MVC3 system and mechanics

Judging from the capcom unity announcement:
[]3 vs 3 tag team
[]loads of combos
]original systems?

I DONT want TvC.

I didnt wait 10 years for them to start rehashing the fucking TvC engine.

Besides, if this has bene in development since 08 the chances of it being the TvC engine are small.

Its using the MT Frameworks engine.


damn right no TvC engine. i want the broken mahvel that everyone enjoys. they better n ot try to balance a game that will have even more characters than mvc2.

Stop being a goddamn troll to get your point across.

they are trolling when the only response to something is ‘Fuck you I want tvc’.


take that somewhere else. If you don’t have something constructive to say towards the engine itself or the topic of the thread your are posting in don’t post at all.

as usual, asian mike is a fucking idiot. play tvc scrub and leave marvel to the men.

Ok lets get this thread to a good start

Don’t Feed the Trolls.

Seeing as how it’s using the MT Framework used in Dead Rising 2 and Lost Planet 2, 2 incredibly beautiful games, it’s hard to see such a game in a comic book fashion using this engine, but being that it’s so powerful im sure they can pull of some crazy effects. I am worried however about the direction they are taking the mechanics, the Team is thinking of using simple attack commands and button inputs to attact a wider audience who are Marvel fans but nto fighting game fans. I dont’ mind but I hope it does’nt dumb down the game either.

Maybe have an easy specials mode?

@ yah yah: that’s exactly what I was thinking and hoping they meant when they said they’ll try to make it accessible to the scrubs just like in the older marvel series. they can press certain buttons twice for specials and shit.

lol I don’t think anyone is wrong about the troll in here :rofl: he’s been trolling (bitching/whining) about marvel forever.

So glad they’re not using Tatsunoko’s battle system.

That does not mean it uses the same system in terms of game-play. All it means is that they use the same graphics engine, does not mean the game will be exactly the same as TvC. This engine is used for the majority of Capcom games, which includes Lost Planet 2, and Resident Evil 5.

They already said its using the Tech 5 engine. It’s not using the TvC engine.

I want an 8 button layout, so those 2 extra buttons aren’t a waste.

3P, 3K, and 2 assist. Combo possibilities out the ying yang.

lol the troll is mad because the game is too hard for him. Go play checkers or something

All I gotta say is Marvel IS Marvel keep it that way, no TvC B.S. If you want TvC go play TvC that’s why they made it, we don’t need the exact same game with new characters. It would take the originality from the vs series away. I personally want all the characters to have the same equality of cheapness, if you’re going to make this game broken make ALL the characters broken.

i would prefer 4 attack and 2 assists, what would all those people who have 6 buttom sticks do? the mvc2 button layout was fine.

i like the sound of that, actually

what about 4 attack, 2 assist, and then (on an 8 button pad or dualshock) combo-mappable buttons? much like alpha 3, you can do one button combos. which would fit in with that sentence i quoted in my last post.

I’m not a fan of shortcuts or one button specials at all