My mind is a'brewin...KOFxi, SSTenka, NGBC BYOC tournies at Evolution 2006?

i want to start this and help run them…i simply want to help make SNK’s presence really strong this year…im workin on some details later but…basically the idea is to have serious side tournies in the worst case scenario featuring these 3 blockbuster titles at EVO this year because, well, they are damned good and can compete with any other tournament caliber fighting games out currently…i will be checking this thread regularly for opinions, criticisms, ideas, whatever…as long as they are headed towards the same goal.

I’ll play xi definitely. Hopefully it makes it into the lineup because of the arcade release.

well im not talkin about having it as an official EVO Tourney game…like i said “worst case scenario” is that it wont be in the main lineup…

just do what ever you want in the BYOC. NO need to be “Official”.

Good luck on this. Im sure you will see me over to the side with my BYOC shit.

yeah, i just want ppl to show up and play SNK games, SNK presence needs to be there…and trust me, ill be bunny hopping from my lilioad to yours and back again many times :smiley:

Someone should start a BYOC tourney thread or something, so we can all post up what tournies we would like to run at the EVO BYOC area. I plan on hosting the Garou tourney with Giby and or Magician if they can make it to EVO. Though I wanted to do a vote system for it to see who would like to play it on MVS or Ps2. I’m sure people will come and play, yes even I will enter all those tournies as well :). Good luck getting this going Nate. Take care.

actually, if anything, i wanted to do a collaboration with any SNK head to host oturneys :smiley: i just mentioned KOFxi, NGBC, and SSTenka since they are the newest SNK games.

Noc for the love of GOD if you are having GAROU please have it on MVS, I’ll even take my SuperGun and the game.

Thats all, I ask. DC is just not good enough when you can have the real thing.

King of Fighters 2002 (PS2)-I think we need some SNK Games. I mean it’s pretty boring seeing Street Fighter,Guilty Gear, Tekken Games etc. We need to see some KOF(SNK) Games.

King of Fighters 2003 (PS2)-See Kof 2002 for Reason. It would be really fun to play this game I know there are alot of Kof of Fighters Game Fans that are sick of playing it in the rec room. We want it for offical Tournament play. I Vote theese Two Great KOF Games. Peace God Bless

Now that Las Vegas has been confirmed for 2k6, I just wanted to say y’all can count on me bringing a mess o’ systems again for the NEO portion of the BYOC area. I’ve been thinking about getting a consolized MVS, so maybe this’ll provide the impetus I need to make that investment.


Is anyone interested in a Fist of the North Star byoc tourney? I’ll bring my consolized AW for FotNS and The Rumble Fish 2 if people are interested.

Fist of the north star is broken, this is for SNK. Well RF2 might be a good addition.

actually Fist is looking to be less broken every time i see new vids…

Fuck that, shit is broken, and you know it, stop trying to sugar coat it.

Who cares, ban toki, and the game’s stupidly fun.

I agree

Yes, please.

Wait, what? How do you consolize a AW?

I’m DEFINITELY interested. With the recent announcement that Mario Kart DS is EVO 2006’s third tourney title, I’m hoping to see as many different fighters in the BYOC area as possible, NEO-related or otherwise.

Like this.


Well now that MKDS has been added to the lineup instead of KOF XI or ANY SNK title, it makes me feel like keeping the K-FORCE home and not attending EVO this year.