My Nigg: Jared Fogle gets Knuckle Sandwich from Santa

You better watch out! Or this guy will beat you up. I checked other articles and none could confirm if the Knuckle Sandwich was a 6-inch or a footlong.

This article needs pics of how bad he got his ass whupped so we can determine if justice was properly dispensed.

Prison story with no mention of black guys? Gotta be a fake.

Well, you have to remember it is a minimum security prison.

Besides, black dudes get beat up all the time in prison. That’s not news.
White people getting beaten up is.

What you did there with the title I see it ( ͡⊙ ͜ʖ ͡⊙)

He looks like Robman from Happy Console Gamer.

They did have a Nigg, if that counts.

Everybody wanna be a Nigg but nobody wanna be a Nigg

“Never go full Jimmy” - a lounge favorite

Or Goldberg.

Nigg’s going hard, man. Respect.

Just tryna protect his Nigglet.

Real Nigg Shit

Jared be like “Nigg please!”

I always knew Santa Claus was a real Nigg.

Uhh… Wasn’t Jared convicted of fucking 15 yr. old runaway whores? I’m not at all condoning any of that, but you’re not a hero for walking away from a fight that you’re “winning.” That’s a fight that you won, that was already over.

You don’t get medals for prison violence. :coffee:

Nah, but you still get dat yung street cred. In prison, child molesters are the lowest of the low. I know that criminals shouldn’t set up a caste system and think they’re better than others but you gotta look at it this way: criminals are sometimes people who have families and children and a lot of them would do anything to undo their actions so they could live an honest path to be with their kids, and then scumbags like Jared are touching other kids instead of being there to protect them. That shit gets personal for a lot of those inmates, and also basic honor/street codes that a lot of dudes follow that say “we don’t hurt children” add onto it.

My Nigg! You sound like you done hard time.

The hell? That shit’s relative common knowledge!
That’s why most convicted child molesters and the like tend to get their butts put in the special areas of prison so they don’t get obliterated by general population, because most of the time, going into prison, minimum or max security, unless you’re a big-name person, first thing majority want to know or try to find out about you is “what you’re in for.”

And that Santa dude is a real Nigg, ya get my jig, ya dig?

Actually I just have family members and friends who have been in and out of jail, so I know what goes on in their heads because it’s shit they tell me. They helped me stay out of trouble.