Mvc2 online works great, searching for more players

download all the files in the nulldc folder and watch all the tutorial videos. get it all working and then join, server. look for pegasus. also join, efnet, #nulldc

link removed -fb

going to try p2p kaillera accent core today

Oh wow, is this for real? Could you link us to the tutorial videos?

Get 2df. Half the hassle. kaillera is usually laggy.

what files do i suppose to be downloading at those sites?Also,how do i download those files from media fire?

so you’re telling me that nulldc can use 2df net coding?O_o

what did you use to watch the video with? WMP is not working, any suggestions?

Cmon. . is this for real? Can it just be on GGPO so I dont have to DL that much else please!>?

vlc or MPC works too

not very specific

Is this for real or what?

Seems so, but I want details before playing around with it.

Also, can NullDC support Joypad without the need of an extra application (like XPadder) yet?

dont post game downloads here. thanks

Ok, so I got it working, but it seems that daroms is down, but I’m on godweapon if anyone wants to try this.

Could somebody pls pm me for this vid… and info just got on srk thanks

alright, i have enabled private msgs and crap to my account if anyone wants to msg me.

I can’t send PM…
Here’s my contact:

Everyone should use TDC final 2


Just to give people a heads up both players have to be using the same Mvc2 game or it wont sync correctly.

i keep getting unable to find bios error mes any help anyone?