playing you again. I like picking multi-chars

Eric Lee: Good job in getting your ken up there

Exo: Why you beasting for!!! Why didnt you pick Ken the last game?

KOFiend: HAHA you should have use the nasty teleport trick i told you about. ^_~ lolz

Josh Wong: Damnnn gotta crack it up!!!

Brandon: Slimy low tier teams!!!

Bryheem: I own you for free in Magical Drop 2

Yipes: Good shit in fucking me up in marvel teams

Sanford: Good shit in fucking me up in T5 and marvel teams also lolz

Julian: Good chilling with you. i’ll give you that ST rematch soon

Alex A: HAHA next time low tier marvel match. lolz

Anakaris dude: Your mummy and monkey are on some other shit

VDO: GOOD SHIT in holding the tourney down!!! You were going at it with that mummy lolz

Sorry if I forgot anybody. See everyone next time!!!

DJ didnt get second post O_o
well, my shout outs will come latter, but i want to thank everyone for just being there.
Niga Burgers strait from the HOOD are win!!!
dont forget the chicken burgers!

Who the heck was that Sonson / Anarkis / Storm player?

God damn he was so much fun to watch.