My thoughts on Gief SSF4

all the people complaining are obviously just not that good with gief…his balancing hasn’t changed that much

the ones complaining just go main a shoto since you suck with gief

so there is a chance?

-Probably dropping him-

I’m still deciding if I wanna by SSF4 next week (when i get paid).

I still want to main Geif, but if there is no chance of him being a top tier character is there any point to getting the new game?

I mean sure you get all the extra content, but its sorta like if you can’t play competitively with the character you like then whats the point? Sorta like buying a slice of your favorite cake and given chop sticks to eat it with. So sure, you have the best, most delicious cake ever, but eating it with chop sticks just makes a chore. if that analogy makes any sense to anyone.

So when you say probably, is there a chance that you may change your mind in dropping him? Are there things that Capcom have given him that could still make him a threat?



if you ever expect gief to be top tier you’re straight retarded…one of the major draws of him to most top giefs is that hes a challenge to win with since hes always been mid to low tier and winning with him just feels that much better; especially when you rip kids in tournament settings

Couldnt put it better myself…

“My thoughts on Gief QQQQQ” Y’all thinking he’s so much worse just needa step your shit up.

no one’s really complaining bro. gief got worse and that’s a fact. he doesn’t suck by any means but what the hells wrong with stating the facts? saying people suck with him? whatever man. hell, for all i know u might be a total scrub cause i know i’m not and why don’t u find vids of the the guy who started this thread cause he’s definitely not a scrub either.

I’m sorry, I don’t notice a single footsie buff.
I don’t think they changed any hit boxes, or made anything fast.

Maybe standing HP?
Probably not though.

All his useless moves are still useless, no new special moves, just a new super…
Capcom had no idea what to do balance wise. They only listened to scrubs, instead of people like Ultra David, or me, who actually knew and played top level players.

It’s not like I can drop him, and I can deal with most of his damage and HP nerfs TBH…but the jumping nerf is just too much.
TBH his jump should have been better in SF4 anyway.

What about his unwinnable SF4 matchups? How most of his other matchups were basically even?
Zangief very well could go straight to low tier, but IMHO he’ll probably be listed as mid or high, since he’s still a n00b killer big time.

I’m not going to lose to any noobs with him.
But I doubt I’ll be beating anyone who’s actually at my level…unless Zangief straight counters their character.

gief did get better if you are actually good at the character

if you’re a dumbass, sorry,
this is justice for the shit gief players

show your gamer tag so i can break your arms…hopefully you are on xbox…

Quoting my friend who has played only Gief since Super Turbo and has play him in every iteration of the game(Hugo in 3rd strike and is prolly going to secondary Hakan) : “They made him more like Gief.” I guess you can take that as a good thing or a bad thing.

Will a gief player ever win a big tournament?

In fact, has any gief player ever won a big tournament full stop?

I think the answer to those questions are NO (correct me if I am wrong).

There had to be suck characters and there had to be good characters.

To Aquasilks experiance with the SSF4 gief, I think he is suggesting that this gief is no where near a real contender to be a top level character nor a character that can create big upsets wins aginst really good ryus and sagats.

I just wish that gief was given the proper tools to be a contender. At this point in time, we can only wait and see how the top tier gief players fair in big tournaments.

Is its gonna be SSF4 at EVO this year?

SMH at some of these people saying that gief got better. It’s pretty obvious that they meant to nerf him. I think some of his pokes got better, but overall he took a hit.

And yes, I’m pretty sure this year it will be Super at Evo. No sense for it not to be.

The EVO games have already been announced -

what does SMH mean?

EDIT: Oh, shaking my head.

You speak the truth. I actually have seen very little difference in Gief’s game other than the slight toning down of his health and damage.

the damage nerv is not slightly 20 from his best poke ; 30 from his best commandgrab (range and usewhise); and the Jumparc seems quite tuned down too

i would say he is nerved bigtime compared to other chars (lariat change not mentioned ^^) and the buffs seem not as good as EXCEPT the forward movement of MP and the speed of MK

the problem is not the nerv it still seem that he got the WOERST MATCHUPS in the game and thats a shame… i wouldnt say he got fucked but its a poor thing still

i’m sorry but if u actually think gief got better then ur an idiot, i’m sorry. i’d love to hear ur reasons on why u think he did.

I can’t even read these forums till tomorrow. You guys are making people that haven’t played the game (ME) so doubtful for Gief even if it is waranted. I also being an old Giefer am now very doubtful and am looking at hanging up the towel for competitive Gief because of all these confirmed nerfs. Geez Capcom, why does everything I like end up sucking in the end. I wish I was one of those people that just picked characters because they were good sometimes…

I think some of the nerfs were needed and I really am interested in seeing why some people are saying he is better and some saying he is worse. Its like, nobody is in the middle. Either people Love the nerfs or Loathe the nerfs. Hopefully we will find some new tricks down the line that might change things up like when Kara Hand and Shortjump were found.

Ss george bush. So now that gief is BETTER., we are going to see zangitan, itabashy and cantona beating consistently good ryu player like daigo and pongko? Since ryu got nerfed and gief got BETTER Thats what you are saying right? Before ryu-gief was a slightly advantage for ryu. Now hopefully is in zangief’s favor. LOL.

So, true this is actually pretty funny though. I mean, alot of people picked up gief because they really didn’t have to work that hard to use gief but the people that worked hard with gief and actually learned how to properly play him is cool with the idea that what it seems like to me. Iam not judging anyone but for the most part, gief did need to get nerf especially his lariat that shit was just broken vs wide characters. I have always used gief, i mean, iam not high level or nothing but i love gief in st,hf, hdr, aplha. I mean, and even in those games you actually had to have god like footsies, god like reaction and actually match up knowledge to win with the character. To some degree, in this version of gief was the best that is so fucking true but he was also the simpliest gief to use in sf history. Now, because he was the simpliest to use, there was a huge crowd of people gravitated towards gief because of this sole reason.

I don’t have super but no matter what, i love gief as a character and i will try my best to use him to his fullest potential. If, people don’t like what they did change go play gief in st on ggpo for a week and tell me gief in ssf got nerfed lmao

omfg,… i just wonder how these matches are going to be played by those giefs. Man, recently fuudo fucking destroyed itabashi … it was really sad lol. For the most part, the more conservative gief does do better against ryu’s like catona and koji kog you rarely see them lose to a ryu.