Mvc2 Statements (Top tiers Beliefs) vs (Low Tier Beliefs) Thread

Ok there are like 3 to 4 threads with comments pouring about why players would or wouldn’t play mvc2 more,like if there were no Top tiers.And, people complaining about top tiers or low tiers are so fun and takes more skill to learn.Also, that low tiers or top tiers are more fun to watch.I would make a poll, but that don’t really prove nothing without a comment backing up there decision.

For my comment,Im not going to act like I’m on both sides,so for me personally I think Top Tiers is killing marvel slowing,then people might think.For most people in my position played marvel from the beggaining and know the beauty of the game for it was like back in 2000.Everyone on the roster of mvc2 was getting pick,every opponent people faced had a team they put together themselves,without having people on the internet to pick them out.Back then there was always something new from each individual,because the variety of teams where so randomly pick for a reason.

Then we skip through time where(Magneto,Storm,Cable,Sentinel,Ironman).Then seeing the same teams with back up assisit (Tron,Psylocke,Doom).Now from playing mvc2 competitively over the years,Top tiers was fun but sitting back and watching a whole site with the same 8 picked characters,Over the years that shit has to get boring after a while.I can understand people thats just getting into marvel top tiers are fun to watch and play,because have to sit throught the years with the same old thing.

And the decusion in one thread about the top players of mvc2 today,you wouldn’t see them playing marvel today,if there was no top tiers.Well I have to strongly agree with that.Also that being said of how top players are good with lowtiers?Well,if you take that (Tron,Doom,Psylocke) out the mix that top player wouldn’t be so dominet huh?And to add to that picking a low tier character,and hidding behind a top tier character or top assist,I wouldn’t nessesaraly call a low tier at all.

Personally I think mvc2 today is not having fun and thinking on one’s own,it’s just all about winning.Thats just my opinon.


if no one else posts in this thread it will disappear by itself

justin wong is the only top player that can play with lowtier.Done :looney: when mvc1 and xvssf was around you didnt see the same names you see on the marvel charts these days :rofl: Done Again.

That is what I miss teams like ryu,thanos,wolvere vs felicia,chunli,hulk.I miss those days…thats why I only look at japanese marvel matches they play every char. in the game…

Not in just MvC2, but other games. The Japanese are known for their techinical play, not tier whoring.

yep…ummm thinking about it…it there were no top tiers or top assist…the japanese would take over marvel at evo,since most of amercia is stuck on tiers.

Like EVERY tournament game. No discussion needed.

you sound like a huge fanboy(DevilJin). No matter what, in real life or video games, there is a tiering system. This isnt communism where everything has to be equal.

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Your right, otherwise it would be SF1. Ryu vs. Ken… or Ryu vs. Ken… or if you REALLY want to change it up… Ryu vs. Ken


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Don’t be like me guys. :lol:

In all honesty…the more I learn about Marvel the more I start to appreciate the game and the people that still play it. The whole “brokenness” behind the game is an old school mentality that doesn’t apply to the way that the hardcore people play it today. You couldn’t get me to play it (unless it involves some kind of money match where the tie breaker is Marvel LOL) but I appreciate the art of the game and especially the community. The community just knows how to get excited about the game and has a real passion for it. My game is 3S but our community just doesn’t get hype like the Marvel people do. They bring a real sense of enjoyment to the game that they play.

The only reason why Japan isn’t beating us in Marvel is because they just don’t have the passion for the game that we do. Some Japanese like the game but they just don’t relate to the Marvel characters and what not the way we do. They play it but statistics show they played other games more even less than a year after MVC2 came out. The same reason why they destroy us in 3S.

The game never picked up in the US and the people that did play it didn’t have a concentrated enough scene to really get good at it. Back then everyone was on the A3/MVC2 bandwagon in the US and you were pretty much an outcast if you liked 3S. Just 4 or 5 years ago people in the US came up with every reason to not like 3S. Therefore no real scene for the game and no real reason to improve in it. The same reason Jojo’s still carries lines in the arcade over in Japan and most people in the US have never heard of the game…let alone the anime.

Oh and I like my Japanese games. I play the Japanese version of 3S all the time. :razz:

top tier is boring in the hands of an average player… watching top players use them is amazing, seeing what they can do with them…

low tier is fun cause its new to most people… hell at NEC i remember D.HYO and me agreed to play our match using low tier in the regular tournament…\

and if you have never seen justins low/mid tier… wow…

until there comes a game with more hype/drama/money involved than marvel, it will never die



psylocke played on point not for just assist


its more fun watch this instead the same old storm ha! ha! ha!same old magneto infinite,reset,snapout.
sentinel bullshit all day,you should already know.
If im bullshiting you rather look at vids like that above or same bullshit msp vs msp,mss vs msp,santrax vs rowtron,the adverage player should get sick of the same shit i would think :wasted:

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My bad…more specifically…Popeyes match. :lol:

I don’t know tiers in SF1 or play it,but if you are talking about Ryu vs Ken,being for example Msp vs Mss,then I fully agree.

The first video is made of epic and win. Only a truly manly video can change MvC2 into a Hokuto no Ken/GaoGaiGar knockoff. :stuck_out_tongue:

Holy shit that first vid is awesome, Gaogaigar FTFW! Also, they tend to show Thanos a lot :rofl:

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