Moving beyond stick? The new frontier

I’ve been using an arcade stick for quite some time and never had any problems with it until recently. I always play at my local arcade with the guys but I’ve always wanted to get a little more practice in after hours. So I’ve devised an ingenious way to practice at home even without an arcade cabinet. I call it my tactile response interface control unit, the TRIC-U, for short.

It takes advantage of a unique multi-directional-pivot- station which allows me to articulate any number of movements with ease, instead of individual button presses, the tactile response plates mold to the groove of my hand allowing me to hit any button with the merest suggestion of effort.

I’d suggest you all get in line, when these babies hit the market they’ll be gone faster than I can produce them.

here is the protoype unit.

[insert three dots here]

i use the 1996 prototype of this for every game

This is a breakthrough idea. Why hasn’t somebody thought of this before?


Failing Troll is Failing.

This post is relevant.

pad chun and fei long players make balrog players throw their stick

i just got the Clear blue prototype with the dual shock plutonium motors!
that shit ran me a premium!
sometimes it leaks plutonium ( i got to go to the doctors and get that checked out) so i ordered the mad scientist gloves kit!
if you’re a baller don’t buy that Ferrari buy the prototype!!!

Not this argument again. Each has it’s own strengths and weaknesses. It’s all preference.

Yeah this is actually way better than my effort, how shameful. :sad:

has anybody ever tried making
an analogue stick sized and shaped sanwa arcade stick in a 6 button pad?

i think that would be brilliant.

if only they could put a NeoGeo Pocket Color stick on a console pad. that would be the bee’s knees.

I actually traveled back in time to make that post and own this thread.

Wow! D:

Only Bob Sagat could do something so sinister.

they exist already

Original Neo-Geo CD pad:

Neo Geo Pad 2 (for PS2):

hope I didn’t miss some kind or sarcasm or joke :confused:

If I’m playing a 3D fighter.

dont smoke or eat steak when you drink ice cubes

the ngpc d-pad was very good for fighting games, i don’t think he was joking

… but by posting in this thread to tell us about it, your cyclical reference has created a powerful recursion in the timeline. It’s like you have opened A VORTEX OF OWNAGE.