MTV's Jersey Shore Thread

It’s much more entertaining than you think.

Don’t get me wrong the guys are tools, but they are entertaining tools. The girls aren’t like A++ but they’re way past just ‘oinkable status.’ I live about 1 hr away from where these guys are at and its funny to see how the people down the scene over there is so much different than here.

I would say even though it’s on MTV, its more for college folk than the teens. Some of this bunch puts a lot of the Real World whiner-cast to shame. There’ll def be some fights and the end of the promo clip had some dude at the bar fierce punching of the female cast in the jaw lmao.

MTV should be showing the first episode all through out this week and next week. video

this show was better than the past 4 seasons of the real world combined


i didnt even know what a guido was til I watched this show. STEREOTYPES ARE GDLK

Im still wondering… is using the term guido a racial slur if Im not Italian/white? And yeah tbh, people who go down to the club at the NJ shore are, a milder or wilder form of these guys.

  • Mike “The Situation” is an extreme example of a guido tool, but fuck you know he probably gets laid as much as he says he does.

  • Vinny seems funny and laidback, not like a typical guido, yet I dont think he gets laid at all.

  • Two of the girls I get confused they look the same.

Im still surprised how the Jersey Shore can be like 45 mins away and its so different than the scene over here.

This shit makes me want to get violent on some punks…

ah, thanks for the reminder… I almost forgot. That whole “jersey girl” dialect is hot, imo. I’ll take that over the southern voices I’ve heard my entire life. I realize that’s most likely a big factor in what accents/dialects you find appealing though…the stuff you’ve rarely heard in person is occasionally more attractive due to rarity…the “something different” factor.

Actually, I’ve only heard a northern(NY or NJ or MA) dialect maybe 3 or 4 times in person…and 1 of those people don’t really count, since it’s a guy.

this all takes place not 10 minutes away from my house by car, 5 by boat :sad::sad::sad::sad:

I dont know whether to hate guidos, or hate mtv for misconstruing the jersey shore

Some people would consider Guido an ethnic slur, but mostly is just a derogatory term for NY/NJ wanna be thugs. It’s not like calling someone a WOP or a Dago, for instance.

This show is awesome, point blank. They honestly need to stop Real World and have Jersey Shore as it’s new reality series.

fistoftheryustar,I want to say thanks for posting this thread. I wasn’t really sure if people on SRK would watch this.It felt like mtv wanted to give me an early Christmas present by airing this show.

The Situation loves speaking in third person, I am clearly going to start doing that.

Next ep. Snookie gets hit in the face by some dude, awesome~

I want to make a drinking game out of this show, but i fear that i’ll be in the hospital for alcohol poisoning before the first commercial break.

Misconstruing more like accurate depiction, unless they don’t show beaches full of used needles.


MTV has programming that isn’t music? When did that happen?

Haha so you’d say its not accurate? I dont think ALL of the shore is like that, since this isnt south NJ shore, its north east NJ shore.

Hey man np. I was thinking people were gunna hate because its MTV. But even if its scripted, even if its “junk-food” TV, hell its entertaining and put together to be that way. To me it is somewhat more real than real world at times.

Haha the situation, that dude scares me. This show has shown me I need to work out more. Im buff in my part of the area, but hell this show puts my physique to shame. Also, he may not get with any girls from the house, but outsider girls / girls visiting the shore totally eat that shit up.

Snookie getting punched out, its like damn she is ex-it-girl status and no one seems to like her. Her “friend” she brought back to the house seemed like a normal dude which was cool, til he puked.

I would say so too. Not all dudes on the shore are like this, but yeah a lot are. The fact that these guys are the “more built” version of the typical north shore guido, only helps fuel their willingness to fight.

As IVe mentioned before, of course guidos like this are total tools, but you know they do tend to lay hot girls. The girls may be superficial and stuck up, but fuck they tend to be hot.

MTV how you going to cast people on the show that are not from New Jersey C’mon Son! GETDAFUCKOUTTAHEREWITDATBULLSHIT! Most of those people on the show are not even from New Jersey… C’mon Son! GETDAFUCKOUTTAHEREWITDATBULLSHIT!

Which is awesome but lets not forget the following. This show has all the elements it needs to succeed.

Slutty women. Check!

Roided up tough guys aka Meatheads. Check!

Wannabe Tough guys. Check!

A lot of techno/electronic/dance music. Check!

Hair jell and hair spray. Check!

A lot of tanning. Check!

So this show is full of win.

Anyway, If you are from New Jersey these are the types of people you love to make funny of and most of us can’t stand to be around. Matter a fact these are the same people who always try to prove something because they really have some deep down desire that they have to be accepted because the real truth is they are really lame to begin with.

Its on right now.

This show is quality family television. A whole season of the real world in each ep. I can’t wait for the next.

Snookie got a beat up car.

i think i need to move to the shore and hit up some sluts, as in sluts a girl who gives it up the first two nights.

Show is entertaining as hell. I wouldn’t make it 5 minutes in that house without ganking a mother fucker though.

BTW… looks like the bitches are going to cock block the guys everytime they bring home any chicks

That fist pumping shit they do is just ridiculous.

joysey, son. you just don’t know

Whoever gave me the rep, let me know. I have a S Super bar now.

Did Snookie hear the girls yelling about “SLUTS!” downstairs… and then think the girls were talking about her? Lmao! Self conscious much?

Ha the 20 year olds were ready to give it up the very first night. Cockblockin prevented that. 28 yr old dude vs 20 yr old chicks, guy’s got the advantage and all, but those chicks are stupid and askin for it.

I think most of the guys I wouldnt get into a fight with. Maybe “The Situation” since I can never take being around a person like that for too long. Vinny and Ronnie seem to be more light hearted.

I think the skanks the guys bring back are way hotter than the girls of the house. I dont think theres been that strict of cockblocking on an MTV show. I was surprised at the cockblockage. If there are skanks in the house, how does that affect the girls really? How does that even insult their pride?

It’s not because it’s used more to describe behavior and a certain lifestyle. Calling someone a guido, where appropriate, is like calling a girl a slut.

What sucks is that most of the time when you hear someone call someone a guido they associate it with being Italian. SI, for example, has a lot more Russian guidos than Italian guidos and LI is actually mostly Americans wanna be guido.

It really depends on the context and you have to be careful, calling someone a guido not because of their lifestyle but because of their ethnicity is racist.

The term Jew gets abused a lot more than guido imo.