My thoughts on Gief SSF4

He’s garbage. Probably dropping him. Utter trash

You really think so? What’s so different other than his lariat?

with this gief, expect your winning rate to drop by at least 40%.
fuck capcom…i love gief anyways…


This saddens me, but please let us in on your reasons. Is it the jump? Or the damage/health nerfs? I wish they would have given Gief 1150 and max Ultra did 550. That alone would be nice.

I agree,I already said he is going to bottom tier.
for example ,I think chunli match up is going to 7:3
chunli’s normal beats zangief’s normal chean. and it’s damage not get nerfed and faster in ssf4.
when gief getting huge health nerf and damage nerf.
no way he can fight chun li now.

and Capcom dont want zangief to jump. they want him standing on the ground , letting scrubs happily shooting fireballs at.

if i could punch in the face whoever was balancing gief,I WOULD.
i wish i could play another character…:crybaby:
now I’m losing to some of my friends which i used to beat badly. that’s how bad it is…

Lol this is so true , all nerfs and changes to the game were to accomodate scrubs. Jump freely now anti airs are all shit ! jump back fireball all day! Sagat was broke he is now garbage! yay scrubs!

larait can be srked can be thorwed, can be beat by a lot of neutral jump attack and they again made it can be easily swept.
while dp is still invicible.
now they just made nothing of zangief’s move relatively safe.
while some opponet like chunli neutral jump hk you, now the only thing u can do is block.
and with huge nerfed damag, any blocked or whiffed zangief’s move can be easily punished with more damage than the move itself could do. so the guessing game is actually in opponent’s favour.

Lol Aqua, tough words.Did he change that much?I loved seeing your Zangief :frowning:

sounds like sf4…

seriously u guys are blowing this way out of proportion…

lol, gief really isn’t that bad…just have to change your style of play thats all. I’m sticking with him

i got the game yesterday and he’s definitely worse. not ass but worse. as soon as i jumped for the first time i was like WTF? his jump is terrible imo and his useless moves in vanilla are still useless in super;rbg,regular gh, etc. his health is also something to get used to. at some points i was just shocked at how much i lost while playing and it seems like i barely even got hit so that’s kinda fucked up too. gotta love it.

If you actually knew how to play as zangief the character as he has been throughout all the streetfighter games he has been in then he is improved in SSF4 because his footsies ground game is improved with quicker dash, usable stand medium kick (very important in all matchups where the character has a normal that ducks beneath medium punch), side effect of level 2 focus dash forward being usable because of faster dash, faster recovering sweep and crouch medium kick, im pretty sure stand medium punch moves zangief forward a tiny bit more than before, and empty short jump spd is a better footsie option now.

I think probably if your gameplan before was build up ultra by walking into shit until you have less than half your life and then random lariat to knockdown then go for retarded to get out of mixup into ultra (this part is still in the game and is always part of this character). Not to mention characters like guile and rose before had no way to deal with jump medium kick, this has been remedied and jump medium kick is not a divekick anymore. If you are used to free stupid damage then this version of zangief will be horribly nerfed for you. If you are used to properly stalking on the ground with an amazing set of normals (zangief always has these) until the opponent has to think really hard about pressing anymore buttons, and then you crouch medium kick or dash and then spd them while they are sitting there trying to think what to do, then this version of zangief is better.

Yeah the smart stuff about Gief got improved (footsies) and the shit that killed offense (lariats) got toned. Gief doesn’t need 1200 health. He needed better tools to deal with people jumping away and turtling against him all day. Inevitably Gief had to go down a notch in some areas when they wanted the game to be more offensive. Being able to actually press buttons against Gief again is going to be fun. All of you people that used Special Move Gief gotta re learn the character.

i am very happy with gief in this one most matchup problems look fixed but guile is looking really really tough for gief.

damn, now people have to learn how to really play him. online zangief spam playstyle bye bye

i mean, i think cantonal,zangitan, aloha, koji kog is going to raping mofos now more than ever. i can’t wait to see how they use him to his fullest potential. I don’t have super but iam glad that lariat got nerfed vs other giefs that shit was just too fucking spamming with no skill involved. Hopefully, now the giefs will be forced to play him the proper way, like cantona, zangitan and kog, jan and IFC ZANGIEF …great footsies and great space controlling with a mind to how precious their health bar is and not do random shit. This gief, from what iam hearing is going to be able reach new heights if played properly …LET’S GET IT.

My only regret is that I can’t abuse Zangief’s Lariat and 360 to get the achievement for beating Gouken on Hardest difficulty.

How dare Capcom interrupt my achievement whoring!

Hold up folks. Is the dash really faster? Can we get some numbers on this?