Muay Thai Fighters?


I recently got into Muay Thai from watching Champions of Champions Elite on G4TV (awesome show!!!) and I’m also really looking forward to the King’s Cup on the 22nd.

What I was wondering was, are there any video game characters who use this style of fighting…?

Here’s a link to a fight for reference:

Kings Cup Promos 30 - Dedicated To The World Of Muay Thai.


Nah, there are none

Bwahahaha, best possible reply, Echo Black! :smiley:

As much as I hate to spoil the joke, I can’t leave a man hanging: There are two in SSF4 (I’ll leave it to you to find out who they are), although the accuracy of the depictions of fighting styles in Street Fighter is not undebated. Also the UFC games have it as one of their default styles, I think.

don’t forget the KOF games.

THere’s a whole MMA game coming out as well as UFC 09 and 10

THere’s a whole MMA game coming out as well as UFC 09 and 10

there is one in any game that matters

Bruce in Tekken.

I believe Bryans fighting style is kickboxing, which is similar to Muay Thai. He was Bruce’s replacement in Tekken 3 so there are similarities.

Brad Burns is a notable example from the Virtua Fighter series.

Lol 3s, Marvel, Guilty Gear.

Btw, I believe Kirby uses Muay Thai in Smash.

Tekken: Bruce and Bryan (although Bryan is american kick boxing, its quite similar to muay thai)
Virtua Fighter: Brad Burns
Street Fighter: Sagat and Adon

Thats the list from the games I play. There is also obviously MMA and UFC which are also on consoles.

Making that my Sig later

Dee Jay is also supposed to a kickboxer. Western style like Bryan Fury. Granted, Bryan has gradually become less about kickboxing and more about being insane and just punching the hell out of things.

I remember loving to watch Remy Bonjasky wall carry Bob Sapp to the ropes ala Bruce and 100% wall/bound comboing him like Bruce vs Bob in Tekken 6

What about Joe and the alcoholic guy from KOF?(mostly Fatal Fury)

Hwa Jai

Hwa Jai

Samchay only

In VF4 Vanessa used to have it until it was decided Brad needed some ammo to run on. I thought it was favorable before because she’s the only character I know of who could switch styles with it.

Oh no mention of King yet either KOF/Art of Fighting.


Did any of you actually watch the video he posted? Those guys are NUTS! lol. Muay Thai is hardcore.

Also, that guy Joe H…something from King of Fighters does this style I think. :\ Hope that helps.