NBC Shakeup -- Jay Leno Comes Out on Top

I really hope they don’t axe Conan. Even if they give Jay an hour show, they should just nix Fallon. Jimmy Fallon needs to go. His show has no redeeming qualities at all; his monologue is garbage, his ad-libbing sucks when his jokes inevitably fail, and his interviews are the least personable I have ever seen on TV.

fallons only redeeming quality is the roots. ive seen guests go on for basically the chance to meet the roots…no one cares about fallon.

What the fuck.

Pretty interesting. If Conan gets taken off and Fallon stays, NBC is truly fucking themselves over. Fallon’s show is so awkward and jittery.

NBC fucked themselves over just by giving Leno another show, which Sep already posted a thread about how that same show was killing Conan and other NBC shows that used to air at that time slot. This is basically saying that Conan was just a placeholder for Leno’s return to late night. That’s bullshit.

Fucking Leno.

Man time to mass email NBC and tell em to fuck Fallon. That guys show is pure garbage. Man Jay was supposed to retire.

I have never witnessed a single moment of brilliance from Fallon, though I have only seen a handful of episodes (still, if it takes that long for just one nice moment, that still doesn’t make his shtick any better). I even watched the Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Zack Morris) interview, and it wasn’t funny at all because Fallon couldn’t hold his pose. That’s pathetic.

I will admit that the quality of Conan’s shows has been on a decline since his Late Night days, though. I think the earlier time slot just doesn’t suit him that well.

What I also find sad, since I’ve attended both Conan’s The Tonight Show and the Jay Leno Show live before, is that Leno is actually really funny?when he’s not on the show and just warming up the audience. His own jokes are good, and he is very witty (which would be the case for any good comedian, I guess). It’s just that once the show starts rolling, he has to go to his “safe,” canned routine, which is not funny at all to me.

I blame america. How people can care for Leno beyond headlines is beyond me. and please get fallon off the air.

Yeah I saw Jay on stage a few times and saw him on Howard Stern and he was incredibly funny where as on The Tonight Show he gets chuckles from me.

Oh, man. I was just reminded that Carson Daly still has a show on this stupid-ass network, too. :rofl:

No wonder NBC got bought the fuck out.

The fact that Carson Daly still has that show is astonishing.

If they replace Conan, I’ll fucking axe an NBC exec myself. Leno gets ratings from all the old people, because he’s familiar, it has nothing to do with the quality of his show.

Oh shit thats right I toally forgot about Carson Daily. Thats how shitty his show is. It;s so bad you completely forget he even exists.

Update: http://mediadecoder.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/01/07/nbc-may-be-considering-reinstating-leno-on-tonight-show/

Seems like it’s going to happen.

They should just axe carson daly and bump everyone up a time slot

Yeah, all the old people went to Letterman. And the younger demographic Conan brought was good for advertisers last I heard. Not that Leno being the lead-in has helped any, because it hasn’t.

NBC has fucking lost it. I don’t recall anyone taking over a show only to have it given back to their predecessor like this.

I’ve heard nothing but bad reviews for Leno’s new show even though it’s pretty much the same boring, lifeless crap he passed as entertainment during his reign over TTS.

Conan’s stuff is way better but I have to admit, I still don’t watch it. I just hate watching basic TV these days.

That’s true in more ways than one, since Comcast is buying NBC.

And yeah, I think this move is unprecedented, but so was Family Guy coming back to TV after being canceled.

and where is fox in all this. they should scoop conan up and let him do his show just like he did at the 12:30 timeslot. and they could put it on at 11. that’d be so fantastic for my tv viewing schedule if they did.