MvC2 Tourney and MM ~ ATL

Next Flippers tourney is June 30th at 1:00, CvS2 (replacing chunky soup sticks beforehand)

  • On a more personal note, where are the Marvel people at? I know the comp. is stiff, but thats the only way you get better. If anyone has questions or needs help with the game pre-tourney, just ask me. I like, live there, so it shouldnt be a problem.

Hosting tourneys @ Peachtree Cinema & Games (Norcross, GA) on a monthly basis for MvC2, CvS2, & 3rd Strike. No entry fee. Cash prizes. Money matches welcome by management. Next tourney is April 22nd @ 1:00 for MvC2. 2x elimination, random draw for bracket placement.

Just so it is known, im game teching at this location so there is no need to worry about stick, button problems etc. as it will all be handled pre-tournament. We had good turnout last time, as many of the better Atl. marvel players showed up to throw down a few months back. The main reason for this post is to get some of the more elusive ppl to come out of the woodwork and get up here. (Justin of Carrol, 50morecentz…cough) You guys need to get up here and take part in some seriously good comp. & a chance to walk out with some loot.

The arcade is located at Peachtree Parkway & Holcomb Bridge, you can get there from the Jimmy Carter exit off 85, or the 141 exit off 285. For more intensive directions you can call me at (770) 895-0352. Ill be hosting and running the brackets if you have any questions.

We will be using double elimination brackets printed off of SRK. MM & signup from 12-1. Tourney starts at 1:00. We dont plan on handing out yellow cards or anything. Hopefully we wont need to. In the tourney, winners cannot change teams. No time delay glitches are allowed. 3s WILL be up. CASUAL 3s as much as anyone wants. Scheduling the next 3s/CvS2 tourneys tomorrow.

i didn’t even know this place existed, i will probably stop by today to see what this place is twirk’n on when im going to ga state. i didn’t even know a place in ga had 3s cvs2 and marvel all in same venue. hopefully some people out there x_X

There isnt a whole lot of competition there yet. Thats what im trying to change. Ive got Joe, Fred, Eric & Eddie coming on a pretty regular basis. And there is a small handful of ppl working thier way up from scrubdom. There is almost always someone playing marvel. Also 3s has a small board repair in process right now. But i work from 4-12 today, so i look forward to seeing ppl up there.

WTH this place is about 20 minutes from my old house and I never saw it. Ill be there the 22nd to play some 3s. I dont feel like getting stomped in Marvel right now -_-’

This isn’t too far from me, I’m still working my way up from “scrubdom” but sounds like fun. Though like RightHanded I don’t really play MvC2, but eh, if this catches on I wouldn’t mind learning.

I had never even heard of this place before.

well, i’ll be in attendence for this on the 22nd. wish somebody had a camara to record matches…it actually helps people to get better. me and joe used to record our own ''wendy’s value meal" matches and look at them, it helps a lot. imma enter marvel n cvs2. looking forward to it =)

btw, risuno and me have money match for 50buckaroos in a first to seven run…hope to encourage people to come out. it will b fun time =_=

Shit sounds hot, I’ll be there

3s might not be up by the 22nd, but you are welcome to bring SFA and your sticks, we have a PS2/tv’s. We DO have someone to record the matches. They will be put up on Utube, and anywhere else they are wanted. The next CvS2 tourney will be May 6th if im not mistaken. After we get 3s back up ill schedule a tourney for that posthaste. Right now we are looking at around 25 ppl entering MvC2 on the 22nd. Thats a $125 pot with 70% going to first with no entry fee involved. We usually have a few random ppl show up in addition to the ones I have scheduled to be there, so were prolly looking at this.

1rst- $90, 100 game tokens, 5 movie passes.
2nd- $25, 60 game tokens, 3 movie passes.
3rd- $15, 40 game tokens, 3 movie passes.
4rth- 20 game tokens, 3 movie passes.
5th- 20 game tokens, 3 movie passes.

Not exactly evo, but its a good start. Once we get more people involved the pot will go up. Although there is NO entry fee, you do have to pay to play, and the machine will be on event mode. So do bring enough money to get some tokens, or else try your best to bum a few off your friendly competition. Right now we are supposed to start at 1:30, with sign-up and the ONLY scheduled MM anywhere from 12:30 to 1:15.

…GET HYPE!:rofl:

Haha, hope to see a more diverse crowd head up there. With marvel, 3s, and cvs2 all in one building with mentionable tech-support for the sticks and other parts, what could wrong? :lovin:

On a more serious note, good luck to anybody who’s heading up to that tourney for Marvel on the 22nd. I actually head up to Flippers on a pretty regular basis to play Marvel, though I’m learning 3s (just started, late, I know. I jsut purchased SFAE, and I play 3s from there) and cvs2.


Im glad to see this thing getting bigger =)

by the way, all people trying to get G in marvel should probably be practicing on the dreamcast version eventually at least…as it has all the broken stuff =)

i will have dreamcast remix’d marvels on sale for 7 bucks when I come to the tourny because i know a lot of folks say its too hard to find a marvel for DC. It will be remixed with trance. just letting every1 know.

I would have came if it was on Fri or Sat.0h well.

Fridays and Saturdays are pretty kicking in general. I used to do a marvel night on fridays, before i started working there, and we would get at least 5-10 people. Even though I dont really call them for that anymore, There is usually still a marvel crowd on Friday by 8 or so. The games stay on untill 1:00am Fri-Sat so if you can still get some matches in by the time people show up. The manager is very reasonable when it comes to changing stuff around, we move marvel for the tourney to get more room, put the machine on event, ect. But for some reason he insists on all the official tourneys being on sunday. If you want to try to organize something outside of that, we can always use the machine for non-flippers hosted stuff during the week. Get some people together and let me know about it, ill get as many as I can, and we can all throw down. We can always make our own pot from an entry fee, and im sure no one would mind as MvC2 is becoming the biggest draw to this location anyway.

It’s cool,I’ll just pass on it,no biggie,If theres a bigger crowd on sundays,that understandable.Being that Sunday is the official Date,I dout I can come just for a non tournament or unofficial tournament on fridays or saturdays,ecspecially on my salary,but thanks anyway.

You should get 3s up by the 22nd, if so I’ll show up

I’ll be there as well for some 3S… if it’s up.

Just a heads up, i do have SFAE for ps2, and since they do have consoles there, some 3s could possibly take place.

We should definetly do 3s tourney on the console then :slight_smile:

It’s entirely possible, but I’ll have to talk to Zach about it, since it won’t be an official thing hosted by flippers (the place)

Anderson crew is looking to come to this. Any word of a Smash Bros. tourney nearby?

June 9th - SSBM tourney at a location not too far off of this location.