MVC3 system and mechanics

The only thing I want to see from TVC is Advance Guard (so no chip damage) and Mega Crash. I’m not bothered by ‘easy mode’ the first MVC had that, so long as it’s optional it should be fine.

If they force one-button specials, it’ll be retarded. Easy mode option is fine, it’s always been there… but don’t fuck the people who DO have execution into dumbing down their hands.

I hope there’s no EX move bullshit, no FADC or RC bullshit, no burst bullshit.

I want infinites. I want 8-way dashes for characters with them. I want gay runaway. I want retarded rush down. I want Commando and Cyclops and Psylocke and Doom assists. LET’S GOOO, we need some good news, because it looks like Cable is gone… and I’m not a big fan of that.

will returning characters have new movesets and combos? i hope so

Advance guard was already in MvC2 so it can stay, however Megacrash needs to stay the fuck out of MvC3. MC broke TvC.

mvc2 playstyle with 4 buttons is VERY close to TvC playstyle.

yes, i agree TvC is a much simpler and less skllied way to play a fighting game (if you can even call it that)
but MvC2 is NOT THAT MUCH BETTER in terms of a real fighting game engine based on street fighter world

SSf4 and CvSNK has it best imo, chain combos for characters that use it, and more damaging links for others. fair trade.

I am really sad about this butchering of control scheme. humans are supposed to evolve and become smarter, not more stupid. hell this game should have 4 punches and 4 kicks!

^ :confused:

Me neither, it really takes away from the impressiveness of a combo to learn that the user just had it programmed to a macro or that he was shortcutting his way through it

That’s part of what makes mahvel what it is, the awe-inspiring level of execution needed to play the game successfully.

It was, but it didn’t prevent chip damage like in TVC.

yeah, but if doing a one button combo results in less damage, whats the problem then? then you have a reward for the players who input the whole combo. it could change the entire dynamic of a fight. i say have one button combos, but make them do about 50% damage instead

besides, in mvc2 you can already do instant combos by holding both assist buttons down at the same time, so i dont see what the big deal is there

Yes it did. Block a Proton Cannon. Now block it again, using pushblock.

The easy mode is worrying, but he says they’re looking into nerfing the one using it… If so, it’s fine.
If I remember correctly, in TvC there was no such penalty and the easy mode controls allowed for charge moves to be executed without charging time…

Now try that on a royal flush and see what happens.

Yeah, the “fuck you” didn’t have anything to do with it.

I just want Cable back so I can live out my dream Cable/Deadpool slashfic…

I mean, AHVB is manly. Yeah.


I wouldnt count cable completely out. The cable/deadpool comic ran for a long time. Having both in would make sense.

Plus. . . AHVB

Nobody ever uses A1+A2 unless their team is designed solely to have a strong A1+A2 or unless they only have one character left, in which case A1+A2 causes supers to startup faster than normal. Outside of those scenarios, DHCs are better. Now you know.

Anyway, shortcuts would enable some stupid things. You could do shortcut hyper grav xx Magnetic Tempest, the hyper grav already does terrible damage as it is (so 50% damage penalty means squat) and the shortcut allows you to do the combo without the :hcb: for hyper grav. It’d be just :qcf: instead of :hcb::qcf:. I’m sure it would let Magnus do some wacky crossups with hyper grav as well if he didn’t have to do the :hcb: input for it.

Moves like that have commands that are supposed to be harder to do because [media=youtube]p3SNj9_LE9Y[/media]

Shortcuts fucking suck and shouldn’t be in any fighting game. It actually makes it harder to do certain moves too, if only I had a nickel every time I got a SPD instead of Sonic Boom with Seth in SF4.

i don’t know how they did that but it was hilariously awesome

You guys do realize that some variation of this has been in EVERY Marvel game, right? From Autoblock mode in COTA/MSH/XSF/MSF to Easy Mode (read: joystick-input-less specials/supers) in MVC and MVC2.

In other late-breaking news, the sun is hot and water is wet.

characters like spiral\strider don’t have rush down and bank on zone\chip to win. Chipping is part of the game. If you could pushblock and not receive chip damage, strider would NEVER win.

Its an interesting alternative. You have characters that exploit hi\lo, you have characters that zone, you have characters that run away and win, why not chip ftw?