My boyfriend wouldn't pay attention to me, so I poisoned him

At least her future cellmate will give her some attention.
A 33-year-old Pennsylvania woman could spend the rest of her life in prison after admitting to police that she repeatedly poisoned her boyfriend with Visine eye drops for more than three years in a bid for his attention.
Vickie Jo Mills of Ayr Township, Pa., was arrested Thursday and charged with 10 counts of aggravated assault, 10 counts of simple assault and 10 counts of reckless endangerment after she told authorities she slipped Visine eye drops into the drinking water of her boyfriend, 45-year-old Thurman Edgar Nesbitt III.
Still can’t believe they said “could”. Sure, she’ll get a long sentence but she’ll still get out eventually. All of this, because she wasn’t receiving any attention. You’re a human, not a puppy. Not getting what you want, find another leg to hump. Stupid bitch.

Never knew eye drops could be poisonous like that.

Not that I would actually find this knowledge useful however.

Eyedrops are a primary ingredient in the manufacture of Russian meth, aka Krokodil :


That’s some fucked up shit.

Wrong, that’s Russia’s morphine/heroin.

More like bootleg russian heroin. I stand corrected. Only reason I made the meth comparison is the ease in which one could get the ingredients.

Well, at least she had a boyfriend.

Funny thing about that is that refined “krockodile” is more potent than morphine.

I still like vagina.

Why does Yahoo! attach completely unnecessary video clips to their news articles?

i actually respect this bitch for not being a whore and going out and fucking his best friend like 99.999% of other women would

Di-morphine or in normal terms Heroin?

Yes, because I would rather be continuously poisoned for three years over being cheated on…

regular morphine. Krokodil or desomorphine is more potent than regular morphine, and is readily available in places where codeine is over the counter or easy to find. In fact its a safe drug (relative to opioids), provided you filter the end product.

I like you guys, you all catch on so fast lol.

What type of best friends do niggas have these days?

And more importantly, how do niggas find these crazy-ass bitches?

Wow, did the media just admit that typical women are the culprits in poisoning cases? And without framing it under the disguise that they’re scared and oppressed. I am impressed. Dr. Phil still can’t grasp the simple concept that women are just as likely to be violent in a relationship as men are.

Her mind clearly isn’t working. How the fuck can you come to think that he’ll pay more attention to YOU when he’s SICK? Does that make any sense at all? Sadly, I think a lot of women [S]think[/S] reason this way. Ya’ll be careful. I’m fucking done with women.

yeah its become dangerous to even date them now a days.

Pretty hard to pay attention to someone when you can’t see shit/can’t breathe/having spaz attacks/unconscious.

homemade drugs are totally safe; just filter before injecting ambiguous, complex mixture directly into veins
who needs quality control when you can prep your high from impure starting materials extracted from common OTC/household items in homespun labs (cost/benefit)
that’s all big pharma does anyhow
enjoy the nightlife

Ben Stein is not impressed.