my hrap1 mod !

bat top sanwa stick, hard laminated artwork, sanwa buttons, dualshock pcb, 1/2" radioshack buttons in the back for start and select ! :tup::nunchuck:

Damn! That shit hot man!

Very nice, that artwork is awesome :tup:


I would have rather had 24mm Sanwas in place of the RadioShack buttons, but all-in-all a GREAT modification to an already outstanding stick. 10/10

yeah I actually bought some 24 mm buttons too but the case is too small and didnt wanna risk cracking it while drilling the holes. after some thinking I decided to go with the smaller buttons !

anyone interested in the artwork let me know I will email you a high res copy

Where did you get that artwork, its great!:wonder:

Nice stick but why didn’t you go with the original holes for the start and select?

very nice

is the top laminate flush with the sides?

also, did you plug the holes with anything or just left the laminate to cover it all?

Definitely hit me up with that artwork. That is amazing stuff Snake. I’m also interested in how you got the laminate flush with the sides (if you did, that is).

original holes are crap
always hit that shit when mashing

where and how did you get/print the “hard laminated artwork” and how did you get it to stick to the faceplate?

Ah, understood. I want a copy.

chracter pictures jacked from and no idea where the background came from :looney:

start and select buttons is right next to fierce and last thing I wanted to do at EVO is hit start button while playing…

yeah its flush and didnt use any buttons plug. hard laminate covered all and its about same thickness as the stock silver hori top.

PM me your email I will send you a copy of the picture

I had it done from a local print shop on thick photopaper+hard laminated…whole thing cost me $5. peeled the stock hori silver top and the face plate still had glue on it which was enough to hold the laminated piece nicely. used a really sharp knife(those slide thigy) to cut out the top THEN I put the silver hori piece on top of the laminated artwork and cut the hole for the buttons using the same knife.

yeah no shit ! especially when I am mashing in the customs in cvs2 :lol:

Wow, awesome work, man! :tup:

That looks really nice.

good work man:wink: but… i am not really feeling the artwork seems like many things are going on in the artwork and the buttons being different colors. its just me though its not like you are going to stare at the art instead of playing:wgrin:

It looks like the joystick is coming out of Sagat’s butt.

haha, very true :X