Multiple Games Pro

It is possible to be really good in multiple games? I know of a few like Daigo who are really good at multiple games, but too really be good, to know almost there it is to the game, you think one would have to stick to one? Do most japan player stick to one game or play multiples? Do top players from whatever game usually are top at others games? Or how many you think is usually the numbers of games that most people master?

Combofiend plays Marvel and CvS2.

You can be really good, though most tend to have a bias towards whichever game they like the most.

I play Marvel and CvS2 as well, though I like CvS2 more, yet am better at Marvel.

I think people who dominate in many games are just talented. Although, once you learn one game, you’ll find its not hard to apply a lot of the same general knowledge of fighting games to another.

Steven Zwartjes FTW!! He has been champion in every game he has touched ( more or less ) . >Naming a few :

Street Fighter 2 WW ( National Champ 93-94 )
Mario Kart 64
Super Mario Kart
Wave Race

Recently :

Trackmania Sunrise Extreme ( i think he still is )

He just picks up every game REALLY fast , and if he puts a few hours into it , he can reach as far as he wants. Its sickening really. Example , he played Counter strike for 2-3 weeks , then he was asked to join a leading team ( worldwide ) but he “folded” coz he didnt really like the game :looney:

Would be cool if he got into a SF game to date ( 3s comes to mind ) but he is into poker now , and doing quite well ( played for 4 weeks , earned 18 000 $ )

I’d say it’s possible, since some characters translate well into crossovers and the like.

I’m tight in Puzzle Fighter and, well, something else…

DAIGO guys

GGXX, 3s, ST, CvS2, VH, VS, etc.

I see you making shit up as you go along day after day, so enlighten me: what CS team? I’ve played for 4 years and would know of the team.

Calling out the BS

Hmm , I can see why you would think its BS. But honestly tho , I dont make up stuff , cept for shits and giggles , and this aint one of them obviously.

Uhm , what do u want? Should I link you to all the games? I think I know most the sites , cept Trackmania , coz u cant really see the rankings without being in the game ( come to think of it , i DO have a screen-shot on my comp from when he first reached first )

Lets see what else , CS , well i dont remember the name ( dont think i ever heard it to be honest ) but if its important to you , Ill ask.

Ok , so wanna make a bet? If he hasnt been world champ in any of the games i stated , ill pay you 1000 dollars. How does that sound ? Seeing you being confident that i make shit up as i " go along day after day" you should be taking that bet right away.

Ill get you proof within 24 hours of MOST the things stated ( some of them might not be found anymore , but i should find some info anyways )

Seriously tho ( dont get me wrong , the bets real ) , I dont make shit up , im not like 12 years old. But this guy is just awesome , and I would have NO trouble putting my ass on the line if he aint one of the most talented mofos on the face of the planet.

Yea, but I doubt any “world leading” CS team would recruit a player who had 2-3 weeks experience…perhaps they were a Cal-O team?

And to the topic creator, yea it’s possible to be “good” at multiple games. Howver, if you have normal genetics, and you really want to be “great” at a game, I suggest focusing on just 2 games. Make sure the two games are similar to each other. For example, the mechanics and timing for SSBM and MvC are completely different. In fact, they are exact opposites. I wouldn’t suggest trying to master those two games. Instead, try something like Street Fighter and MvC. Both games emphasize fast hands and good memory of combos.

Well , he didnt play CS long , but he has some FPS training prior ( goldeneye and such ). And world leading , well I cant really vouch for that. But thats what he told me. Ill see if he remembers the name , anyways its a few years ago afaik , so might not be even a team anymore.

This is how it works…You learn the fundamentals in one game…and it carries over to the next game…

The only thing that changes is the system and dynamics…that is what you must learn…the fundamentals won’t change… It’s “universal.”

So I could be playing King of Fighters but if I understand the fundamentals well then I can carry that over to Virtua Fighter. Doesnt matter if its 3d or not.

So carry this with you and yes you can learn as many games as you like.

I personally play about 50+ fighters on a competitive level.

This is how i do it…

Dark Geese, you are gifted. Playing competitively in 50+ fighting games? That’s amazing…For normal people, a fighting game takes at least 6 months to master, give or take a few months given the amount of time you spend. Why? Yes, it’s true, fundamentals do help you learn a character. If you can do a combo in MvC, you can do a combo in anything. However, as you said, learning the system and dynamics of a game is the real challenge. Not only must you master your main, but you also must have a good understanding of all the top-tier chars. You need to have hours and hours of time playing against the different fighters, finding their weaknesses, what moves are punishable, how to stop them if they’re turtling, how to not step into their chains, etc.

Shit, I’m above scrub level on each and every game i’ve ever played in my life.

Justin Wong (3S, Marvel)
Daigo (SF2/A/3, CVS2)
Fubarduck (GG/3s)
KSK (Tekken/3s)

those are some people i can think of that are incredibly good at at least 2 games.

I think the dude does well in cvs2 and tekken too :sad:

It couldn’t have been a few years ago because I know of all the top teams the past 5-6 years I played competitivly and i’ve never heard of any of them picking up a random who has played for 2-3 weeks.

Ok , so wanna make a bet? If he hasnt been world champ in any of the games i stated , ill pay you 1000 dollars. How does that sound ? Seeing you being confident that i make shit up as i " go along day after day" you should be taking that bet right away.

Oh ya, I’ll take that bet. Just like the other guy i’ve been in the competitive cs scene for years[too many years]. had a top team picked up some random with 2-3 weeks worth of experience everybody would have been gossiping about thoughout irc/gotfrag/Sogamed/esreality whatever esports site out there.

Maybe he got top rank at statsme in some random pub server. Maybe he was top of like OGL or something. But not a top world team.

Only thing concerning Steven Zwartjes that seems verifiable is his rank in the Goldeneye and (old school) Mario Kart community.

The Street Fighter 2 WW champ deal was limited to Holland as the only info I can find concerning him and that game are limited to pages in dutch (which I cannot read).

Outside of that I’ve seen nothing concerning the other games Sargoth mentioned. shrug