MVC3 system and mechanics

WTF is it with people wanting easy shit in games? MvC2 for the longest time had only Turbo and Normal, none of that Easy mode BS. It was only when PS2 and 360 version came out that they incorporated that. Same with all Capcom fighters around that time. Everyone was perfectly happy. You’re not gonna learn shit if you play with a handicap. Also, fuck the TvC engine and fuck giants!!!

-Tha Hindu

Easy mode was by far the most useless thing ever created. If anyone actually preferred to use that over the normal mode then I seriously don’t know why they’re playing fighting games in the first place.


Chip is a core aspect of Marvel, without chip you’re not playing marvel

Just because a character hasn’t been announced doesn’t mean they are gone. Cable, Magneto, Sentinel, and Storm are sure ins, they were some of the most popular characters from MvC2.

They are mentioning that assists are back, what I hope we don’t see is a 5+ seconds of cool down after I used an assist. Too many people sure as hell bitched about spamming assists but TvC was the first game to have such a long cool down. MSHvSF through MvC2 have progressively gotten much more interesting w/ how assists were used in those games, so seeing a cooldown (much less of an assist that was automatically chosen for you) so big was pretty lame. I’m hoping to see some form of team chemistry like I did in MvC2.

what exactly does that mean? Where did you see that!?! I can’t keep uP!

its on the press release

Me either… enuf with these retarded ass shortcuts. Good lord, it defeats the whole purpose of fighting games imo just above turbo scrub if you ask me. If they are talking about one button specials that even reaches a whole new lvl of retardedness. CvS2 EO concept was just straight up retarded, BUT you could choose whatever option you wanted to play in, if you wanted straight arcade then you would only play other arcade players which is fine. If they do it they should allow you to choose an option where you can play only people with arcade settings then i’d be cool with it…

I’d like SRK’s input.

Would this be a good idea?

3 Slot System

Each player gets 3 slots for a round. Standard characters take up 1 slot, slightly stronger characters (like the giants in TvC) take up 2 slots, and supremely powerful characters take up all 3 slots. While the Level 3 characters are quick and powerful, they do not allow for tactical variety or the use of assists.

Multiple assists per characters

The 3 assists per characters returns for MvC3, but for characters with overpowered assists (such as Level 2 characters), use of these assists is limited, a la Marvel vs Capcom 1.

I think MvC and TvC had good systems, but TvC’s was too slow for a MvC style game. And I am also a fan of not having things dumbed down. I have a feeling we may see a few things cross over from Capcom’s newer game, but I really hope they can keep it as fast and insane as the original.

Sorta true but not exactly… pb takes meter so with strider/doom… you’d literally drain all their meter… then proceed to chip em… this might actually be more powerful b/c they’d never have enough meter do much when they did break out of lock down :slight_smile:

I would like to see the game remain “old-school”, but with the TvC producer, it doesn’t seem likely. I hope we don’t get yet another game with FADC, EX moves, burst, etc. And for the love of god, keep the MvC2 button layout. Having 3 punches and 3 kicks is better than that ABC bullshit.

MvC2 System, but only improved please.

TvC was too slow like most said, MvC2 moved at a ridiculous speed that made you go wtf. I mean, the game was so fast, crazy that my cousin vomitted just simply watching the game with all of it’s flashes, tri-jumps, and what not. Now that’s when you know the game is ridiculous, but in a good way.

At first, I didn’t like the MvC2 button system, however after so many years, and w/ the introduction of assist as well, I think it’s more flexible imo. To me, they just need to do a better advancement of the MvC2 system, but also make it unique in it’s own right, and I’ll be fine.

The biggest thing is, it needs to feel like a Marvel vs game.

no air dashes for characters that cant do air dashes…im looking at you, ryu

So then you obviously have something in mind to balance him out in the face of not having one? Or would you prefer ryu to go totally unplayed in this installment as well? I like the everyone having an air dash thing… as long as people who can fly either get a better one (like an 8 way) or flight combos… or something…

balance doesnt always have to mean same movesets/abilities…if a character is weak in one area make him stronger in another! that way you can find your own playing style.

if a character cant air dash, make their ground dash faster or give them a double jump or something. if everyone has the same abilities then the game might as well be interchangeable parts (those god-awful dragonball z fighting games-_-)

but in the end, ill take whatever i can get. this is capcom, and this is marvel. ill be happy with whatever comes out and ill do my hardest to be good at it


Ryu would have almost no way of really getting in without having an Air dash as compensation, simply because this game does not play within the confines of what makes his character strong in the legit SF Series. Having an airdash for Ryu isn’t bad, this isn’t a canon game anyhow, and someone like Ryu would benefit from something like this, a forward air dash is fine by me for Ryu, however a 8-way jump for Ryu would be stupid imo however.

I agree there are other ways to balance someone out than just an air dash… but it needs to make sense on some level… ryu can’t gain some crazy new moves or just have broken moves to make up… thats dumb… I’d rather see everyone have a fwd and backward air dash… then just give the real air dashers a better, faster, multi directional one…

i suppose. since when did air dashing also become a mandatory move anyway? lol

Sounds like a more retarded version of CvS1’s ratio system.

Better to just keep it free, it’s not like people are going to be sure of how strong a character is before the game is released anyway.