Mr. Masters - Bread and Butter combos

I would appreciate it if someone could devise a list of some of Ken’s more popular and effective B&B combos. I think this is where I might be lacking.

(Follow ALL crossover MKs with one of these combos)

The only combos you’ll really need with Ken:

Guard Crush Strings:
-c.LK, c.LP, c.LK, HCF+LK
-c.LK, c.LP, c.MK, QCF+HP

B&B (no meter):
-c.LK, c.LP, c.LK, HCF+LK

With supers:
-c.LK, c.LP, c.LK, QCFx2+P
-c.LK, c.HP, QCBx2+K (Lv3 only)

-c.LK, c.LP, c.LK, QCFx2+MP, QCB+LP, DP+HP (2 Levels)
-c.LK, c.LP, c.LK, QCFx2+MP, QCB+LK, DP+LP, QCFx2+LK (3 Levels)

A-Groove Custom Combos:
-s.HKx3, f+HKx8, c.HK, QCB+HK, QCFx2+K
-(DP+LP, QCB+LP)x7, QCFx2+K

Hey thanks a lot!

Guard Crush Strings:
-c.LK, c.LP, c.LK, HCF+LK
-c.LK, c.LP, c.MK, QCF+HP

these both work as guard crush however, i would just like to add that the opponent can roll in between the,qcf+fp, so just be careful about that don’t always throw out the fireball, and instead do the combo up until the and be prepared to throw them out of the roll

Yeah I noticed. You could also hcf + forward and whether it’s blocked or rolled through I think you’re safe. Of course, if you can still reach them with hcf + short, then by all means use that, it’s definately safer. Just something to mess around with in training later.

Blocked after cross-up:, c.lp, c.hp, qcf+p, hcf+mk, c.fp, dp+lk

If hit:, c.lp, dp+hp ( big characters only, all crouching characters ), c.lp,, hcf+lk

If hit with super:, c.lp, c.hp or s.hp, qcb x2 +k, c.lp,, lvl 3 shoryureppa (qcf x2+p), c.lp,, shoryureppa (qcf x2+p)

Hcf+lk is a fucking bitch if you roll cancel it and it is safe if rolled through, which is weird for a command move.

i always go for the generic shoto combo

lp/lk -> fp -> fireball

works all the time on everyone off of standing poke or jump in

If you want a knockdown combo, you can do c.Short, s.Short, HCF+RH.

HCF+RH doesn’t hit everybody… try it out first. I know i’ve missed a few but they were off a <cr.short, cr.jab, cr.short, hcf+rh> so it could possibly be a distancing factor.

Another knockdown combo…

  1. cr.jab, cr.jab, cr.roundhouse

and on larger characters I’ve been able to pull off…
2) cr.short, s.short, Fierce Shoryuken

“2” (FOR ME AT LEAST) has been able to combo on characters Kyo-size and larger.

Against big characters you can pull this easy combo.

Down + low kick, standing +low punch, standing +High Punch, then Lvl3 Power QCB2x+Anykick

SOrry about the way I write. I don’t usually write CR. Lp and that, I hpe you guys understand that combo.

Another A-groove combo would be…

Jump, landing with medium kick, down + low kick, standing + low punch, Activate A-groove, then high punch, High kick, High kick, High kick, High kick, etc… and down + High kick, High punch, and Shiryuken or Shoryureppa.

thanks for the combos.

could you guys and galls tell me what those abbreviations mean?Like when you guys talk about combos and stuff.

Yes i’m a super newb i’ll admit.

Something every A-Ken should have in his arsenal (and I really don’t see too many people doing this), is his CC off a Jab DP.

When you hit with a Jab DP, you get a free custom if you have the timing right. It’s like his free Shoryureppa in CvS1.

Jab DP-> Activate-> cr. FP XX Roll -> Jab DP XX Roll-> [Jab DP XX s. FP] xN-> corner custom-> Shinryuken.

bah i sue c -groove ken i hope this helps a quick translation of the abbreviations would be nice? is rc like roll cancle dp down punch? explain plz lall i know is lk mp mk hk hp

That’s because people are lazy like me and they just want the ghetto RH CC :wink:

Oh, and L1qu1d, that is the pimpest avvy anyone could ever make… well, no, it isn’t entirely accurate, because there’s only one girl there. :cool:

RC = roll cancel
DP = dragon punch (shoryuken)

thanks a bunch. Yo im realitivly new to CvS2 i was a 3s player. My team is blanka iri and ken. I use c-groove and am seeking advice on ken. I have some pretty newb combos i use like crouching lk , c-lp , c-lk , into a heavy shoryuken and i make it always connectg into a 7 hit. I just need some help :[

Read the Beginner Ken thread. I’ll post there, bt I won’t now because of a bad T-Storm goin on… :bluu: Anyways, newb combos are fine really, Ken doesn’t really need combos to succeed.

jab, jab, short, hcf+short/forward.

jab, short, jab, roundhouse hurricane.

i have problems connecting the, c.lp,, fireball. how do you end this with an uppercut. it doesn’t seem possible. what are the motions?

dont end it with fireball or uppercut.

fireball is punishable from close range and you have to be close range in order to land the c.jab, c.short, c.jab.

i dont think shoryuken connects 'cause of the pushback.

just do a hurricane or funky kick.