My wireless xbox 360 stick build. WIP

Hey, i’m new to the whole building your own stick but i modded my snes pad so it had the Street Fighter 6 button layout when SF2 Turbo came out on Snes. :rofl:

Anyways, to start off, i’ll show you some concept renderings of the stick. It’s a Naki Ultimate Fighting Stick that i’m adding plexiglass/Perspex and artwork to as well as Sanwa parts.

I’m also writing a tutorial for it as i go along, you can follow that here

I’m trying to decide on colours for my buttons, hence why i made these concepts. I think i’m going to go with the Ken one, since he’s my main character.

So anyways, i have my Fightstick stripped down and i now need to order my parts.

Top split ready to be replaced with clear plexiglass/perspex

More soon. :rock:

Looks like a quick way to get carpel tunnel syndrome with that stick. And, really… the same Artgerm Chun-Li again? Going with stock Ken is better I guess.

Yeah i know Chun Li is overused, i just made it to see what it looks like, you gotta admit it’s nice artwork.

Eh, Artgerm is alright but probably one of the most overrated deviants out there… and it’s not nice any more when one out of every 3 sticks has that same exact art.

I highly suggest not using this stick… seriously, that has got to be very uncomfortable to play on from my view… maybe you have E.T. fingers or something, though.

I’ve not heard anything about anyone having troubles with it. Feels fine to me, it’s pretty low.

What do you think will be the problem with it? Cant be any worse than people making square boxes can it?

I’m talking about the button layout. It just goes against the natural curvature of your hand… isn’t it forcing you to stick your elbow out to one side and bending your wrist when playing on it? If not and you’re not experiencing issues, more power to ya…

Hmm, good point, however i can always make another casing if this one is no good. Seems fine to me, but time will tell i guess.

Anyone play regularly with this configuration?

artgerm chun strikes again

I guess i’ll delete that design, since i’m not going to use it anyways. :looney:

Personally I’d put that extra white button (which I assume is start) as the 4th button on the first row. I think I would hit that on accident more often if it was by my jab. But it may not be a problem for you.

Yeah that might be something to consider. Cheers

Hey Derkoi, I’m modding the same stick at the moment.

Let me know how you get on with the perspex as I’m considering going the same route only retaining the salect and start buttons and allocating a guide button somewhere else.

I’ve got a few good (different) designs mocked up as well if you are interested.

Cool, yeah i’ll let you know how it goes. I’m covering over the select button as i never use it, and as you can see i’m gonna add the guide button over where that naff clear plastic light thingy is. lol

Yeah i’d like to see your designs. :slight_smile:

I think i’m gonna go with the ken design with the white and red buttons. I’ve ordered my parts but there’s a bit of a wait involved so i recon i’ll prepare everything else until the parts arrive.

i have one of these modded with a ls32 and 6 sanwa obsf snap ins connected to an xbox360 wired pad and its great.

i use it rested on my lap and left the coloured tile in there for the weight and it seems just about right, i’ve only had an ex2 to compare against and it feels much better than that, in relation to how uncomfortable it is to use, it doesn’t feel any more awkward to use than the ex2 did (i only used the last 6 button holes), i have found that both joysticks are uncomfortable to use for a short while but isn’t too bad, i am also new to using sticks so i don’t know if it is normal for your arm to ache when 1st using a stick.

oh & i left the original start & select buttons in place and used them, i have had 700 + fights on this stick & never once pressed any of these 2 buttons by mistake.

Here’s my favourite designs so far, gonna include a guide button as well in the upper left area.

Also sent off for a quote to get some acrylic CNC cut to replace the top layer like your’s derkoi. Are you cutting your’s yourself?

if you have any art requests give me a shout, I’m a professional designer and illustrator, the Blanka design is mine from scratch.

I’m leaning towards the Akuma one…


Any chance on sharing the Akuma design? I’d love to get my hands on that for my SE. =D

Thanks in advance.

Not to derail this thread or anything, but I’m trying to mod this stick as well at the moment, and I’m having serious problems getting the Seimitsu LS-32-01 I want to put in to work. If it’s not too much to ask, do you think you could give me a couple of tips? Sorry to bother you, but I’d really like to get this thing to work…

I need to re-design it all at 300 dpi, once I’ve done that it should be a fairly quick job to get into the SE template.

I’ll give you a shout :wink:

Sweet artwork, i love the last one, can a snag a high res of that?

Dunno if that was aimed at me cause you quoted the other dude, but i’ve stayed with Sanwa as that’s what apparently fits.

I’m not keeping the original PCB i’m using a wireless Xbox360.