MvC3: Spider-man and his Amazing Friends! Team Building and Assist Thread

Who works well with Spidey and why? Will update later.

I’m planning to use Amaterasu’s Cold Star assist for a few reasons:

  1. Pin opponent down and give time for web zip to come out, since there’s that pesky start-up to it
  2. I really like what I’ve seen of Amaterasu as a main
  3. Amaterasu’s Shuffle Hyper looks like an excellent DHC out of Maximum Spider

We’ll see how well that works out on Tuesday.

Spiderman - assist undecided (main point character)
Wesker - Samurai edge (low shot, OTG)
Amaterasu - Cold Star

Spiderman already has some nifty high-low and crossup mixups , but adding in Wesker’s samurai edge allows for even more complex high-low mixups, and an unblockable scenario. if opponent reads the unblockable set up and attempts to pre emptively jump to get away, UWT their ass. Samurai edge also OTGs for spiderman giving spidey access to a another whole set of combos.

Cold star will beat out many projectiles, helping spidey push against heavy keep away characters, and it will also hold characters in place, allowing spiderman to get in position for his mixup game.

It would not surprise me if amaterasu can do (ground combo) -> launch -> (air combo) -> mist -> DHC UWT for an unblockable reset.

The main drawback of this team is it only has one character with moderately high life (Wesker) and there is no GTFO assist. It seems however, in this incarnation of Marvel that there are very few GTFO assists, ryu’s being the only one i can think of, hence why i was hoping spidersting was gonna be solid.

Imo Haggar and Super Skrull would be great if used with Spidey. Haggar Lariat seems to be a good “get out of me” move that could help Spidey a lot against pressure. Also Skrull orbital grudge could be very useful if used in combo after a web shot to prepare a Maximum spider

Spidey Crawler assault coul be DHC in either Gatling Fist and Skrull Torch/Fire Nova (second in the corner) for good damage and change option.

Also all Skrull hyper done after do Tenderizer on a OTG opponent could be DHC in Maximum Spider for great damage and could be done repeatly (after that do an air combo with Skrull exchange and repeat the process)

I was gonna use Felicia (Rolling Buckler) and Joe (Groovy Upper)

Felicia can help build meter with her charge and an OTG assist is going to be essential for Spidey
Joe’s AAA supposedly has a lot of invincibility and leaves opponent in a juggle state for more combos.
You can probably DHC into Crawler Assault from Dancing Flash or Six Machine

High Point
A lot of mobility and unblockables

Low Point
Not so great on health or damage

Dante’s Jam Session is a good OTG for Spider-man because he doesn’t have one. Not to mention it will help Spidy in other ways as well.

With a combination of Hsien-Ko’s Gong assist and Ammy’s Cold Star assist, Spider-man will have an easier time with zoners. Hsien-Ko’s gong will absorb projectiles and Ammy’s cold star will stuff others. I’ll see the ups and downs to these once I get the game.

I plan on using Tron, but I don’t know any of her good assists, care if someone elaborate for me.

Bandit Boulder looks very nice. A quick projectile for pressure strings, and it might OTG, but I’m not sure.
She has Gustaff Fire, which is like a mini-launcher and Bonne Strike which is the drill.

I was thinking Spidey on point and

She-Hulk torpedo: Low, some range to it and OTGs.

Haggar lariat: Looks to be good for keeping pressure off.

Their Hypers seem like they will transition well. Biggest problem with this team though is going to be advancing. Was thinking about using Doom rocks, Hsien-Ko gong, or Sentinel drones in there to replace She-Hulk or Haggar if I have trouble closing the gap. Amatseratsu cold star looks to be really god too.

Couldnt you do Amaterasu with cold star for all the reasons listed above, and use chun li’s lightning legs as a GTFO me? Seems like youd have a very fast, high pressure, and the ability to run away team with that combination. But then there’s not OTG so idk…

Also, I played some and I really liked Morrigan and she had a really cool back air dash, any comments on how she would do with and Amy Spidey team and what assist to use?

Yes, I could use Ammy and Chun, but I don’t really care to play as Chun and I don’t want to pick a character just for an assist. Think I might give Amateratsu a try though.

So would this be a combo thread as well?

I actually didn’t think about doing a combo thread. So far we have a FAQ thread for raising questions and ideas, a thread for videos, a match up thread and a thread for teams and assists. Aside from a combo thread, what else do we need without going overboard and cluttering the subforum?

I think you got it covered. lol

Heh, I think so. Can’t think of anything else that’s essential. Just need to keep everything updated from now on. :smile:

Nice work Robo, much appreciated.

So Spidey seems like he really needs an OTG assist to help him extend combos and create UWT resets. Who all has assists that OTG? All I know are:

Wesker - Samurai edge
X-23 - Ankle slicer
She-Hulk - Torpedo
Deadpool - not sure what the name is

Also it seems that a projectile/screen fill assist greatly benefits his rushdown as well. Candidates for his would be:

Ammy - Cold Star
Doom - Rocks
Sentinel - drones
Hsien-Ko - Gong/Pendulum?
Arthur Fire bottle

That’s about it off the top of my head.

Deadpool’s is katana-rama I think.

Right now I want to do Ammy/Spidey/Trish. Hoping hopscotch hits otg but I doubt it.

How well does Spidey’s web ball assist work as a zoning projectile? Is its usefulness purely from its ability to set up free combos?

Felicia has an OTG as well with Rolling Buckler.

Ok so, from what I can tell if you’ve got someone locked down you can get a GREAT mix up working from web sling. Web sling is safe on block AND lets you attack afterwards if it hits. I couldn’t do it 100% but you CAN launch after an A web sling.

With that in mind, if it is blocked you can either land and go low, or stay in the air and hit high. Someone was doing the exact same thing against me with Taskmaster with Sentinel assist. I was trying to do it with ammy’s but it didn’t work out too good, it’s too fast and doesn’t fill screen.

Keep this in mind when you pick assists. A good lock down assist means a free 50-50 mix up.