Nash General Thread: Charlie (Nash) finally revealed!

Back from the dead! He looks amazing!

Charlie Nash’s alternate costume should be based on this:

Charlie is supposed to be dead, its why Guile fights so hard against Bison. This cheapens it. :confused:

Next theyll be saying Legend of Chun Li is canon and Chun’s dad really was alive all those years.


Guile actually believes Charlie is still alive. Look at his SF4 prologue.

Anyway, I’m so glad Charlie’s back. Interested in how’ll he play here.

Welcome back.

Charlie is dead in Guile’s SF4 prologue as well as the ending.

But yeah… probably a safe bet that the illuminati had something to do with his resurrection.

Didn’t Abel’s backstory/rivial fight with Guile hint that he was alive?

With how his body was never found, his returns was always left open. At least, with the Illuminati being involved, his returns won’t be as stupid as Gouken’s returns.

‘‘Put on coma from the Raging Demon for like 20 years (reducing Akuma’s Raging Demon victim list even further)’’
’‘Learn the Power of Nothingness that lead to… nothing’’
’‘Ryu & Ken doesn’t seem to cares their master was alive all that time’’

Pretty sure the ‘‘Sonicboom’’ Abel saw was from Seth, which caused the whole confusion for Guile. Guile probably realized that when fighting/seeing Seth and went to accept that Charlie died.

Nice to see Charlie in. AFAIK, less turtle oriented than Guile but still awesome. Of course, it probably means Guile isn’t in and then the whole WW cast has effectively been broken. Excellent news.

Charlie has been the third character mentioned.
Triangles have three sides.


Welcome to every SF5 stream from now on:


I’m alone in my room scrolling down and I see that. Terrified the shit out of me.

That’s in his SSF4 prologue and ending. In Vanilla, he’s convinced that Charlie is alive because he was never found:


Hopefully the hero will play much more differently than other boom characters this time around.

its obviously a hint towards The Illuminati…but dang im hyped

is anyone actually suprised Capcom is actually going to continue the Urien/Gill Illuminati storyline…sf3 wasn’t really a popular game…?

shows that Capcom still cares alot about continuity and the timeline of their games…

i assume SF V will deal with the rise of the illuminati and the fall of shadaloo/s.i.n between SF4 and SF3

According to the story Shadaloo had already fallen. To the whole world, Shadaloo is still no more at the end of SF4 and shifting focus again on a fall of Shadaloo plot seems pretty redundant (considering the number of times it “fell”). If this game does take place before SF3, then we will indeed see the Illuminati come out of hiding (they’ve been around for a very long time). Not sure where Shadaloo will play into this but probably somewhere in the background like in SF4 rather than in the forefront.

I’d be more interested to see this game take place AFTER 3 though.

so will Gill and Urien play a role or more as a background characters

I have a feeling Charlie will finally die for good in this game if it does take place before SF3. Since after SF3 we dont hear anything about Charlie, it would kinda make sense. I have a feeling Guile will kill Charlie as well once he sees how brainwashed he becomes. Or maybe he goes the Cammy route and regains his memories and figures out the error of his ways. I don’t know. Still so excited to see him return.

Isn’t Alex important to the plot of the Illuminati i remember Gill saying he was someone “special”

Then Honda, Blanka, Dhalsim, Guile, Cammy, Sagat, Sakura and Dan are dead too? The fact we don’t hear anything more about them in SF3 has nothing to do with the fact a character might be dead or alive.