MvC2 Strategies to dethrone JUSTIN WONG!

First off I just wanna clear somethin up. This is not a thread to be Hate’n on Jwong, So if take that crap somewhere else. I, Just a everyone else in the SRK community respect Jwong. However It’s time that all of us started coming together to discuss strategies to de-throne him:D

To be honest this thread should have been put up last year, but anyhow I’m sure none of us would like to see Jwong hold on to his title for a third year or 5years or even more…:confused:

The best thing for all of us to do is to start posting here now on anything that might work to defeat him.

For starters everyone should go to and any other vital resources they know of and postup links and vids of JWong.
Even if it’s only one round that someone wins it’s still vital cause not too many ppl can even do that.

We all shall watch these vids and make comments on things that we might pick up on that JWong might be succumb to or else the mistakes that we make during our matches with him.

This thread starts now and there is very little time so we must work fast before August arrives.

Pls Start posting anything that can be of use.

How many of us are actually GOING to play Justin Wong?

I beat Justin twice. But that was after Evo when he kinda gave up on Marvel. And he picked shitty teams. I play him every week and I haven’t won ever since.:bluu:

I got nothing…

Learn Iron Man and hope for the one lucky hit. Better yet, just play IM/psylocke and hope for the one lucky assist hit.

It’ll be interesting to see if Justin is monitoring this thread.

justin is psychic, he already knew this thread was going to be created last week

Nobody’s psychic, they just look that way.

Make a list of EVERY team he used at tournaments that you could remember and try to detect common threads. Analyze the strengths of EVERY team, and exploit their weaknesses. Actually, I think he wins because he overanalyzes his opponent. At every turn he is analyzing you kinda like deep blue and deliberately either…
1]turning your strengths into weaknesses
2]nullifying your strengths
3]compounding his strengths.

That of course is theoretical. I’ve never played him before and I’ve only seen a few of his matches. Actually, I admire him quite deeply being so awesome a player. That’s Part of why I’m so interested in this thread [Must beat my Idols]. Still, I’m sure he knows about this thread. Sharing shit over E-mails and PM’s might be a good idea as well.

:cool: Yes I must definately agree with u on that deathfist.
JWongs chrc must first be broken down and looked at closely.
As far as I’m aware his chrcs or teams consist of:






I believe that this is the list of his major teams, however if there is anything that I might have posted wrong please feel free to list the correct ones.:wink:

We also must look at his assists and how he uses them and most importantly his strategy which is argubally by far considered the best renowed. I myself believe that Jwong studies u before he even faces u. If not then during the beginning of a match he’ll do a few things with some standard gameplay to see how u respond to it basically(picking at your brain:p ). Let’s not forget about the Psycological advantage he has as sson as he faces someone, u know who he is and what winning could mean and what losing could mean. This on one part starts up self-doubt. Which in turn causes us to screw up on stuff we do or could have done.

Anyway first things first let’s start working on each of his teams and chrcs and their assists.

:lol: :lol: :lol: too funny

ANywyas teams I’ve seen him use recently:

Cable/Sent/Commando (at NEC3 and TS3)

From what i’ve seen he’s hard to hit whether he’s rushing or running, and he’s dangerous whether he’s rushing or running.

And of course Justin will see this thread, and this thread prolly aint gonna hold the ‘magical’ secrets to beating him :stuck_out_tongue: . From what alotta people say he adapts fast, so he won’t be beaten by one tactic, u gotta be able to keep up with him as he adjusts.

He was using pretty much only Mag/Cable/Sent and Storm/Sent/Cyke (for the finals) at ECC8. I believe the only time he didn’t play those teams was in the team tourney when he owned a whole team himself with Marrow/Guile/Tron.

I’m serious when I say I believe an Ironman is key to beating him. You’re bound to hit him at least once, and if you can turn that hit into infinite xx proton cannon into guardbreak etc. then you can win. As long as you know what you’re doing and you at some point guess correctly, his guardbreaks are unescapable. Demon Hyo proved that shit at ECC8.

You can’t beat jwong just by watching videos. He plays differently according to how his opponent plays. He adapts to his opponent. And he doesn’t fall for the same trick twice.

If you wanna beat jwong you gotta adapt faster than he can. A little luck won’t hurt too. Watching and analyzing patterns aren’t gonna help. He did those patterns on those opponents because they were working. If they weren’t working he’ll figure out another pattern that will work.

Post Evo he used a bunch of different teams.


He’s right, you have to adapt faster than him, not easy to do.
You also have to be able to evade all kinds of tricky set-ups that will force you to block a series of triangle jumps which leads me to my next point…

Blocking and patience, these are the keys to beating him, if everyone were as good as he is with these few things, it wouldn’t have gone on this long…

PERFECT!! Good post yo. Well yah patience is what seems to make people go nuts or a raping magneto. :slight_smile: umm yah just annoy him! lol harder than it sounds:p


Annoying the opponent isn’t enough. I play better when I’m annoyed. You must take it a step further and enrage him. I don’t think that is possible in Justin’s case. You don’t stay champion that long by letting others manipulate you.

Don’t get hit would probably be a good place to start.

If that doesn’t work, try prayer.

hmmm… i’ve nver seen this guy in action or his face i olny know what everyone says and i think a good start would not be to learn his patters since acording to th rumors i’ve heard he plays according to how you play but learning to have a perfect defense just as his , try and learn and memorize all strategy’s and combos of every character in the game. after you do this try by all means and master all his team’s combos , assist set ups , guard breaks and reset’s. and after doing this try to find any possible opening’s that any of his combos guard breaks ect. and exploit that weakness ( if there is any ) and find team , assist , attack’s just anything that will stop him on his track and force him to analyse mode again if you keep him like that trying to custumise his game you’ll have a slim more chance to get an opportunity t perhaps a good damaging combo or infinite any chance you get you’ll have to take it cause it’ll be probably the olny one you’ll get
lso when opening a match try not to do the same patter instead have an idea of how he’ll open and open with a counter attack for his opening also change the pace of the match (randomly not with a pattern) as much as possible to try and get a opening.
thisis my opinin but then again ifh’s as good as everyone saiswella lot of luck is aslo a factor:D

This post is geared more towards casual play since I’m a casual player, but I’m sure there are some serious tournament applications to this. What can be done with one character is often transferrable to others.


This reminds me of 3 years ago when my Amingo was virtually unbeatable. It wasn’t because Amingo was a good character, it was because I was treating my opponent like a lab-rat the whole time, thus the overanalyzing part. If I do this to the mouse, how will he react? If he reacts, how can I exploit it? The entire match for me was viewed as a fun, complicated, lab experiment. Every action controlled and pre-planned [but not pre-destined]. My every tool hidden while I force out and analyze his. This is also the strength of Hulk, and now Magneto [who I’m just learning].

My goals on offence were to figure out his…

1]Evasive tendencies.
2]Blocking tendencies.
3]Coverage tendencies.
3]Create other tendencies within him [you’ll punish those later].
4]Figure out his every tendency.
5]Exploit or punish his every tendency at earliest efficient convenience.
-Hmmm, what happens if I… OH SHIT I HIT HIM!!! YES, FREE AC!!!
-He’s doing that jump-in again vs my Amingo again. He attacks every time, and since I’m at level 3 now, I’ll wait till he reaches effective combo depth, see if there is an animation change and fry him with the vine super.

It may have looked like I’m just going in to learn how to beat you during the match, but the chain of destruction often starts before then when I choose assists designed to take away yours [reducing the match to 1 on 1 where the character I’m using will beat you]. That’s how I played Amingo before I retired him [and probably how I’ll wind up using Magneto]. Never go in without some kind of intended plan.

This isn’t genius, it’s common sense. You attack his plans by giving him nothing to analyze while you constantly force his hand. Once you run out of or start repeating tricks, you get raped. It’s called being observant. If the opponent wants to use an assist, take away his ability to use it.

-Example: Justin Calls Cammy or Commando to hit Cyclops while Magneto rushes him down and kills him for example. Old example, but a good one none the less.

This is how fighting games are REALLY played. You…

1]Bait, force, and lure him into less favorable positions than yours [cornered, locked down, standing just outside of your own ground dashing range, etc…]. Sometimes, this alone is all you need to beat a character badly.

2]Let or force him do what he wants ONLY…
-When his action will accomplish something positive for you
[He walks into a deadly combo or combo igniter]
-When his action will accomplish nothing positive for him.
[You can reposition with the lead or neutral health wasting time]
[Compounds the effects of rule 1 exponentially]

3]You do what you want ONLY…
-When it will accomplish something [even minor] desirable.
-When it is unpunishable
Remember: Doing what you want doesen’t always mean doing something.
[compounds the effects of rule 1 exponentially]

4]In all other states you harass, bait, reposition, or turtle as appropriate. Controling the initiative safely is paramount to victory.

5]Attack his plans [or attempts to even engage a plan] at every turn. No static method is guaranteed to win all the time. MvC2 is too chaotic.

6]Do not compromise your safety or any of the above rules ever.

-One final thought… Many matches you should win you can’t if you are too nervous, too cautions or too apprehensive and vice versa. If you are vacillating [swaying one way or another, hopelessly indecisive when describing us people], wait till you indecision subsides and then play. If it doesen’t subside, I guess you won’t play now will you. That said, if you’re playing just to overcome a fear, that’s awesome. You’ll embarass yourself for sure, but eventually you won’t have any fear, and your opponents won’t have this as a way to beat you. Once you put your money in the machine you become one of 2 generals. The wise general cannot be manipulated.

-I think Justin knows ALL of this and based on what I’ve heard of people in this thread, what I saw in his match videos, and what I saw in the Justin’s team thread, his play is some sick variant of the above. The only way to beat someone like that is to play the same way and do it slightly better. That or constantly kill him during the initial experiment phase he’s in due to luck [so he doesen’t figure your ass out].

Good luck and remember:
1]Nobody’s invincible.
2]The past doesen’t equal the future.

You’ll get his ass eventurally :evil:

Shout-out to Justin. I know you’re probably reading this. You’ve been a great Idol to look up to and have been a wonderous goal to attempt to pass at MvC2 to this point.

Shout-out to EVERYONE : Good luck at evo 2k-3

I beat Justin before… but i used Cable/Sent/CapCom and he used M/S/P :lol:

Good for you, Nelson