Nash Q&A Thread

If you’re looking for an answer to a specific question about Nash, this is the place to ask. And if you know a lot about Nash, swing by here from time to time to help answer the questions!

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Is there any frame data yet?

Here’s frame data I took from Prima guide.

Some things are wrong though, like Moonsault Slash should be +4 on hit, not +3, so I don’t know what else could be wrong.

Sorry about that mistake. This change was stealthed in last minute (versus our final version), and yes, Nash is awful without comboable Moonsault Slash! I feel really bad about this particular error in the book :frowning:

Hope you like the rest of the content, though.

is there a full doc with all the frame data?

Anyone have a handy guide for Nash’s optimal antiair options for each angle? Been using st. HK too much, and it trades too often for my liking.

[edit] Nm, there is discussion on this topic right now in the main Nash thread Nash General Thread: Charlie (Nash) finally revealed!

Just wondering about something, don’t know if it is a mistake but why is startup for the TC st.LP>st.MP 6 whereas normal st.LP is at 4?
I feel like there’s more than 2 frames between me hitting LP and MP at times, so how would the game distinguish between it just being a normal LP or the start of a TC?

Also it’s been a while since i last looked at frame data, is it correct that when a move is +5, you can then link another move that has a startup of 6, since the 6th startup frame is actually the 1st active frame? Making it a 1 fame link?

For example EX Moonsault Slash which is listed as leaving you at +5 and i can link the st.LP>st.MP TC, which has startup listed as 6, after it.

Thanks for any info, i am so rusty it’s not even funny.

The frame data is referring to the MP in the LP>MP target combo.
So st.LP still starts up in 4 frames but the follow up to it (The MP) has a 6 frame start up.
Usually that’s what is being referred to in the frame data regarding Target Combo’s because the first button (The LP) is a normal st.LP, it’s the follow up which is different.

As far as I’m aware - No. If a move is +5 on hit, you’re able to hit anything that has up to 5 frames of start up. Any more than 5 and it’s not going to connect.

Besides the juggle properties on his V-skill being changed to remove the corner HK SS, Vskill reset, have there been any changes made to his vskill on release? I’ve heard different things such as increased startup, more -frames on block, or fewer active frames, but I’m not exactly sure what to believe from people.

Is it still viable as a poke like it was in the beta? I’ve managed to anti air some poorly spaced jumps with it but is it still viable for anything other than absorbing fireballs?

It seems to still have a decent vertical hitbox as I have hit people directly above Nash’s forearm.

What does it mean when in a combo they put: 6 V. Trigger, or 6 HP? Also, I saw this on a combo:, c.lp ~ EX.SB x2; I can’t even link c.LP into the first EX SB. Am I doing something wrong, or is that not working on the current version of the game?

EDIT: I didn’t get a notification for some reason, that’s why I’m answering late. Thanks for your answer, @Science


I believe “6” is used as a means to convey the position of the joystick:

7 8 9
4 5 6
1 2 3

This would make “6” the forward, or “–>”, position of the joystick. Thus, " 5" stands for the neutral (or ‘home’ position) and all numbers around it represent the eight possible directions to push the stick.

I would agree. Mostly see this in anime fighters and cr., st., etc. in SF.

What is the use for EX sonic scythe? It only does a speck more damage and stun than fierce. I see it used as a combo finisher, and it seems like a waste of bar.

i’m having trouble with nashs cross up 4b in the guide

its cross up mk into crouching medium punch > standing medium punch > hp > lk

i can’t get lk to come out i cant get the rest

Are you sure it isn’t s.MP > s.LK > s.HP, which is one of his target combos? It might be a typographical error.

Combos into Wind Shear (the st.MP xx st.LK xx st.HP target combo) aren’t ever worth it. You get much better damage, corner carry, and oki by just doing st.MP xx HK Sonic Scythe.

Does the safe jump you were talking about not work since release? I know it’s not fantastic but I use it from time to time.
Granted you have to have know the player is a nut and will shoryu on wake up but I think it’s a good option to have. Most likely better in a Bo3/5 rather than the online Bo1.

I didn’t bother to test it out, but unless they changed Nash’s KD advantage after Wind Shear, it should still work.

Whats your gameplan with nash? Im struggling with him. Am i meant to play him like guile? It feels like he has trex arms.

Use booms to cover your approach. Maintain a bit of range to poke with your normals, then pick your battles for when it is time to open your opponent up. But as far as playing like Guile, I don’t think it’s the same (at least not sf4 Guile). Though it’s tough to say for sure since we haven’t seen how Guile is supposed to play in this game yet.