Naruto Fighting Games: Accept or Reject

Since many people can find the time to read the Naruto manga or watch the episodes, how many of us play the Naruto fighting games? Naruto has a few solid titles (Gekitou Ninja Taisen 4 for Gamecube, EX 3 for Wii, Storm for the ps3, Narutimate Accel 2 for ps2, and soon Revolution 3 for the Wii) that have decent fighting mechanics and likeable characters.

Yet, these fighting games seem to be ostracized from the fighting game community for their lack of “tournament” play. Don’t get me wrong, I love Street Fighter 4, Third Strike, and whatever choice tournament fighter you prefer, but sometimes I just want to play a different type of fighting game altogether (tournament-wise, or casually).

This isn’t a complaint so much as I’m putting myself out there to see what everyone else thinks about the Naruto fighting game series (assuming you’ve played it in the first place). I don’t know about you but I’m hyped about Revolution 3 for the Wii coming out this November. If I get enough support, I’ll see about getting Naruto added to the fighting game list on this site so it can have its own thread.

It’s okay if you don’t like this game, or if you do like it. The point is that it’s a fighting game, I like it, and I’m willing to defend it and promote it for that matter if I have to. Sorry for the long post, peace out,


King dedede!


That is all.

I only began reading the manga recently while looking for something to do. I’d enjoyed the second gamecube game enough with a couple of friends who were fans and explained the back story to me at the time. According to a guy I know who is way too much into this stuff, that series seems to get less and less balanced as it progresses though.

The only thing that is a real pity is that any interesting systems that these games come up with will be ultimately ignored. I bought Storm purely to test out how the system would work with perspective changing (over should lock on far away, traditional fighter up close), things like projectiles/traps in a 3D space, and the interesting assist system. From what little I’ve played it against people who actually want to play, it’s fun.

  1. Don’t talk about people NOT liking your game.
  2. Talk about liking and enjoying your game with PEOPLE WHO LIKE YOUR GAME.
  3. Support your game.

That’s all you have to do. If people bring up people not liking their game they get a lot of backlash and negativity. It’s not that you can’t talk about Naruto on SRK, it’s that it’s always better to support your game than it is to point out people not liking it.

This is SRK. We got: ST haters, A2 haters, A3 haters, HF haters, 3S haters, SFIV haters. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Do what everyone else did and talk about your game with people who like your game. It’s life. Get over people not liking what you like. Shit happens.

First off, this is the second Naruto fighting game thread here in, like, a one month period. Is there something I don’t know about? Probably should have used the search function to find the previous thread.

Second, specifically in terms of the GNT/CoN series, I was always under the impression that these games were actually pretty well respected by the fighting game community as a whole, and definitely had a large tournament scene during the GNT4 era. I don’t think you’ll get much debate from these parts about the tournament validity of the Tomy Naruto games. Ultimate Ninja Storm also gets a lot of love around here, although less for its combat depth than the general feeling of “Naruto simulation” that it gives.

Hatred: We have HF haters? I always thought that was the SRK sacred cow.

09’ers would never do such a thing.

Even if it meant their very lives…

He’s been here for over half a year, plenty of time to figure it out.

And perhaps it is unwise to make light of someone’s join date when it’s less than a year apart from one’s own.:wink: :coffee:

To Rampage: It’s Kdede because it’s my Wii moniker (so five letters maximum)

To m121akuma and techromancer: I actually did use the search function but only found information on previous tournaments that featured Naruto games.

To everyone else: I meant to ask this earlier: What is your favorite Naruto game? With so many different Naruto releases (most of them just character additions to the previous games), each Naruto game has got its own feel. Personally, I will always love Narutimate Accel 2 (PS2) and Gekitou Ninja Taisen 4 (Gamecube). Both games feature more characters than their predecessors and I could play either for hours on end.

some amazing stuff there. Na2 is a pretty good fighting game tbh. cancels, infinites, the works!

all the naruto games i payed on the nintendo systems they were all waaaaaaaay too easy and simple… i would win without putting forth any effort… but this could be changed… i remmebr one of em on PS2 that was pretty good… but Orochimaru was too strong i believe… and Kiba is never as good as i expect him to be… and i hate Naruto all together anyways


general consensus was PS3’s Ultimate Ninja Storm.

all the sf games i payed on the sony systems they were all waaaaaaaay too easy and simple… i would win without putting forth any effort… but this could be changed… i remmebr one of em on xbox that was pretty good… but Ken was too strong i believe… and Fei is never as good as i expect him to be… and i hate SF all together anyways

ST haters? are you fucking serious? those exist?

I know one so yeah they exist B…

Serious post:

Ultimate Ninja Storm isn’t a great fighting game. However, it’s a good game with really impressive graphics and some good fanservice. The fact that you can change moves and that there were assists only obtainable by preordering at gamestop make it very questionable regarding its tourney-worthiness. There are also hella camera issues. It’s also an EPIC bitch to unlock all the characters.

Clash of Ninja Revolution 1/2/3 are the games that you should look for if you want semi-serious fighting. CONR2 was actually balanced and stuff, and CONR3 is apparently going to be patchable, and will have online play.

The biggest problem with Naruto fighting games, though, is the fact that the games are different in America than they are in Japan. Clash of Ninja 1 on the Cube was not the same as Gekitou Ninja Taisen 1 in Japan. Tomy of America cuts, pastes and edits characters, moves and so on. They actually created all-new characters for CONR2. The same goes for the Ultimate Ninja games. That’s going to make things tough.

Oh yeah. HF fanboys tend to think that ST hurt/ruined the franchise by adding supers.

after hearing that the combat system would be better in broken bond and ultimate storm will be simpler but look better I thought “i only have a 360 so thats cool” but when I played broken bond… fucking hell what a pile of shit, wished I never bought it. a year past and I ended up with a ps3, I downloaded the demo and was like “this game is wayy better than that other pile of shit” the thing is the demo of ultimate ninja storm was shit compared to the full game

ultimate ninja storm is a very very good anime game, simple but had enough depth to be on the other side of simple. not as in depth as tenkaichi 3 but it has its fair share of depth, all of us were really getting into the game, thats until one person decided to mash the block button which allowed him to teleport everything, now I dont even look at the game :rofl: ruined by that stupid little thing, they just need to make everything tighter

yeap they exist, they are mostly 3s players or at least is what it seems

this too