MVC2 [BAD] Games Thread

BG to Sonicstar Blaze, ragequits after his amazing team of Ryu/Ken/Sakura falls.

I’ve had two drop on me today, didn’t get their names unfortunately. I was so in the zone mashing out hits that I didn’t even notice the drops till I hit the ranked match browser screen haha.

Thats why everytime someone drops on you, you send them bad feedback for quitting early, and send them a nice " ragequitting bitch " message :).

BG to my xbox 360, played marvel for 1 hour, and got the red rings

BG to t3H LoU for sending me this message after my Team Noob(Sentinel, Cable, Commando) Sentinel OCVed his team of Cable, Akuma, and Commando

“Wow u suck at this game. guess you dont have a dreamcast.”

WTF does the dreamcast version have to do with this game? Besides a couple of glitches(Juggernaut glitch, switch glitch and I think 1 other) the game is exactly the same as the Dreamcast version. The only people the changes would seemingly effect would be Mike Z.

Another BG CuddlePuppies. Rage quit.

BGs to mayyd4y and unclebuck26.

Waiting to see what I pick, so I pick double wolvie/tron, they try to counterpick me with cable/sent/capcom and I shit on them because they’re terrible.


Fight da powa :rock:

I love those counter-picking motherfuckers.

Okay it’s one thing if you suck(Like me) But are trying to get good at this game. But if you think God Tier= Auto-Win just because you picked them, when you’ve never practiced with them in your life. Well lol. Quickest way to get OCVed in this game

blind picking in this game is a must…dudes waiting minutes for you to pick…seriously.FACK!

BG to HG MrFLaWL3sS: Ragequits after I stage a Psylocke comeback.

BG to Ashes in Fall, who quit after I took out only one of his characters.

bad games to vegita-X, darkgamerone for ragequitting

BGs to emowirry and DJ PressPlay for ragequitting on my perfects

EDIT: BGs to shaolinallan x2. damn, ranked brings out all the ragequitters. lol he uses top tiers too

bad games to dark gamer one. this mother fucker plays ranked, gets whomped on twice in a row and drops both games last sec. this fuck face has the nerve afterwards to message me telling me im a noob.

these guys that rage quit on ranked dont even know that they’re just gonna keep on losing anyways.


fuck these fools. ragequitters.

They should have put some kind of time limit on the character select screen. Maybe 30 seconds per character. I’m getting tired of people waiting to see who I pick first

i like to wait for people to pick tho, if its a ranked match. if they go towards the bottom right corner, then i know to pick my regular team. but if they go up to the top left corner, i’m busting out my spidey/cammy/doom.

There is a time limit but it is like 2 min long.

bg to all the rage quitters, however there is a small penalty for ragequitting which i didnt know at first. they are given a loss for doing so. I am uncertain whether you recieve a win but i know for a fact they are credited with a loss. I went to play ranked this morning and before doing so i checked my stats and then started playing. Someone RQ’d me and then next ranked i saw him and i immediately just quit cause i knew he would quit on me. i checked my stats again later and noticed i had a loss and figured i was just tripping since i had not lost yet. then i ran into the same guy and still had not lossed so i quit again right when the match started looked at my stats to verify if i was given another loss and wouldnt you know it, my loss count went up again. So, for rage quitting you get a loss but idk if your opponent is given a win. Sucks for me in effect i gave that damn bastard like 3 w’s if that is the case. GRRRRRRRR

edit: his name was like babel of ??? (cant remember the rest)

Same here if they go left I go low tier, if they go right I go top tier.

Thats why I go to the left corner and move around the low tiers. They picked a weak team and then I go over to sentinel lol.

Does it count as ragequitting if you just give up but don’t exit the game? Sometimes, it seems pointless when you’re on your last character and they still have all 3 of their characters and at that point, I usually just don’t touch the controller anymore…