MVC2: Ken

i ve been using ken for his aaa and exp
assist but when he’s all alone i die
i need some stratigeis comboes etc

Ken has exactly one combo. Launch, jump uf, LP,MP, hurricane kick. Crazy damage, doesn’t use a super bar. Of course, you won’t be needing those super bars anyway, except to duck under things with shoryureppa and DHC into something better, or punish a stupid Sent player with shinryuken. Basically, if they’ve got point+assist left, Ken doesn’t stand a chance; if it’s one on one with someone like Capcom, Psy, etc. you could win.

another air combo is down lk, down hp, sj lk, spin kick, lp dragon upper cut

(only in the conner) down lk, lk, dashing uppercut super, OTG lk, then do the air combo

Try to stay above them with lp uppercuts in the air and hk spin kicks in the air and always try to get the down lk in cuz itll lead up to alot of damage. mix it up or itll b to easy to beat

try using his aaa , its invincible when it comes out, but its up to you

I use his exp assist becaues it sets up things :stuck_out_tongue:

does he have an infinite???


Against Sentinel:
[j.LK j.LK j.HP j.HK]

he does have an infinite but it is hard (looks simple but the timing is weird, try it, you’ll see) and inpractical.

[j.lp, j.down+lk, j.down+mk] repeat brackets.

you can set it up off of like rouge’s kiss thing, its mainly just for show

corner rejump infinite:
j.lp,,j.hp XX hurricane kick

If I recall correctly. Been a long time since I’ve used Ken.

Why does doom love ken?:stuck_out_tongue:


cuz ken is his bitch…

for the infinite on sent. i found it easier doing lp lp hp hk, then the lk

i just do that roll crossover all day :stuck_out_tongue:

nah, usually it goes something like call and assist, then roll crossover - to combo…

if ya ever get in with ken… it should all ways hurt… ALL WAYS!

Actually Doom’s Ken’s bitch 'cuz Ken eats Doom’s dumb rocks for breakfast.

here’s a good combo:

j.lp,j.lp,,, QC+PP

simple, sweet…and just the, xx super is good enuff.

trying connecting this: a properly angeled and time jumping hurricane kick ( should hit twice ) - land - hk xx fireball xx qcf+pp. thats sum nasty damage :stuck_out_tongue: and if ya in a corner i think ya can end with an aerial rave w/ a throw :smiley:

I think it can be done outside of a corner too. I saw a Ken infinite involving his Hurricane Kick and your description of it seems almost too familiar.

this infinite is done off something like psylocke-AAA or dhalsim-ground, i’ve seen it before, the timing IS kinda wierd :wtf:

there’s another sent-only infinite it goes something like j.lp,, j.u+hk, hurricane kick, land, repeat

here’s a combo i use sometimes if i use Ken, just for show, it’s plenty of hits but does crap damage - in corner -

j.[lp, lk, mp], land, dash-in, s.lp,,, s.hp, fireball XX shin shoryuken, OTG,, fireball XX shin shoryuken, DHC after first or 2nd hit

i think it’s something like that, can’t remember … and you obviously use something like sent-ground or spiral-ground to extend the ground chain, something like j.[lp, lk, mp], land, dash-in, s.lp + sent-ground,,, pause, assist hits, dash-in, s.lp,,, s.hp etc …

Doom-B/Storm-A/Ken-A or Y is pretty good. Ken’s expansion type helps set up Hailstorms.

So does his AAA, as soon as you see it hit Hail Storm.

Against Storm if you see her doing a Hail Storm do a FP Dragon Punch it goes through the whole thing and Ken lands when she is recovering.

Is it possible to cancel his Roll into any of his supers?