Muncie Indiana:

Im starting this thread in an attempt to begin bringing together some of the smaller fighting game communities around Indiana to one centralized location, for events such as; LevelUP Sessions, Ranbats or Small Tourneys.

The Address is:

The Heorot Bar
219 S. Walnut St.
Muncie IN 47303

Meeting times rite now will be Sundays from 12Noon to around 10pm
I will post up any week that we will have a gathering.

If you get lost or have any questions, call me at:

First Gathering:
Ranbat #1
Winner- Gary
Runnerup- Diet Stu
Youtube is :

Gathering 2 3-13/2010
Casual level-up session.
Few folks from Indy and Ft. WAyne looking to come down

Please Do Label any and all equipment you bring
not that people would try to stea. But alot of us have the same stuff, so lets just prevent confusion before it happens.

reserve for results and such

Yeah man, if we can have some more people bring some set ups, and some tv’s/monitors that would be great. Also if someone would be able to record this, maybe we can get a video out so other people might be able to see what kind of set up we will have, and what it is like… the next time, more people will be willing to show up.

You gonna be there Slaps?

for sure i will be

Not to be a downer but just how much “herbs” are you talking? I don’t do anything like that and honestly I don’t want to come home smelling like I was around it. Actually I don’t think any of our players in Fort Wayne are into that. Will the herb users have their own special section to enjoy themselves separately away from the gaming area, or are you going to combine them? This is important to me so please let me know.

I must agree with Brent on this one.

That said, Will there only be SF4? I’ve been getting into TvC recently, and would love to play someone else other than Brent (as good as he is for me) in it.

Regardless, what I can bring is any combination of a PS3, a Wii w/2 ps2->GC converters (although one may not work with every stick), A good camera for recording and a tripod. A 24" 1080p monitor (it’s not the EVO monitor but it’s really, really good regardless).

But that’s just stuff I can bring, not things that I will. There’s a good chance the monitor won’t ever make an appearance, but it might.

sorrry forget about that . people can go out side to the fenced in back yard for any extra curicular activities
just wanna be inclusive

that would be awesome, I almost bought a Wii just to play TVC. Pls do brnig it.
I have my SF4 setp on my LCD monitor.
And then, I have a 20" flat CRT that you can feel free to setup anything that you would like. just know that I only have and XBOX360

Regarding Travel Expenses.

Considering that there should be a certain degree of carpooling going on.
If we have small $5 tourneys for the games being played. You would have a decent chance of someone in your carpool walking away with a pot, which could offset gas. Also gambling and MM are always welcome

Plus I love to cook, but I’m busy, so If I feed you you’ll be happy… But I wouldnt come hungry if I were you.

Paul - sounds good on the fenced in back yard idea. Also you gave me another really good idea with something else you said… I’ll just be cryptic and leave it at that.

i think for this first event we should order pizza for everyone, I get paid on Friday, so I can chip in for the pizza.

Sounds Good SLaps:
Looks Like were up to about 7-8people who are looking to attend at this point.

shaping up nice

looking forward to this weekend, hopefully even more people will show up. So if anyone can bring a video camera to record this, that would be great.

Would also like to see about having a chance to try out for the 5v5 team for the powerup tourny.

Oh and I will be bringing my laptop with me, and a camera to take pictures.
Ahhh yeah… also… does anyone know where I can find some tournament maker software… could really use that this weekend :slight_smile:

edit: what I am hoping to achieve… (I’m sitting on the couch, lol) (Yeb playing, and me in the background on the far right)

This is the kind of community that I am trying to bring here to Indiana. Everyone in that house knows each other, and we all get together to play SF4. That is The Box Arena.

tharimrattler has that tourney software, he may be able to get it to you via Shareware or a link or something IDK.
Mario also had a program at the last naptown tourney, so hit hime up (RiotGuard)

Anyone that’s gonna be going to NANNIE’s pad for this awesome get together…

Slappy Slaps will do the following with his HONDA:
1.Waste meter(IE use an ex headbutt out of corner or ex butt slam a fireball :p)
2.EX butt slam you then try to oichi throw yo ass
3.Jump-in all day
4.Watch for HANDS to SUPER(Shits deadly)
5.Random ultra (San Diego players are known for this, Slaps is one of them)(SHIT WORKS though)

ZONE his ass All DAY and you’ll win or just Style on him and you’ll be fine:tup:

Characters that piss him off: Balrog, Rufus, Sagat, and Viper(mostly VIPER cause it fucks up his charge)

Good luck, Have fun people, toke toke toke, and shit “Don’t get SLAPPY SLAPPED”.:rofl:

bwahhaha, you ass mark :stuck_out_tongue: giving away my secrets :stuck_out_tongue: anyways, i dont waste meter as much as i used to… only when it is necessary, but I do hands to super :stuck_out_tongue:

i’d be willing to invest in some recording equipment for this if we need it. let me know whether you’d prefer direct feed or camcorder and i’ll most likely pick some stuff up mid april when i get back into town.

either or will be fine, but if this thing ends up getting big, then a direct feed if we ever do any live streaming events and such.