Nash General Thread: Charlie (Nash) finally revealed!

Arguing about Street Fighter canon is sort of silly, isn’t it? Gen is like 80 years old and has had cancer or whatever for 10+ years and he’s still doing just fine, I’m sure Charlie can survive being gunned down and/ or falling off of a waterfall a couple times.

Actually in the context of the present SF timeline, by SF4 Gen has had cancer for 2-3 if he got it during SFA3 and 3-4 years if he got it during SFA2 (I can’t remember when he did atm will check later).

Still believable, considering his mastery over his own body.

We also technically, did not see Charlie die, his body was never found and he was merely presumed dead.

Just keep this in mind, Capcom doesn’t give the slightest fuck what happened to any character in the previous games, if they want to bring them back they’ll resurrect 'em as zombies if they had to. Hell maybe that’s what happened to Charlie lol

I disagree. Capcom does give a fuck about character’s stories and are attempting to piece together the story all over again, tying loose ends and doing away with the half-assed parts in favor of something more coherent.

Also Capcom is not unique in bringing back the dead. It is common in many similar works of fiction. I don’t see any reason to give them shit for it.

It was obvious though that this was the direction they were gonna go. It was already insinuated in Abel’s SF4 story that Charlie is alive. How else would he have recognized Guile’s moves if Charlie plummeted to his death? Why would Capcom revive Charlie’s story in Guile’s prologue/epilogue if they weren’t gonna take it some place new.

I think the only resurrection that gave me a “wtf” moment was Gouken. His death was integral and served as the foundation of the Ryu/Akuma subplot. I’d be surprised if Gouken remains alive.

If SFV does indeed happen between SF4 and SF3, I hope Tom is one of the playable characters. Maybe we can see the storyline where Tom gets his ass kicked by Gill, which introduces Alex in SF3. Or Alex might be in SFV along with Tom.

This just shows that Gill (or Urien) will also be back, somehow. I’m hoping for a Bison vs. Gill showdown! And of course Bison wins!

We are living in very exciting times!

Can we all stop with X character is suppose to be dead crap? This isnt real life, its a story that has more possibilities and only limited by your imagination.

What if when they go to show Charlie again he puts on the glasses, spreads his arms out, turns grey, his clothes disintegrate, BAM it was actually Urien cosplaying Charlie.

We’re talking about Ono here it’s entirely possible.

As for evil antagonist organizations, I’m gonna be super biased and hope S.I.N. has a hand in the plot because Juri runs it now and I want her to have a major role in this game. She wouldve aged like 15 years and would be even more experienced.

I just had a really horrifying thought.

Like, say Juri and Guile had a kid and Remy was the result?

Pukes everywhere

so you guys think Juri and S.I.N will be going after Gill and the Illuminati?

That’s nasty. Why you gotta disrespect the waifu like that?

Their kids would be much younger.

could it be Bison related…remember in the anime Bison used a similar device to control chun-li?

are we sure its illuminati/urien/gill related

Charlie has the same gem in his forehead as Gill and Urien.

I hope it’s not an autoblock-gem.

so its Gill related not Bison related (like from the anime)

SF has a fun story but it makes no sense as a whole. Would be great if Guile is in and they’re suddenly rivals. Also, please no Gill. He’s a dumb looking version of Urien, we only need one naked dude in underwear.

Don’t be so sure.

why not?

Oh please no.