My dad is a POS. For him, the consequences will never be the same. Need your input

I’m raging right now, but I’ll try to make this as comprehensible as possible. And I apologize, but this is long. Although chances are, your ass is on SRK on a Sunday so you ain’t got shit to do anyway. As the title states, my dad is a piece of shit. A little background before I delve into the ‘why’:

At the beginning of 2010, I decided to pursue a private pilot license. It’s a very expensive endeavor that wouldn’t allow me to live by myself if I wanted to get it within the next 53833334 years. So I decided to move in with my uncle and grandmother. This way, I could be done in a year. Of course I bring my LCD and my consoles with me.

For the past two months, I’ve been in Texas visiting my mother. I left my stuff here (why wouldn’t I?). I just came back today.

…why did I walk in the house a few minutes ago, go to my room and find all my stuff gone? I figured, “maybe they cleaned up or something…”

So I call my uncle. He tells me that sometime in July, my dad waited until my granny and uncle went to church and pawned all of my stuff off. My unc says he hasn’t been back over here since. And just for the record, the stuff was here when I left on July 10th. Now let me give you an idea of my relationship with my “dad”:

  • At 12 years old, he sold my bike that my granny got me for Christmas…the coming February. Same situation. Came home, ready to ride around the lake. Hey look the bike is gone.

  • When I was a little kid, without saying anything, he would just snatch the remote out of my hand and change the channel.

Since then, most of our conversations have gone something like this:

Him - "Sup…"
Me - “Hi…”

When he pulled the aforementioned stunts, I was upset. Sure. But I was a little kid at the time. WTF was I going to do? Clearly that’s not the case now. I really just want to find him and punch the shit out his ass. Or at least get my stuff back or some money in return. We won’t be talking. I don’t want anything to do with him. Period. If he died tomorrow, at least I’d feel content knowing my stuff would be here when I leave and come back.

He hasn’t been here since and I suspect that he won’t come back anything soon. Luckily, I know how to find him. And I know the exact pawn shop he took the stuff to. Is there some sort of legal action I can take? I don’t even know if this fucker has a job (apparently not if he’s stealing from me). If not, I would love nothing more right now than to grab this bat, drive over there and open a nice glass of Vigilante’.

What would Jesus do? What would you do?

I would put his ass in jail. If you knew what pawn shop he went to and can confirm with the pawn shop owner it was your father who did steal your things and pawn them without your consent, you should get the authorities involved. He sounds like a fucking scumbag.

Bcuz I back traced it.

crawling in my skin
these wounds they will not heal
fear is how I fall
confusing what is real

Damn, you’ve got every right to be mad. If you can prove it’s your stuff claim that it was stolen. Hope you get your license, though!

Is your dad an addict?

Either way, call the cops.

You should find the strength to forgive your father, and pity him rather than scorn him. Clearly he has a drug problem and is pawning your stuff off to buy more crack

That’s what Jesus would do, I think.

^^ If OP is black, then yeah, you’re stuck doing it the Jesus way.

If you aren’t. Put that nigga behind bars. Remember, blood doesn’t mean anything.

The CONSEQUENCES will NEVER be the same!

Id pawn yo dad’s ass out to some angry-aids-ridden-homo-niggas

Your dad sounds like my dad. Since it would be morally wrong to beat up our own dads how about I kick your dads ass and you kick mine? That would be morally right wouldn’t it? Sorry to hear about it though. :sad:

Dude, you got it easy. My dad split my lip several times, broke my nose and gave me 2 concussions before he was sentenced to 10 years in state prison. Grow some fuckin balls.

Just so people aren’t making all kinds of assumptions, why is it that your dad is pawning your stuff? Is he that strapped for cash? Is he fiending?

Wow your dad is completely different from my dad…I just got a 50" Plasma 3D Samsung for my b-day today…I also got a 26" & 32" LCD’s today too as gift from family & friends…The thing is i dont even need it cuz i have rich asian wife who provides for all my needs…

Although i cant relate cuz my life is too damn good, i say you only have one dad, he brought your ass into this world & you should just deal with it…Its possible your uncle & granny could have pawn your stuff too cuz you sound like a free loader like me haha…Maybe they got sick of your ass & use your dad as an escape goat…

That’s what came to mind as well was him trying to find quick cash for a fix. Rcaido rubbing salt in the wound. Got your birthday cake and want to eat it too eh you bastard?!

Did you buy the stuff that got pawned or did he buy it for you? If he paid for it then tough shit, life isn’t easy. If you paid for it go to the pawn shop with proof of ownership and they have to give it all back.

I was going to post this exact same thing.

Seriously, grow some balls. Do something about it. Being on SRK isn’t going to solve your problem, and we can’t really give you godlike advice aside from the obvious.

just tell your dad to fuckoff and steal like his iphone


That was retarded

Stomp em in the nuts.

@Shinkuu - You’re a fucking idiot. Race doesn’t matter.

I pay for everything that I buy. I give them $400 a month to stay here even when they insist that I don’t. Hardly freeloading.

I really don’t know shit about my dad, what he does or if he’s on anything. For pretty much forever, he would pop up for a few minutes or occasionally overnight. We don’t talk. I don’t ask. He doesn’t ask. I don’t care.

He’s basically a stranger so I’m reacting like such.

Yes a blog post, yes a rant, yes you can suck my dick.