My Custom Vewlix Quest

After spending too many hours online looking for an arcade cabinet, I’ve decided on a Vewlix style cabinet. A VF5 Lindbergh was my alternative choice, but I like the Vewlix style better. I used Donovan Myer’s site and it’s a wealth of information. I also liked UkiyOyO’s setup. Since I’m not really handy, I’m going to have a carpenter friend build the actual cabinet.

Donovan Myer’s


A few of my goals:
G1. MAME, Emulators and PC games. I don’t plan on connecting my PS3, Xbox360 or Wii simply because they are already connected to a 52" TV with an awesome sound system. But I would probably move the systems once the next generation is out.
G2. Use my 2 Virtua Stick High Grades (which I never use) as the joysticks. I’m not really handy, so I’m thinking of simply creating a shelf where they can rest. This way I can simply move them aside and put a keyboard and mouse there when not playing games.
G3. Rotating screen. I like the way that the Vewlix has cutouts to hold the frame of the LCD, but I want to be able to rotate it easily for shmups. So I’m thinking about just putting the frame of the cabinet flush with the TV. I’ll use a rotating and extending TV mount for ease.

TV: I chose a LG 32LH30 since it has been shown to have very low input lag on several sites like AVS. I also like the amount of picture calibrations it seems to have.
Price: $550 from Newegg with $55 Bing Cashback

TV Mount: Sanus VisionMount MF215-B1. It allows 15" extension, 15 degree tilt and 360 degree rotation.
Price: $78 from Buy

Speakers: I’m going with a simple stereo setup using two Ascend CBM-170SE speakers. I’ll most likely add a sub, but I’m undecided. Speakers are seperate from the cabinet.
Price: $325 from Ascend Acoustics.

Speaker Stand: Sanus EF28 since they are almost the perfect height.
Price: $43 from Buy.

Receiver: Denon AVR-1610. I really like their receivers and currenly have a AVR-3808ci for my main HT. It has Audyssey room correction, which is incredible.
Price: $260 from 6Ave Electronics during their “Name Your Own Price” sale.

PC: HP Pavilion Elite e9150t

I hope to have pictures once I start the project, but I wanted to start a post so that I could at least keep the information in one place. I’d be very interested in any actual suggestions or comments since I’ve never actually seen a Vewlix cabinet in person.

Good luck with this. I’m in the same boat but am building one myself at the moment (just started on the base today). I’d be very interested in any tips you can share on how to create the curved top piece and also on the beveling/chamfering on the sides and how to match this up to the top section. Any ideas on where to get those legs at the sides?

What colour scheme/finish are you going for?

Good luck with the project! I know this is a kinda personal question but if you don’t mind sharing, could you let us know how much the carpenter charges you for building the cab?

  • I don’t have any ideas yet, but I’ll let you know as soon as my friend can start looking at the blueprints. :slight_smile:
  • I’ve been debating this for a little while. I was originally going to go with a black/yellow scheme to match the VSHG, but I really like some of the blue finishes that I’ve seen.
  • I’ll let you know as soon as I find out what it will cost.

This project is finally off the ground. After buying and sitting on the electronics for about a month, my friend was finally able to start the project. Ericleroi’s incredible progress on his Vewlix Slim has made me very anxious (and envious) to get mine started. This is a little wider than a standard Vewlix cabinet since I’ll also be using as a PC workstation. I used Donovan Myer’s Google sketchup to as a base for my dimensions, but I’ll post them later if anyone is interested.

Now some pictures.

Front Angle:

Back Angle:


I’m going to have the back cut out so I can install a steel lattice panel for more airflow. I’m also going to use doors on the front with the same steel lattice. There will be a wood divider for a PC on one side and the receiver/electronics on the other side.

I spray painted the cloverleaf lattice black outside. You can get it at Home Depot or Lowes for about $25-$40 depending on the pattern.

I decided on buying internet direct speakers this time based on the glowing reviews they received. Ascend Acoustics is often compared to Paradigm and I can now see why. I bought some B-stock CBM-170SE speakers ($306+20S&H) to save a few dollars (acoustically perfect). There are slight blemishes on the speaker cabinet, but since this isn’t my main setup, it doesn’t matter to me.

They are very neutral sounding speakers and are an incredible value for the quality of components and sound. My main HT has a Paradigm Studio v.3 setup. I did a few listening tests and found them to sound very similar to my $1600 Studio 60v.3 speakers. I’m sure their higher end lines are even better. I’m using Sanus EF28 Euro Speaker Foundations stands.

I set up the TV mount today to get an idea of how the panel would look when it was rotated 90 degrees. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a camera with me. I hope to take more pictures tomorrow.

My friend also finished the top and put a marquee up. He’s going to use a lexan front. Does anyone have any ideas on the best way to light it with a few LED lights? I saw a few LED light panels at Lowes, but I think it would look odd. I was hoping to hide a few LED lights somewhere so they would always stay on (since they should cost pennies to run).

Keep the progress coming! I wish i would have taken pic’s now during the progression of mine!!

Cool! Please remember to take as many photos as you can while you are working on your cab!!

Finally got some more work done. Hopefully, not too much more.

Started the base tray. I put two square notches in the tray so that I can fit custom trays on top. The top trays would have square pegs on the bottom to lay right on top. One would be for joysticks and the other would be much larger for a keyboard and mouse.

Also started on the top control panel. It’s also going to be modular so I can just take it off and mess around with USB cables if needed.

This is the joystick tray with two VSHG’s. I will put the square pegs in later after a better fitting. Since the cabinet is 33" wide, there is plenty of room for both players. Still work to be done to cut and sand the wooden guides to match the VSHG angles.

The left side of the cabinet (10") will hold the PC. The right side will hold the computer and components. I have to add at least one shelf.

What’s left to do.

  1. Make doors.
  2. Cut out the back for the lattice.
  3. Check the mount with the TV installed.
  4. Create the Vewlix control panel sides

Hopefully, I’ll be able to continue on Monday.

lookin good. this is gonna be an awesome cab

Good to see this moving again!

hey, just my two cents but, i am starting on of these next weekend based on donovans design, i am a kitchen installer/carpenter and i had noticed you are using a chipboard for some of the construction for the components, when you come to paint those parts the paint wont take so well and will give you a different finish to the mdf, your cabs looking great so far tho cant wait to start mine!
Are the side panels 25mm mdf? rather than donovans 2x18mm?
Also where would you be sourcing the moves lists and art? this is my main concern.
I will be following your build and try to post some pics of my own.
Cheers. Daniel.

hey ericleroi do you have any pics of your cab finished?
cheers daniel.

  • I’ll have to talk to my friend. He has professional painting equipment, so I’m not sure how it will all turn out.
  • I’ll have to double check, but it’s only one panel, not the two that Donovan is using. I’m not going for an exact Vewlix cabinet, so mine will probably look the least like one of the real ones, especially compared to the ones that have been made already.
  • I think we’ll be using a lexan layer, so I can can slip movelists on if I decide to. I’m leaning towards no movelist right now though.