Nash Combo/Tech Thread

Want to know what the best punish or Crush Counter combo <CHARACTER> has? Any character-specific combos to maximize your damage? What’s the best no-meter combo you can do? Farthest corner carry? All of these questions can be answered here.

Also, have a crazy set-up to share? A new mix-up that you want others to test out? Share all your best tech as well!

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BNB Combos:,, s.lp xx, s.lp xx, xx, xx xx CA

c.hp, xx

ms, s.lp, xx

ms, s.lp, xx xx CA

V-Trigger Combos:, s.lp xx xx f+vt, nj.hp, c.hp, xx

s.hp xx xx f+vt, nj.hp, c.hp, xx, xx xx f+vt, nj.hp, c.hp, xx, s.hp xx xx vt, s.lp, xx xx CA

(Corner), s.hp xx xx f+vt,, s.hp xx l.ta

c.hp xx vt, c.hp, xx

Counter Hit Standing Fierce:

s.hp xx, s.lp, xx xx CA

s.hp xx, xx xx f+vt, nj.hp, c.hp, xx

Counter Hit F+Fierce:

f+hp, h.ta
f+hp,, xx CA
f+hp, dashx1,
f+hp, dashx1,
f+hp xx f+vt, nj.hp, c.hp, xx

Most Reliable Anti Airs: (Close range but not cross up range… Useful while zoning: boom -> dash -> react to jump ins with this button. You can also cancel this into for pressure)

c.hp (mid range jump ins roughly f+hp range) (personal favorite anti air covers mp/c.hp range) (meaty damage but slowish startup) (good use of meter your only true universal aa) (similar use as air throw stop cross us happy opponents with this or jump back lk)

air throw (most useful when opponent is cornered or you make an exceptional read)

s.lp (dive kicks, moonsault, neutral jumps) (3/4 to full screen anti air)

Best Pokes:

Counter Hit Setups:

f+mk, c.lp xx, c.lp xx
f+hk, s.lp xx
vs, s.lp xx

Frame Traps:,, b+mk
c.hp,, s.hp,, s.hp xx, f+hp
ms, s.lp

Throw Setups:

f+ throw, f+lk
f+throw, f+mk
b+throw, xx f/b+vt

Post Sonic Scythe Dash Pressure:

These setups only work on quick rise, dashx1, (beats 3 frame normals. to start your frame traps/ is good for tick throws but either work), dashx1, s.hp, dashx2, block (beats 4 frame reversals)

Quick Pressure Breakdown: is +3 on block. This normal leads to great frame traps with CC and good tick throws. also leads into the rapid kick combo which is -2 on block. If rapid kick hits you can lead into s.lp xx or go back in with overhead/ The jab at the end of this combo leaves you at +3 and perfect spacing for those options.

Alternate your pressure with walk up throws, s.fp, and to check low guard. The main goal is to remain unpredictable while training your opponent to become predictable… This will take practice but think about the options I’ve mentioned and slowly begin implementing them into your game.

I hope this updated post will be helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions.


My original post:

[details=Spoiler]Thanks for the combo summary, and I hate to be that guy so early in the thread but:


Is unrealistic; EX.TA combo into CA (4 bars)

Some other combos you could add:

cr.MP, b+MK xx LP TA

cr.HP, st.MP xx EX SB (1 hit) xx f+Vtrigger into followups

Any combo ending in HK SS can be V-trigger cancelled into:
HK SS xx vtrigger, j.HK, LK/EX SS
HK SS xx vtrigger, j.HK, CA

(will add if I get more)[/details]

I’m currently stuck in training because of the matchmaking issues going on so I thought I might as well share my own combo list.

Here are the main combos I could see Nash doing:
The brackets after each combo are [Damage/Stun]

BnBs and confirms:


cr.LK, cr.LP xx LK SS [111/213]
cr.LP, cr.LP xx LK SS [121/213]
cr.MP, st.MP/b.MK xx HK SS [210/350]
cr.MP, b.MK xx LP TA [194/270]

1 Meter:
cr.LK, cr.LP xx EX SS [167/293]
cr.LP, cr.LP xx EX SS [177/293]
cr.MP, st.MP/b.MK xx EX SS [234/350]
cr.MP, st.MP/b.MK xx EX TA [210/270]

2 Meter (both of these are corner only):
cr.MP, b.MK xx EX SB (1hit), cr.LP xx EX SS [273/439]
cr.MP, b.MK xx EX SB (1hit), cr.LP xx EX TA [255/379]

3 Meter:
cr.MP, st.MP/b.MK xx MK SS xx CA [437/270]

Punishes (non-Crush Counter):



cr.HP, st.MP/b.MK xx HK SS [230/400]
cr.HP, b.MK xx LP TA [214/320]

1 Meter:
cr.HP, st.MP/b.MK xx EX SS [254/400]
cr.HP, st.MP/b.MK xx EX TA [230/320]

3 Meter:
cr.HP, st.MP xx MK SS xx CA [457/320]

Crush Counters:



CC st.HP xx LK MS, st.LP>MP (TC) xx HK SS [302/502]

1 Meter:
CC st.HP xx LK MS, st.LP>MP (TC) xx EX SS [320/502]
CC st.HP xx LK MS, st.LP>MP (TC) xx EX TA [302/442]
CC st.HP xx EX MS, st.MP/b.MK xx HK SS [357/535]
CC st.HP xx EX MS, b.MK xx LP TA [343/465]

2 Meter:
CC st.HP xx EX MS, st.MP/b.MK xx EX SS [378/535]
CC st.HP xx EX MS, st.MP/b.MK xx EX TA [357/465]

3 Meter:
CC st.HP xx LK MS, st.LP>MP (TC) xx MK SS xx CA [465/442]

f.HP (Backhand):

CC f.HP, HP TA [243/270]
*works at f.HP max distance
CC f.HP, dash in, HK SS [216/360]
*at some distances, the dash isn’t needed, but you might only get 1 hit of the HK SS

1 Meter:
CC f.HP, EX TA [216/270]
*normally I only use this for v-trigger cancelling which I will get to later…
CC f.HP, dash in EX SS [243/360]

3 Meter:
CC f.HP, MK SS xx CA [470/270]
*works at f.HP max distance

V-Trigger combos (coming soon):

(Gonna add more soon)

I want to better understand the use of 4mk. Does the same damage as and leaves you at 0 adv on block instead of 3. I find it more awkward to cancel from it as well. Only major difference I can find is the startup is 1 frame faster so maybe just an easier link.

I think it has more hit stun and forces stand. The greater hit stun allows for combos into Tragedy Assault.

I also started working on documenting some knockdown situations here:

Unless the frame data was altered in the retail version, st.MP is neutral on block, not +3.

Regarding that oki spreadsheet, I’m fairly sure that it’s possible to back roll after a Tragedy Assault, unless they altered its properties. IIRC, only knockdowns that the defender can’t back roll are CC sweeps, CAs that result in a HKD, and throws.

EDIT: Here are some frame traps. This list was made with the Beta 4 frame data so some strings might have larger or smaller gaps. Someone with the game will have to test them. On my phone right now so excuse the shitty formatting. Will correct it when I’m back home.

[details=Spoiler]Nash Blockstring Gaps

2 Frame Gap - Light Starters
St.LP, b.MK
St.LK, b.MK

2 Frame Gap - Medium Starters
Cr.MP, cr.LP

2 Frame Gap - Heavy Starters
Cr.HP, b.MK
Cr.HP, st.LP

2 Frame Gap - Special Starters
EX Sonic Boom, st.LP
EX Sonic Boom, cr.LP
EX Sonic Boom, st.LK
EX Sonic Boom, cr.LK

3 Frame Gap - Light Starters
St.LP, cr.MP
St.LP, st.MP
Cr.LP, b.MK
St.LK, cr.MP
St.LK, st.MP

3 Frame Gap - Medium Starters
cr.MP, b.MK

3 Frame Gap - Heavy Starters
Cr.HP, st.MP
Cr.HP, cr.MP

3 Frame Gap - Special Starters
Moonsault Scythe, st.LP
Moonsault Scythe, cr.LP
Moonsault Scythe, st.LK
Moonsault Scythe, cr.LK
EX Sonic Boom, b.MK

4 Frame Gap Light Starters
St.LP, st.HP
Cr.LP, st.MP
Cr.LP, cr.MP
Cr.LK, b.MK
St.LK, st.HP

4 Frame Gap Medium Starters
Cr.MP, st.MP
Cr.MP, cr.MP

4 Frame Gap Heavy Starters
Cr.HP, st.MP
Cr.HP, cr.MP

4 Frame Gap Special Starters
EX Sonic Boom, st.MP
EX Sonic Boom, cr.MP
Moonsault Scythe, b.MK[/details]

What is TC? Target Combo? Which one?

Yes, sorry I probably should have wrote what number target combo it was. Basically it should read do the target combo that is performed by pressing s.lp followed by

The notation in the posts above is inconsistent, would someone want to sort and standardize the thread with a single nomenclature?

I’ve been looking at a Nash guide (sfgod’s) and it talks about the pleasures of confirming stlk stmk TC or into stlp stmp TC. I’ve tried these for some time now and the MP has whiffed every time. Am I messing up that badly or was this changed recently?

I wouldn’t say recently but a few patches ago st.LP was changed to push back further so now the older combo’s that you mentioned don’t work anymore.

Really easy Jump in combo.

J.Mk > S.Hp > M.SS xx CA

Edit: Typed M.MS instead of M.SS!

I don’t think you mean MS (Moonsault) but SS (Sonic Scythe).

I agree. Moonsault Slash will cross-up the opponent and will not connect at this range. However, I can combo into Sonic Scythe.

I watched Soul-Stealer Nash , but I’m having trouble with comboing

CH 5hp 236kk 2mp 4mk 623kk
CH 5hp 236kk 5hp 623pp

Basically, after 236kk my next move seems to be way too slow/out of range.

Is it still possible to combo after 236kk ? (on PC)

Those combos are bugged and only work in the cracked Beta. As far as I know, you can only follow up CC st.HP xx EX Moonsault Slash with a single medium strength normal, not two. It’s only +6 on hit so it’s impossible to link st.HP, which starts up in 7 frames. After a raw EX Moonsault Slash, it’s possible to link cr.MP->st.MP but you’re unlikely to land that combo against a decent opponent.


Ok, so combos that work:

CH 5hp 236kk 4mk 623lp 343dmg/465stun
CH 5hp 236kk 2mp 623lp 343dmg/465stun Nash Crush Counter Combos! Make sure Annotations are on for the combo notations

Almost all of those combos are not optimized.

After a CC f.HP your best meterless followup is HP Tragedy Assault, not MP Tragedy Assault. With full bar, you can do CC f.HP, MK Sonic Scythe xx CA; there’s no need to go directly into CA.

After a guaranteed CC st.HP you should always go to into Moonsault Slash, not Sonic Boom. Unless you get your CC st.HP xx LK Moonsault Slash from very far away there’s no need to end with st.LP xx LK Sonic Scythe. You should always be in range for st.LP xx st.MP xx HK Sonic Scythe.

Regarding CC st.HP xx EX Moonsault Slash, if you have V-Trigger, you should be going into st.MP xx LP Sonic Boom xx f.VT, nj.HP, cr.HP->st.MP xx HK Sonic Scythe (427 dmg, 670 stun), not st.MP xx HK Sonic Scythe xx f.VT, j,HK, EX Sonic Scythe. The extra damage you get from the latter combo (434 total for an extra 7 damage) is not worth the extra bar unless it will kill and the oki and stun (620) are far inferior.

whats the timing for vtriggering after HK SS?
edit: never mind figured it out. have to vtrigger right when move connects