Mystic Gohan Thread - Potential Unleashed

Compiling character subthreads, post your tech/discussion here!

Please @ me if any tech you’d like adding to the OP comes up!

Nakkiel combo video.

Corner BnB 6.4K / Solo 1Bar

Good mid screen combo only using one bar and an assist from Black (it should work with SSJ Goku and SSJVegeta, will test later.)

Annotations: 2L - 5L - 5M - 2M - 3H - j.LML - dj.LL(Call Black)L - dash 5M - 3H - Super Jump.LML2HH - j.LML2H - dj.LLH - j.2S - Level 1 Super or Level 3

Mid-screen BnB 5k / Solo No bar

I got a question for you Adult Gohan mains: The reason I’m not seeing a lot of machine gun kick loops BnB, is because it scales badly?

I’m still learning most of the BnB I have seen around. I have a hard time doing combos on this games because I’m not used to the double jump mechanics.

Will give it a try with the machine gun when I get the BnB down.

7k combo/1bar/solo/on the wall

Corner BnB 5.8K / Solo 1Bar

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7k combo/1bar/solo/on the wall


Freezer specific ?

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Tbh I haven’t try it yet as I’m trying to learn to do the more easier combos.

What’s the best combo from mid screen no bar solo from him?

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I think 2L 5M 2M 3H j.MLL2H SD j.ML2H j.LLL should be his best.
If Gohan is Level 1, you can replace the la j.LLL part by j.LL2H 214+L.

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I cant do the last j.LLL

I guess I need to do the extra jump on it but still not high enough to land the jLLL.

Is there something I’m missing?

you can fit another L into the part after the super dash so it’s SD > LML2H j.LLL
If you plan to use DHCs afterwards skip it for scaling though.

Also when hes level one you can do a longer ground string first. I haven’t confirmed anything damage wise but 2L L M 2M 3L 3H j.MLL2H seems to work. Hold the 3L until it passes 4 hits to get the full 9.

Finally manage to did that one. Yeah I need to practice a lot to get this combo down. I guess I will do with my regular 4k combo with out the 2H before the J.LLL for the moment on MP.

Does Gohan (Adult) click well with Goku and Vegeta for assists?

Just to nitpick to be exact for the very first portion actually vegetas assist, the final fireball can be deflected to make yourself invincible if you will. only the first so many are undeflectable/unflyable out of block stun.