My first attempt at moding

I have new sanwa buttons and jlf stick coming next tuesday but i did the art change today this was a brawl stick now a blue bomber in the making :smiley: plz let me know what you guys think tuesday ill be droping in 6 sanwa obsc 30 cb and 2 sanwa obsc 30 cs and balltop is a clear blue bubble top :cool:

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Awesome work. It might be better appreciated in these forums.

Specifically here, since there’s already a thread for “check out my new arcade stick”

Thought that post was just for ppl making art sorry and posted here cause i was staying in the newbie zone per the rules :rolleyes:

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Where in the rules does it say that you HAVE to stay in the newbie zone? As long as you post the right questions and posts in the right forums, you’re fine. Just letting you know that tech talk is where you post up pics and information about your arcade stick, modding, your system setups, etc etc.

Not bad for your first time! :tup: How did you cut your art? I don’t know if it’s a plexi on top of the art that’s reflecting or the way you cut it but there is a white line going around the outer portion of the art.

I don’t know if you knew or not, but when cutting art you want to cut it from the top. If you cut it from the back the paper will be pushed up which will give that white line on the outside of the art. Just trying to help :slight_smile: When it’s done you should post it in the “Check out my new fightstick” thread in the tech talk forum.

Well im under the havent been here a month clause wich pretty fing stupid rule but whatev

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He did the mistake of leaving the Layers on when printing.
The Layer is only on the Template to help design the art, not to help with cutting.

Also, no one has released an accurate Template for the Mad Catz SFIV SE/BrawlStick.
The one he used is the totally wrong one.

There is an edited one from d3v, that is better than the Capcom one.

The super real Templates are from blklightning21 and arthong.
Because they are the ones who make Customer Control Panel and Custom Acrylic.

Although both of them have not released the Templates.

Where is that Rule?
I know it is not in Tech Talk.

Yeah well i think my stick looks good for a first time ever doing this lol

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i think his point is that, if you corrected a few simple mistakes, it could have looked better, and will look better the next time. the information i got from researching (and more importantly lurking) is what allowed me to avoid a lot of mistakes when dealing with installing my first few templates and modifications.

also, i know its been said, but this really didnt warrant its own topic.

Templates and part swaps are the first step into the world of joystick modding.

If you know its been said then why say it o_O hate when ppl think there some elses mother XD

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This is tech talk, and you asked what ppl think. Expect constructive criticitizm but keep in mind that some of the folks here are the best around… Everyone trys to help out for the most part around here… Especially jdm.

Once you start modding, it just goes all downhill from there lol… 1 stick becomes 6 very fast :slight_smile: look forward to seeing yours when the new stuff arrives.

if i was your mother i would have told you to wear pants when you take pictures of your lap. no one needs to see your legbeard.
also dont take pictures of your fucking lap.

also this is a waste of a thread.

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Seriously bro you have some negitvity issues but its cool man some ppl think they have to point out to other ppl what they think is wrong, but leg beard lol what you jealous :D:eek::rolleyes::stuck_out_tongue:

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Ok here is the final setup I even fixed the white edges so that it looks very clean and professional plz tell me what you guys think for a first mod:D:D:cool::cool::slight_smile:

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If I was your mother, I’d ban you from Tech Talk… oh wait, I just did.

Can’t believe not a single comment on how the finished stick looks :frowning: specially when I fixed the problems ppl pointed out !!!

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Why do you need people to validate your work? Just be happy with it. Seriously, who openly complains about not getting enough compliments?

I see so ppl can openly tell someone were they screwed up but can’t come back after its fixed to say what they think I swear srk forums is starting to not look a spot to call home sorry I even bothered posting to begin with :frowning:
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Two of us did compliment your work. The moment you received the slightest critique, you became defensive, and even argumentative with some of the members here. It’s great that you did your first mod, and it looks good, but everyone here is going to help point out little things here and there to HELP you develop your skill with working with arcade sticks. And you’re not going to be a godlike modder on your first try, you did good, but people are showing you little things here and there that you can work on.

If you want someone to pat you on your back and cheer you on, that’s great, you can get that anywhere else. Come here for grown-folk opinions and adult critiquing.