MvC3: Felicia thread V2: For All your Broadway Catgirl Nun needs!

Felicia is lookin’ way better than she was in MvC2 (or the late Vampire games), so she deserves some love. Lets give it to her!

This is a work in progress, and will be updated and improved over time

Original thread and discussion here.

Key: (now with 90% more smileys!)

:atk: = any attack button
:atk::atk: = two attack buttons
:l: = light attack
:m: = medium attack
:h: = heavy attack
:s: = Special/Exchange
:a1: = Assist 1
:a2: = Assist 2

Color Schemes
2-blond hair
3-red fur, black hair
4-black fur, pink hair

Special moves

Rolling Buckler: :qcf:+:atk: Felicia rolls forward in a ball. Can be ended with 3 attacks (Trip, quick standing punch, upward Dragon-punch). Both the roll and the ending attack hit.

Cat Spike: :dp:+:atk: She throws out a balloon and jumps after it with an air claw attack. Can crossup with proper spacing, and can be combo’d out of with proper timing. Height and distance traveled vary by button used, :m: and :h: versions seem to overhead, and :h: version does a ground bounce on successful hit. Very safe.

Sand Splash: :b::f:+:atk: She kicks out a wave of ‘sand’ (energy) in front of her… shortrange projectile along the ground.

Delta Kick: :bdp:+:atk: She goes straight up in the air, then does a forward divekick.

Hellcat (special throw) :hcb:+:atk: She grabs her opponent and spins around them, doing damage.

Cat Charge :d::d:+:atk: Increases hyper meter, cancellable.

Cat Run: :s:+:atk: Felicia runs out of axis and forward, becoming entirely invulnerable for a certain time and distance.

Hyper Combos:

Dancing Flash: :qcf:+:atk::atk: Felicia rolls forward as in her rolling buckler and does an autocombo on hit. Safe on block.

Kitty Helper: :dp:+:atk::atk: Felicia calls out a small catgirl helper that attacks along with her for a certain amount of time, doing jumping overhead attacks. *Please check input!

Please Help me! (level 3) :hcb:+:atk::atk: Felicia calls out a group of catgirls to beat the opponent up for her, ‘catch’ hyper, short range. *Please check input!


A: Rolling Buckler (Direct, Front): Felicia rolls towards the opponent and does a low sliding attack.
B: Sand Splash (Shot, Front): Short Ranged projectile attack, can’t be ducked under.
Y: Cat Spike (Direct, Front): She throws out a balloon and pops it with a jumping attack. Hits overhead, at least sometimes does an untechable bounce on hit.

Play notes:
As of now her basic play-style seems to be a ground-based rushdown involving ground strings followed either by Cat Spike as an extender/cross-up or the low Rolling Buckler variant as a mix-up. She’s very tricky to deal with on the ground, but her lack of air approach techniques makes her really hurt by advancing guard.

It looks like you can respond to all but the fastest full-screen hypers with her run-around move, but I can’t find the clip where I saw that anymore, so take it with a grain of salt. If it works the way I remember she should be reasonably good at punishing, especially unsafe ones like Million Dollar (as she avoids blockstun and chip from it entirely).

Per S-Kill, her :df::m: is a universal OTG normal and those are apparently fairly rare, It’s also jump cancellable
Additionally, she can combo out of both her normal throw and her command throw.
S-kill Commentary on Felicia

Video Clips:



"old beta clips


[media=youtube]HK_t7rIVBek"[/media] *might be out of date, low rolling buckler combo out of the corner
[media=youtube]D57ZjEde5gc"[/media] *shows cat spike ground combo/crossup, out of axis run
[media=youtube]bddYJkqPdKI"[/media] *shows cat spike crossup, C spike causing bounce.
[media=youtube]GFPfDXoy0DI"[/media] *shows out of axis run to avoid projectiles, more cat spike.
[media=youtube]TFTKe6sJsBE"[/media] *shows low rolling buckler combo.
[media=youtube]UI8dmR1kgtI"[/media] *shows cat spike assist hitting overhead and bouncing opponent.
[media=youtube]92671mk9-gM"[/media] *specifically normal-cancelling her meter charging move.
[media=youtube]16DU1NHpYks"[/media]*shows delta kick, hellcat otg followup, a really clean shot at her lvl 3.
[media=youtube]x-6nZVm2Ems&feature=player_detailpage#t=110s"[/media] *shows some cat Run, amongst other things


:l::m::h: xx :qcf::l::m::h: xx :qcf::atk::atk:
:dp::m:, :m: :b::h:(2 hits) xx :dp::m:, :m: (:d::m:), :b::h:(2 hits), :qcf::h::m:, :l: :m: :d::m: :h:,:b::h:(first hit) :s:, :uf::l::m::m::h::s:(land)(dash),:d::df::m::f::uf::l:(whiff):m: :d::db::b::atk::atk: *** the last part is her natural OTG (:df::m:) buffered into the input for rolling buckler.

Stuff I need:
Input and name verification for a few of her moves (marked above).

Commentary and more videos incoming soon, hopefully:

Thanks to our contributers!
D3v for the S-kill info
Sprint for first combos

Might wanna update and use the smiley tags for the notation (e.g. qcf inside a pair of :s to get :qcf:) so they come out nice.

also a key, I was just looking at your morrigan thread :smiley:

Please Help me was :qcb:AA in MvC2 and since the input is still open I think its safe to assume that’s still it. I don’t like that this notation ignores the names of the buttons(A,B,C) I think that will confuse a lot of new players especially since A is jab in the games terminology but you use it for any attack.
How about:
A/B/C = any attack button
A+B = two attack buttons (could also be A+C or B+C depending on preference)
A = light attack
B = medium attack
C = heavy attack
E = Exchange
A1=Assist 1
A2=Assist 2

I know Delta Kick is :bdp::k: in the DS series and her command throw is :hcb::p:, so I’d imagine that they’d be similar to that in MvC3 (what with using attack buttons instead of punches and kicks). Could be wrong though…

I like the notation, since you can use “A” for general attack then, and “AA” for multi-button inputs. It’s all taste tho :wink:

Anyways, does anybody remember the input for her run out of axis and charge moves? I think the run is d,d+E and the charge is d,d+AA, but I’m not totally sure.

This seems about right, yes.

I’d also like to note that Rolling Buckler was an awesome assist because it hit low and was easy to set up certain traps or unblockable setups off of a quick overhead.

And Kitty Helper is like, the sexiest move ever. I had it out almost all the time because Felicia builds meter so quickly, and was great for setting up Dancing Flash -> X-cancel -> Dancing Flash.

(source: 20-something hours of personal experience with the EVO build)

AFAIK the name of that throw has been “Hellcat” since the first Darkstalkers game, but don’t know if (or why) it’s been changed in this game, the EX Charge (it’s the move name) was :d::d: + :k::k: but i don’t know if it’s the same in this game

There’s some gameplay of Felicia at a TGS clip of an all girl team (the highlight of the team is actually Morrigan):


Loving that all girl team, Morrigan took over that match.

That clip is great for this, I hadn’t noticed before that you can combo out of her low rolling buckler.

So in essence, out of her ground chain she can launch, overhead to continue the combo or do a low attack to continue the combo, or even crossup to continue the combo. She’d be utterly retarded without advancing guard >>

that was a dope vid. that’s some serious girrl power! :stuck_out_tongue:

I was wondering, could Felicia use her chargeup move in combination with Ameterasu’s Bloom assist for really rapid meter building gimmicks?

Probably, but to be frank, I suspect that you’re probably better off taking cold star (ice beads assist) and using it to cover rushdown.

I can’t wait to pick Felicia! She looks really cool and fun to play in this game.

She’s up against the big Question mark tho’, ‘will the alternate approach methods for rushdown actually work or not?’

not having an airdash really hurts her, badly. That’s my biggest concern.

Still looks fun as hell tho, yeah. I didn’t care about her at all at first, but as I watched people actually play her, I started to get excited :smiley:

yeah i’m wondering if her crossup and ground shenanigans will actually counteract the lack of other movement

I didn’t play her much, but I’m pretty sure backwards-SRK was ‘please, help me!’ and QCB was ‘Kitty Helper.’

But please don’t quote me on that, anyone else play her?

I’ll edit to your version for now, and just put a note on that we’re not 100% sure, thanks :smiley:

Yeah the lack of an airdash does hurt. Especially for me, being a TvC player lol. But it’s a new game and there’s no reason why I shouldnt be able to adjust. Felicia is one of the few characters I just want to play from excitement. Everyone else I will just have to see once i get the game.