Mr. Masters - Bread and Butter combos

once again im surprised nobody mentions this lvl2 cancel for ken … do whatever you usually do into qcfx2 + sp, rdp + rk … do the rdp + rk the same instant you would otherwise do the roll out, as soon as ken launches the opponent and before he leaves the ground

ull find this does more damage than rolling out and dping them, try it out … and on a side note it just looks kool =)

most damaging lvl 3 would have to be his near corner anything into qcfx2 + sp, qcb + jp, dp + jp, qcfx2 + any kick

easy 10k damage if done right

is that second c groove combo possible? i mean during the qcfx2 mp cancel into qcb +lk then into dp+lp? wouldnt the qcb lk toss them far before you could uppercut?

you input the command for qcb lk just as the lv2 super ends right as you’re leaving the ground. this is purely for show as the qcb lk does not connect. it’s easier to do the command roll into the dp lp and then connect the lv1 super. but it is pretty flashy though

Hey can someone try this out?

Crossup forward/rh, close s. rh, c. short, c. rh xx jab Hadoken, >+rh

If you need to add a bit of walking up after to get the >+rh to connect, tell me.

I was thinking about this guard crush string today, and I just wanna know if it works on most characters.

I may be confused as to what you’re saying, but close jab hadoken = NOT GOOD.

after the standing rh wouldnt they be able to super you? or is it safe?

Ok, what I meant is this:

crossup jumping forward, then close standing roundhouse, then if they’re still in range, do c. short, c. roundhouse into a jab Hadoken.

Basically, I can’t test this cause I don’t have access to a Dreamcast, so I just wanted to know from you guys if this is a viable gaurd crush string.

I’m not too worried about supers, especially for this string, because I had designed it against Vega, and since his supers are charge supers, he can’t super after the blocked close s. rh, but he can RedImpact after the crouching rh before teh Hadoken comes out.

i tried doing it, but the rh for me knocks them back a little bit so i cant do the punch, did it work for anyone else?

Ok, just to clarify, it’s a crouching short, followed by a crouching roundhouse cancelled into a Hadoken. There is no punch involved. And you did it after a crossup, right?

oh hehe, crap i was doing it wrong, i thought it was a punch for some reason, i forgot what i was supposed to do

ill try it again when i get home, so cross mk, s. roundhouse after landing, then c. short, sweep xx jabdouken right?


still cant seem to make it work, after the s. rh, the is too far for me, maybe im not doing it fast enough, using a dc pad

Nah, man, I dun think it’s you. Last night I was messing around with meaty close s. rh’s and sometimes after they block it even a c. forward misses. One think I have noticed is that the close s. rh has deceiving recovery, and you can get a lot of counter hit c. forwards after they block it. Even better, it looks like you can link a Shoryureppa after a meaty close s. rh, as long as it hits during the leg’s retraction. Anyway, it’s becoming a favorite move of mine along with whiffing short Funky Kick. :smiley:

can ken combo off a sweep?
asides from c.rh > shinryuken?

btw geese what do you mean meaty?

Meaty is a move u do when they’re getting up, and because this certain move (in this case, the close s. rh) has so many hit frames, that the move basically overlaps with their sprite when they get up, so the only way to actually beat a meaty is to do a reversal (a move like an uppercut). Yeah I know that was a shitty explanation, so I’ll give u an example of good meaties. Btw, it’s important to note that meaties should also be used as anti-roll moves.

Rock’s c. fierce
Ken’s close s. rh
Sagat’s c. fierce
Blanka’s c. fierce

If you’re only looking at the damage of a combo you’re missing a whole aspect of the game. Doing a manual roll and then using a DP builds more stun, charges more meter, and lends itself to more crossup games.

could you use it to say kill the guy off if he doesnt have much life left? btw nice site gunter… btw do cc’s cause more dmg than say a c-groove 2 supers cancelled?

It depends on the custom and the super cancel. Im sure some customs do more damage than some super cancels (Ie Bisons custom) but I dont know which ones.

daom, couldn’t have said it better myself…