My Viewlix Project - Ideas, Tips, Advice

Hello SRKers

I’ve always wanted a cabinet for SF4, PS3, 360, MAME, etc. and after seeing what UkiyOyO did with his cab…i knew i wanted to make one too.

His project log can be view here: BTW: ITS ALL IN FRENCH

After contacting him for plans, ideas, and some other tips (was kinda hard since he only speaks french)… I started working on my own with a few changes to his viewlix clone design. This is my work in progress and im just winging it as i go. If you have any advice, please feel free to let me know. I would really appreciate it.

Heres what i have so far:
1 SET SEIMITSU JOYSTICK LS-32-01 with 12 PS-14-GN 30mm Pushbutton, Still working on finding another set that isnt backordred :frowning: maybe go with 1 sanwa JLF / Seitmitsu setup. It will have a PS3/360/PC inside to power all my gaming needs. Got 2 Cthulhu PS3 board, 2 360 CG boards.

Donovan Myers had a great idea of using 2 fightstick TE as the control panel instead of 1 big fix panel. What do you guys think?

Looking good so far. The only problem would be sourcing both the TE’s. I would prefer a single, solid panel myself anyway. (you already have most of the needed parts, why buy more crap?)

I think the 2 TE’s is a good idea, it’ll save you a bunch of work and you only need to construct a sturdy base for them to screw into. Easier to work on them and swap parts when needed as well.

Aesthetically it’s just personal preference. For something like that I think the one big panel looks more impressive.

Looks great! I wld also go for one piece metal plate for mounting. That way the control panel should be much more sturdy & looks good as well.

Im thinking the same thing with the metal panel…its cheaper and looks good after i get the aluminum brushed. I probably wont find any TE anywhere even if i wanted to use 2.

If you have the money you should spring for that Capcom inksplash metal panel.

that panel would run me $600 including the import fees…i think the best cost effective option is either stick with brush aluminum panel ($10 a sheet at home depot) or to just build it with MDF and have lexan overlay and put graphics underneath like how all the custom sticks are made.

That cab is amazing. Who do I have to kill to get someone to build me one? O_o

Im documenting everything im doing in case if enough fellow SRKers want a piece of it, i can easily hand over the plans to a local woodshop to mass produce. My main goal is to keep everything very affordable. Everything you see made so far only cost me $45 in materials so far. But its going to add up real quick when i place my electronics order. :slight_smile:

definatly coming alone nicely…

I would go with a solid panel instead of two TE’s

Also… I would make sure you have proper ventilation in the cabinet for the consoles. Im talkin 120mm fans, intake holes, etc…

If not then I can almost guarantee you that the 360 will be the first thing to die.

Keep up the good work

on a side note… what are you planning as far as sound goes?

Good Stuff man.

If you didn’t like live 8hrs. away from me, I’d purchase one of those cabs off you.

really cool project, looks like it ll come out pretty good…

also as others told you already a solid panel would be better, you could even print a viewlix template and stick it on, will save you a lot of $$ and it will look a lot better than 2 TE’s too

good luck with it and keep us informed on how it goes…

i agree. get some 120mm fans(i would use bigger but its hard to find good ones) and makes some intake/exhaust vents. just hook the fans up to your PC thats inside the case.

also what all is going to be holding up your monitor? it looks like your going to need some more reinforcements to be able to hold it up.

I have designed and bulit a metal vewlix cabinet (which you put together like a mecano set)
and have done the same thing with the arcade stick idea, so that my metal arcade sticks sit into cabinet control panel area.

The benifits in that/my design I see are :

  1. You can play in the center of the screen as 1 player
  2. You can start your investment small then add another stick later and then add 2nd pcb for dual console
  3. you can add arcade stick for 2P mode or remove for to take to friends/ tournaments (2 bolts)
  4. you can change to a permament flush mounted control panel at any time (not std CP size)

the 3 extra buttons are on the top of my my metal arcade stick design
sound : I used Logitec Z4 2.1 speakers cus they can mount flush, but I would recomend the logitech digital 5.1

have to say great work on the carpentry, takes a lot of work when you have angles and bevils compaired to just making square a box.
cant wait for the next lot of pics

very nice work so far. I think going with TE sticks isn’t a good choice. too expensive and control panel looks a lot cleaner and more elegant.

I am definitely going to put some vent fans in. Im more worried about my ps3 overheating than my jasper 360. That PS3 is burning hot when its on for more than 30mins.

I jizzed in my pants at that finished Viewlix replica.

I would also use one panel instead of the TE sticks.

Nothing like a bit of bling

2 bad those probably spin slower than normal fans =(

i was thinking of just cuttting out the entire back for airflow