MVC2: Ken

I did see a vid from MWC5 in which someone pulled off a HK throw (knees then throw) and followed it up with Shinryuken, but ended up missing the super and swallowing an HSF from Sentinel. It was that same team of Doom/Storm/Ken or Storm/Doom/Ken.

This makes me think of the VDO videos I saw. VDO is known for picking Rogue/Ryu/Ken and Rogue/Psylocke/Cammy teams. Anyone who uses low tier gets mad props from me. Jesus, I just went back to playing Jin lastnight and it feels so good, but I forgot Jin gets owned by pretty much all of the top tiers. He’s better than that piece of shit Capcom (AAA and grab glitch are his only real pros). I feel like posting some shit in the Jin thread. I figured out a few combos myself.

Storm/Sent/Ken is a hella good team…you don’t have the raw damage that Cammy has, but you have like 2 secs of full invincibility…nigga goes though everything.

drones+srk = safe 100%, you can do it over and over vs anyone but cable.

drones+roll = pretty good cross up into 70% AC.

ANY ken super xx hail = free switchout and a very good chance of hitting.

on point, jab shoryuken OWNZ flying sent(you can jump and do it too). If sent stays grounded and does fp/drones/super 50%(of the screen) or closer, he’ll eat a shoryuu reppa.

Kickthrow and mash like fuck. =D

Basically, ken is just anti doom or tron…but everytime I play against either of thoe chars I use ken. :slight_smile:

Shin shoryuken?:wtf: are you talking about shinryuken or shororeppa?

Anyways what i do with ken is in corner do s.lp,,s.lp,s.hp,hadoken xxx shipujinyeka (something like that) and mash like crazy or ill do shororeppa and have gambit or thanos on capture or for gambit projectile and do,c.lp,thanos,lk hurricane kick the last hit should be the bubble.