MvC2/CvS2:Who wants Combos! (in here)

Who wants some good combos
I’ll dish em out (If you want)

State your

-if CvS2 groove
-if MvC2 full team or just one assist

So. . .
Lets see some requests

HOW bout CvS2 C-A-N groove Barlog i just started playing him.


his best groove imo

(if they jump)

charge back -> forward + lk, CC s.hp, b/f + hp, b/f +lp b/f + lk x# super

(not sure about other grooves tho…A groove is his best

Any good combos for Ryu,Ken,and Akuma for MvC2?

I got this one :smiley:
This is with Ken/Akuma…

ken -,, fireball, qcf + PP XX Raging Demon :evil:

ALl u need with Ken and Akuma is c. short, c. fierce, sj. jab, sj. rh Hurricane (for Akuma cancel into Super Air Fireball)


Stider,Sent,Doom (flashy ones preferably, stuff to show off with)

Ok I want a #4 with no bbq sauce go large.

Can you tell me were this combo is from!

What is IMO stand for, im sorry, but im new here and you guys use a lot of acronyms.

IMO is in my opinion,
can you name some chun-li n groove combos, i have just picked her up seriously about a week ago and im too lazy to go though that like 50 pg thread of chun li

k groove

i need combos for them pls


N-Groove Kim, looking for his wildest most insane combo in this groove. Use of the QCF,QCF+K super would be nice, but if you could, id like to see one without it. And if you could find a version that goes a bit easy of the Air QCF+K move i would appreciate it, as im having a whole hell of a lot of trouble tiger kneeing it out in a low jump groove. If you can, post one with the air specials taking a major role, and one without.

N-Groove Geese, want a lead up to his lvl 3 super, and the most effective, or just plain flashy way to finish it off.

N-Groove Sagat, Just looking for the coolest looking combo here, no need for it to be the most damaging, as he is plenty damaging all on his own.

Thank you for your time.

i know a sagat one, its kinda tricky,
cross up with lk, jab x3 into tiger crush.
also c. lk, s. jab tiger uppercut
and s. jab x2, tiger crush

Ok first of all
Dont listen to Geese.
Hes a fucking scrub


Team Shoto

in corner lp lp hp fireball (akuma expansion hits) kick super, otg kick super again, DHC shinryuken


hit them with ourobours switch in sent launch 1234 hard drive, DHC ourobours. switch in doom launch 1234 d+hk hcb PP.


I am VERY new to her so bare with me
c.lp c.lp xx lvl3 kick super sj HK [combo resets here] walk forward(should be on the other side) c.lp c.lp xx kick super sj d+mk[Combo resets here], lk, c.lp


c.lp c.lp xx deadly rave finish with raging storm (mad hard, I cant even do it :sweat:)


c.hp xx lvl3 low fireball, slight pause, qcb x2 kick


(in corner)
s.lp, qcf x2 kick [LvL3] tigner knee qcf kick twice then tigerknee his air super (should work i never really tried it)

Combo into super
Dont ask me stupid question

Chars - Magneto(B), IM(B), Psylocke(A)
I want combos for iron man and psylocke, also some kool ways to finish off iron man infinite(plz dont tell me to go to the iron man thread, its 70 freakin pages!!)
I think there’s an infinite with psylocke in the corner, much appreciated if anyone fills me in with that

lk lk psy hits do w/e the fuck u want

ok im putting a disclaimer:


k-groove doesnt let u combo like C, A, N, S can (in other words, theres no combo u can do in this groove that cant be done in any groove)
Same rules for P-groove**

Ok i’ll answer how to finish off the ironman infinite w/o super then.

after last rep

launch lp lk up + hp fly lp, lp, lk, up + hk unibeam (if this doesnt work only do 1lp)

Oh man Ryu/Ken/Akuma that’s my team man that and Mega/Tron/Serve

It’s been a while but i think I remember some combos

Ryu- j.HP , c.LK , Hurricane Kick , Super-Haduken (It’s all about the flash but only use it on scrubs)

Ken- near corner j.LK , j.LK , c.LK , c.LK , Super-Dashing-Uppercut
(wait in corner if they don’t roll OTG c.LK , c.HP , sj.Hurricane Kick)

Akuma- c.LK , c.HP , sj.LK , sj.Hurricane Kick XX sj.Super-Air-Fireballs (I love this combo)
also Akuma dive-kick XX Super-Air-Fireballs (they never see it coming)

Man I haven’t played this game in forever there are more I forget. I assume you know the bread and butter but if not here’s my standard issue comboes
Ryu- c.LK , c.HP , sj.LP , sj.LK , sj.LP (hits twice) , Super-Haduken
Ken- c.HP , sj.Hurricane Kick (massive damage)
Akuma- see above

The Shotos are all about style if you ask me after you battle enough you’ll see that it is easy to link many of their moves and then you can get really creative with it especially on the ground.

KFCCF of course.

I think i clearly said psylocke combos, not magneto+psylocke combos but w/e…


A-Groove Cammy, Hibiki, and Rolento