Nash Beginners Thread

You’re just starting to learn Nash, and you don’t know where to start. Well, this is the place to pick up on the beginning concepts for the character.

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made it to bronze, thats as far as i have gotten. I’m having troubling linking special moves into critical art, on joystick, If anyone can help me get it down that would be awesome. not sure if its me riding the stick wrong or the timing but i’m only able to do it 1/10 attempts or so. got his basic punish combos down and what not, but still failing to link into his critical art.

You guys already check out this video? And this?

You can do qcb Kick, qcb Punch. You will land CA immediately after a sonic scythe.

So you can do things like…

TC1(st. lp, st. mp), mk. sonic scythe xx CA
cr.hp, xx mk sonic scythe xx CA

xx means cancel btw.

Thanks for the tip, so far I’ve been able to do it consistently :slight_smile:

I’ve also been having the problem landing it consistently. On the 1P side I’m fairly consistent but on 2P it’s non existent. Where I’m specifically having the issue is CA after lk or mk SS. I’m using a TE1 I’ve had since Ultra’s release and it’s seen a lot of milage. It’s the only thing I could also think of that may be a factor execution wise.

Could anybody kinda summarize when to use the different normals (e.g. which is nice for antiair, which is nice for pressure, etc)? I’m fairly newish to street fighter, so can’t really figure which is best by just looking.

CA after should be pretty easy, all you have to do is input qcb mk, then buffer the 2nd qcb and press punch as fast as possible , that way it’s just 2 qcb instead of 3

it seems the cancel window after mk and LK scythe is extremely small so the way to do it is as soon as u do scythe, keep doing more qcb with P. the way i do it is like doing a super with a MK inbetween. another way to explain it is don’t do the first or last qcb slow, just do them fast before you even see scythe connect and it will always work.

Does the V-skill do anything but stop fireballs?

Not anything practical in my opinion.

It was possible to combo into it before after cr.HP or cr.MP (+6 each) but its startup was nerfed so Nash probably needs a counter-hit medium or heavy normal to link it. Not like it’s worth it though.

You can also use V-Skill after V-Trigger juggles to get a reset and a bit of V-gauge but it’s not worth the loss of damage and you’re not at significant frame advantage after the reset. Back in Beta 4 when this was still possible, Nash could do a air reset with V-Skill after corner HK Sonic Scythe which put him at +2. It might be possible to get more frame advantage because you hit the opponent during a higher part of their fall after a j.HK juggle though. Might be worth taking to the lab.

I’ve been working on that and as far as I’m concerned, going for the f+LK is better by far. The only advantage that V-Skill reset has over f+LK reset is the V-Gauge.
Also the f+LK works every time whereas V-Skill I’ve had whiff or go the wrong way.

If anyone has actual frame data regarding both of these it would be nice but I have a feeling it’s going to be variable depending on the height in which nj.HK hits.

I’ve been using the V-Frames android app which has the frame data. Not sure if it’s accurate though.

[] [left]Start Up = 6
] Active = 8
[] Recovery = 19
] On Block = -5
[*] On Hit = 2[/left]

[] [left]Start Up = 7
] Active = 6
[] Recovery = 18
] On Block = -5
[*] On Hit = -1[/left]

I have this simple problem where wheneve ri walk forward and do a projectile a srk move comes out. Had the same issue with Ryu. Anyone know a solution?

Illuminati, are you using a stick or a pad? This input issue is easier to remedy if you’re using a stick since you can ‘release’ the stick back to its home position (position “5”) to break the forward motion of the walk prior to the execution of the projectile motion.

If you’re using a pad: may the force be with you, it’ll just take practice and drinking the blood of unicorns to consistently avoid the input issue.

Try doing a half circle forwards instead of just a quarter circle. It should give you enough of a break between the forwards and the QCF to not get Tragedy Assault.

Alright, thanks.

I use a PS3 controller. I guess, it’s time for a stick then.

There doesn’t need to necessarily be any break, it’s just very important that the direction is purely forward at the instant you press the button. Perhaps act like you’re sliding a coin toward the punch button and then trapping it by pressing down, the slight delay should ensure you’re only holding forward by the time you press the button.


I’ve had a lot of trouble with this issue on pad because I’m no Street Fighter savant, but is your response viable and reliable using a gamepad? (I ask to learn.)

Any tips on how to connect xx lp TA? I’m new to using stick and just seems very hard to hit having to go from end of the stick to the other then qcf all within that window. Thanks!